Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 11 - 17, 2001

Vol. 2, No. 19
David Walega


The Accidental Exorcist

Plagued by Ghosts and Demons? Don't Hire a Professional! Be Like Jess Gulbranson, and Do it Yourself!

Instant Protest, Just Add War

Within Hours of Bombing, An Anti-War Movement Launches

These Dogs Are Killing Me!

Oregon Tries to Become A Leader in Animal Law

On My Soapbox


Erase You

Spazzy, Tough Ladies Kick No Wave Ass

Live Music Listings

Dilated Peoples Don't Deliver

Expansion Team: Not the Theory of Relativity

A Silent Apocalypse

The Quiet Anger of the Pseudo Six

Up & Coming

Am I Going to Die?

Helio Sequence Bucks Existentialism with New CD

DJ Listings

CD Review

Movies & TV

Stop That Monkey!

Re-Released Iron Monkey Saves the Day

Two Testes in a Scrotum

Willis and Thornton Make a Compelling Pair


Oly Film Festival: Actually Worth the Drive up I-5

Mercury Video Picks

This Week on TV

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

Pan Mexicano

Visual Art


America The Beautiful

Book Review

Readings Listings

Theater & Performance

Fateful Encounters

Theater Review

Theater Listings

I Love Television

The Evil CIA vs. the Real CIA

I, Anonymous

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Roman Showers

Me, Jesus, and You

Christian Guidance for Today's Misguided Christians