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Oct. 24 - Nov. 6, 2019

Vol. 20, No. 12
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Artist Simon Dannenbaum IG: @dannenbaumse Photography by Jess Garten @flashbodies



I, Anonymous


I, Anonymous Blog


Push Off

I FREAKing love Halloween!

Regrets, I Have a Few

Gonna Miss You

The Looking

You Work And Work

Please just stop.

Little Free Library Etiquette

Portland, You're awful.

Scammer Alert

Lurching Losers

Front and Back

Start caring or move

Portland, stop doing these things on the bus

Hey Metro

Buy a hotel (because fuck exploitation)

I’m a pumpkin

Community & Activism

The 13 Best Ways to Make a Difference in Portland this Week: October 24-November 6

The 2019 Native Artist & Storytelling Symposium, Honoring Afro-Mexican Ancestry on Dia de los Muertos, and a Grocery Worker Contract Debrief


Hall Monitor: What Election?