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Nov. 8 - 21, 2018

Vol. 19, No. 19
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Antonia Basler

Movies & TV

Writer/Director Joel Edgerton Talks About the Real-Life Gay Conversion Therapy Drama Boy Erased

The Grimy, Grungy, and Great Future of Sci-Fi Western Prospect

The 36 Best Movies and Shows to Watch in Portland: November 9-22

The Men Who Made Gremlins Green and Goldblum Gross, The Return of Adonis Creed, and a Whole Mess O' Nazi Zombies!


Wordstock 2018: Um, Actually, I Think You Mean Portland Book Festival


A Beginner’s Guide to HUMP!

Don't Miss the HUMP! Film Fest Kicking Off Thursday November 8 at Revolution Hall

The Best of the 2018 Mercury Sex Survey: The Results Are In!

Mercury Sex Survey 2018: Just the Results, No Analysis

I, Anonymous


Terpenes, Schmerpenes

I, Anonymous Blog


We’re here!

Toilet Talk

It's My Deal, I Know

Dear Free Box Scrounger

Sink pissin

The Death of Comedy

Good for a laugh


Live show was fantastic!

Treachery at the Coffee Pot!!!

Blessings of Life

Takin' Photos

Sidewalks in Portland

Mac and cheese

Fucking Terrible Brunch Potatoes

The BroHood

Learn how to take a dump correctly, please.

Food service

To the Christian, Funk Bass Player


In response to “ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM"

Sick burn ward

A Shame Worse than Death

The Making of Murderer

Built Expectations

Can we stop making every food Portland-y?

Savage Love


Portland’s Pretty

This Too Shall Pass

Crossword Solution