Print Edition for the week of
May. 30 - Jun. 5, 2002

Vol. 2, No. 51 Emilie Harvey


The Second Time Around

The Mercury Celebrates its Second Anniversary by Revealing Why We Chose Such a Stupid Name

Here and There

The News of Portland and Her Environment.

Same As the Old Boss

Newspapers Blamed for Low Voter Turn-Out

Strange Affection

A Society Belle Pursued by a Girl Who Loved Her.

Fish Fry!

Oregon Salmon Jeopardized

Disciplining Waiters

A Gay Old Cock

How a McMinnville Girl Treated an Aged Masher.

In Other News...

At It Again

A Change of Quarters by the Hoodlum Crowd.

An Inhuman Mother

"Oh, Mamma! Please Don't Whip Me 'Till I Bleed!"

A Freak is a Freak

The Man From Jackass Creek


The City is Full.

A Chinaman Killed by His Herder

A Portlander Punished

He Insults a Young lady at Hillsboro and Has a Settlement with Her Brother.

Cigarette Smoking

A Warning to Young Men Who Indulge in it Daily

Missives From Our Subscribers

Is Electricity Life?


Watch Out For Your Heart

'Cause Mirah Might Break it

Live Music Listings

Cabaret Nast-ay

Pho Bang: Filling Your Dirty Niche

Electronic For Beginners

Braindance: A Sweet Sampler Platter

Sampling Politics

Band Ditches Vocals, Gives Mic to History

Get Ready for the Rock Show

The Mooney Suzuki's Self-Produced Stardom

Up & Coming

CD Review

DJ Listings

Movies & TV

Stop Having Babies!

Little Otik: Squelching Your Reproductive Desires

The Overstuffed Burrito

Is Transformed into a Film

Waydowntown is Way Cliché

But has a Few Good Scenes with Piranhas

This Week on TV

Shocking Business

Sherman Alexie Explores His Paradoxes

Mercury Video Picks

Movies With 2 in the Title

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

Bower's Bakery

Bower's Bakery


Peter Bagge

Books Review

Readings Listings

Theater & Performance

Cupid & Psyche

Theater Review

Theater Listings

I Love Television

They Want It All

One Day at a Time

Week in Review

Savage Love

Dick Dilemmas

It Sure is a Scientific World

Dicks of the Insect World