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Mar. 28 - Apr. 11, 2019

Vol. 19, No. 31
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Dominic DeVenuta

I, Anonymous

Spring Has Sprung


I, Anonymous Blog

NOW do you get it?

Fuck these Portland die hards!

Love Letter


Pointing is rude

Mid Life



Turn Signals

Service asshole

I wish I knew you

Bubble gum on your windshield because...

Boo Hoo

Stop Starting Bands

A Slow Moving Coup

That's My DOWG!!!

Pink hair, focus study group, Lloyd Center

Found your phone

Compensating large SUV driver

I don’t want to fucking smile for you....

A Shower



You can afford a Great Dane?

We Need Rules

Take 12 Steps Away From Me

Savage Love

Revolution Hall

The Party Review

Pagan Cats and Feasts

Portland’s Pretty

Sneaker Wave

The Latest in Portland Hip-Hop

The Thesis, a Hip-Hop Fundraiser, and Three New Drops from Local Artists

Community & Activism

The 15 Best Ways to Make a Difference in Portland: March 28-April 10

Transgender Day of Visibility, AWP Offsites and an Alternative, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This Too Shall Pass

Crossword Solution