Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 22 - 28, 2001

Vol. 1, No. 42
Dennis Worden



Breeding birds for cockfighting may not be allowed in other states, but Oregon welcomes it with open arms.

Cops vs. the "Undesirables"

Park Exclusion Law Meets a New Challenger

Crouching Student, Hidden Handgun

Lawmakers Try To Get Guns Out of Schools

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The Subsistence Musician

Consolidated's Heart and Soul

Devils or Prophets?

Blöödhag Educates the Masses with Metal

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Jon Weisnewski

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Edward Yang on Getting Your Yi Yi's Out

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Heartbreakers Explores the Female Con Artist... Albeit Poorly

Fukasaku Me? Fukasaku You!

Film Center Kicks Ass with Far East Flicks

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It Sure is a Scientific World

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Perils of Pandiculation