Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 7 - 13, 2002

Vol. 2, No. 39
Jeffrey Young



Hey, Who's that Asshole on elimiDATE? Oh... it's Me.

Railroading North Portland's Poor

Cancelled Projects Leaves Neighborhood Vulnerable

The Budget Cuts' Next Victim

Revolutionary Court System in Budget Jeopardy

In Other News...


We Love Machine That Flashes

And They Love Each Other. Awww!

The Easiest Flow

Mr. Complex Talks Sweet to the Beat

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I Walk the Line

Swearing at Motorists Impress

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Spring Forward

Back to the Future with The Time Machine

High School Happy

Well-Adjusted Kids Film Their Lives

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Mean Machine: A Guy's Guy Film

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India Wrestles with the Modern Age

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