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Nov. 21 - Dec. 4, 2019

Vol. 20, No. 14
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Julia Y


Would Solving the Biggest Hinderance to Portland's Inequities Be More Effective Than Continuing to Micromanage a Bunch of Smaller Ones?

Would solving the biggest hinderance to Portland's inequities be more effective than continuing to micromanage a bunch of smaller ones?


On Shaky Ground

Portland’s At Risk For a Major Oil Spill. Can Fossil Fuel Companies Be Held Accountable?

I, Anonymous

I, Anonymous Blog

Trans Day of Remembrance

I'm Done

Clackamas TC Salesmen

To Self from the Future

Not A Goddamn Thing Has Changed (Know Thy Enemy)

Axe body spray bro

Check it out

Dear cheap roommate


Turned Tables

Please Jesus Not Another Corporate Radio Christmas

An incredible smelly lay.

Easy Money Street

World AIDS Day

Tinkle, don't sprinkle


Movies 2019


It's Getting Better

The Porn Plumber

You Bore Me

What Would Jesus Do?

A lot of good people out there. Really.


Thank You For Turning Me Down

Hi Jericho,


Red Painted Bus Lanes and the Environment

Trump Commands, They Follow...

Brake Check!

The Sweeper


So much for that...

Savage Love

That Professor