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Mar. 12 - 25, 2020

Vol. 20, No. 22
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Aaron Lee

I, Anonymous

I, Anonymous: Roll On

I, Anonymous Blog

Coronavirus Is Bad

The Experts

Not flushing

Quit hoarding toilet paper you assholes

Virus helped me be free

I Can See Why Now


Social Distancing, emphasis on the DISTANCE

What good has social media done for society?

Shameless Cougher

After everything opens

The Inside

Social distance street hogs

Stay in your lane

Against the Rules, Trimet, Part 2

I Have a Side but Take None

Chip In

I'm not a communist (and neither are you)

Shit Job Mr. President

Entertainment Industries


Job Meddlers

Dear Toilet Paper Hoarders


Anyone there?

Small Biz Boon

Operation, Smash my Head

Stop drumming!

Game of chicken.

How long are you going to use your leaf blower?

Fear mongering

The Capital

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Menu item and restaurant item you miss

Masters in the art of awkward

It's A Work Thing

What Are We Supposed To Do Now?

I really miss

The wins in this

Sofa Street, Anywhere USA

I’m the one who yelled at you and your germ infest

I Can't Breathe EIther

Who is To Know?

Corona Delivery—signature required

Good news


Pull over and wait

something from the heart

The 50th Pineapple

The Other Side

Can't Stand It

F for Effort

We NEED Recurring Cash Payments

Back in the World

Pee and other topics

“The people stayed home” quote is such bullshit.


The Stay At Home Order

Food Semantics

Support group?

RE: It’s the new normal

New Shoes

Go the fuck home

What's the Rush?

Where are the pictures?

Please Please Please

Happy Thanksgiving

Protesting, rioting, and coronavirus


You gotta fight for the right to party


You act like your shit don’t stink, literally

Trimet Sense, Part 3


Welcome, Come On In

What were you thinking?

You Are Dense

Both sides now

I’ll be contacting corporate...

The Hand and Belly

Blue Lives Scatter

"allies" - stop and think

Share the Canine Love

Rides-re:After Everything Open Again

Stop assuming why I have so much food in my cart

Social Finger Poke

Something's Wrong

Hey Dumbasses

It's Too Sad To Be Ironic

Wax On, Wax Off

1 + 1 = 2

The real heroes

Land of the Free/Brave? Really?

The Upside of Poo


Rent Freeze Anyone?

All of y’all

The Water Boy

For your protection

On Top of It All

I gotta wear shades

Not Just the Cough

Horny AF!

What Kind of World Will This Be

Baseball, otherwise, The Bass of the Ball

Silence = Death, Act-Up, and Larry Kramer

Lentils are amazing

Kindness in the Age of Covid

The Outside

Peanutgate Returns

My Mouth, the Betrayer

Time For A Change


Why Hello?

Grocery Workers Nightmare and Wet Dream

My Isolation

What About The Rest of The World?

Don't You Fucking Roll Your Eyes At Me

The Merc gets it wrong

A Test

Getting laid off sucks, but...

Domestic violence under stay at home order

Unrequited Love, Craigslist’s Missed Connections

Spit Take

Read it and weep

Satire or Praise?

A Term

The Watch Party

6 Feet Under and Between

Must be nice to be a straight white male.

Don't ride your bike on the sidewalk IDAHO

The Idiot

Alone amidst COVID19 and a snow day to let it sink

Dear NW Portland,

I Can Feel It

When will people get it?

Back and Forth Walking

"As I Walked Out One Evening" by WH Auden


Harrison Ford and a Pilot

With You In Spirit

The Staff of Your Local Grocery Store Fucking Hates You

Avoiding me

F.U. the entire GOP


The buck stops... over there

Joggers, stay out!

I know it’s Pride month but...

The Rabbit and the Turtle

No More Bombs

The Thing About A Message Is...

See Ya Next Year

Eff companies' greed during pandemic

Just a suggestion

I Told You...

Power is A Turn Off

Your cupcake is not essential.


It takes privilege

It’s the new normal

Hey Bro!

Stop calling

I'd trash my life for a chance with you

Once in Awhile


If you don't get it by now...

Another root of this issue is guns

Stay on the beaches!


Dear Friends

A gallon of vinegar to throw around

Dear Dan

Wrong Way Bus

The New Protest

Know the truth

Its gonna be a rager

Ode To A Drunken Asshole

Don't Be A Dick

Move your ass!

That Time Again

Parents of School Age Copulation Participation

The Left is Right, Down is Up, I Am What I Hate


Pull up. Just pull up....

The Man Just Died

Go back to Cali

Blowers Suck

I'll See You Around

Take this parade and shove it!

Easter Eggs


Missed connection: Mall 205 liquor Friday, 3/13

Objectively Ugly

Coming through please!

Dear white straight women

Cast your mind back....

Come on in, Yes Were Reopen


The Teachers

OHA says to "stay connected."

Dear mass murderer


Multnomah County Police

Cleaning and Clutter

Pine state biscuits 3/14

Your lies will be known by all

Healthcare Reform Now.

Wear a mask and wait your turn Asshat!

What This Reminds of Me Of

Kudos Kate

To Portland Dems who won't vote

You Can't Be Serious

Love in the time of Coronavirus

Addition to Power

Don’t Question Me, Don’t Judge Me

What About our Emotional Health?

How embarrassing for me. Why didn'u say something?

Beautiful tall blond at liquor store

The Soldiers

The Secret

I Don't Know how to Title This.

DIY Hair

Noise Won’t Fix This

Bad News To Bookshelf

Thanks for nothing Trumpers!


What The Hell Is Wrong With You?


The Scream

The Jobs

Savage Love

Brownie Points