Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 15 - 21, 2010

Vol. 10, No. 47


Road Rage Redux

First Chasse Cop, Now Police Union Boss

Thanks for Nothing

Slammed: Saltzman's Mental Health Plan for Cops

Poetry vs. Money

Why Is TriMet Swapping Ads for Poetry?

Hall Monitor

Chasse Avenue

In Other News

In the Shadows

Hearing the Deaf


Careering Again

The Unlikely Rise of Post-Punk Pioneers PiL

Above the Belt

Rising Up with Dr. Lonnie Smith

Step into the Light

Gil Scott-Heron Exits the Darkness

Cherchez la Femme

Charlotte Gainsbourg Preps Her First Tour

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Snowy and Sordid

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Ugh. Gross.

Hero Complex

Is There Any Chance I Can Adopt Hit-Girl?

I'm Going Out

This Year's Jackpot Film Festival

And the Image Award Goes To...

Death at a Funeral: In Which Danny Glover's Poop Goes Into Tracy Morgan's Mouth

Rolling with It

The 2010 Edition of Filmed by Bike

Lifestyle Brand

The Joneses Are Surprisingly Easy to Keep up With

Old Folks Home

Mid-August Lunch: Adventures in Babysitting Geezers

I'm Staying Home: Mercury Video Picks

Suggested for Mature Readers

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

By Hand

Picking up the Flavor at Lovely's Fifty-Fifty

Visual Art

Design Density

Cabinets of Curiosity at Tractor Gallery


Parker the Fathomable

Jeff Parker Talks Mysterius and Underground

Swedish Invasion!

Top Shelf Introduces Swedish Comics to an American Audience

Second World

Peter Bagge's Other Lives

Theater & Performance

Daddy’s Boys

Coming of Age with the Talmud in The Chosen

Othello... in Space! (Just Kidding.)

Artist Rep Gives Othello a Film-Noir Adaptation


"The Man in the Shadows"

Meet Mark Wiener: The Most Politically Powerful Man in Portland (Whom You've Probably Never Heard Of)

I, Anonymous

Blaze of Our Lives

Sold Out

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Judgment Call

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Torn Between Three Lovers