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Aug. 1 - 15, 2019

Vol. 20, No. 6
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Julie Wilson


Heavy Hitters: Pickathon Jumps Into the Deep End with World-Renowned Metal Entity YOB

A Who’s Who of Pickathon 2019

The 18 Best Concerts to See in Portland: August 1-14

I, Anonymous

Economics 101

New Column!

You’re Wrong About That! (Portland Edition)

I, Anonymous Blog

Fuck This Shit

Real Men

Let go.

Something to ponder

Sick of it

Behind the Music, Portland

Sexy Stranger

You assaulted an old lady, yay you... losers!

Nice Rack So No Chance

What happened?

Front Of De Bus Side Sitter


Issues With Hair

Get a clue

Something to ponder part 2

Get out.

Black light

I See You Hiding There

Bike vandals are a thing now?

Hey you, where'd you get that dog?

I Don’t Wanna Fight

Deadly vehicular shit storm

Missed LinkedIn Connection

Your Music Sucks


Public Hygiene

Hey, Freak

I-I-I-I-I I Can’t Wait

Food Cart Shell Shock

For 35 years I haven't blame the Californians

The Prophit

Presidential smile

#7 To Win, #5 To Place

Toxic downtown

15 Min Start to Day And Out The Door

Savage Love

Hard Truths

Portland’s Pretty

Sneaker Wave

Crossword Solution

“Golden-Agers”: Behold, the Answers to This Issue’s Crossword!


Hall Monitor: Expert Feedback