Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 16 - 22, 2003

Vol. 3, No. 33
Jimmy Pickering


More Addicts than Ever!

Budget Cuts Screw Over the Poor, Crazy and Drugged

What Are You, Deaf?

Council Continues to Ignore Public Concerns

In Other News...


Square Roots

Buck 65 Breaks Up with Hiphop

Pound Me Senseless

Lovers of Sonic Brutality Rejoice!

Woooo, Doggie!

Hank Williams III's "Hellbillies" Want Me Dead

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A Guy Thing Header Coming Soon

The Sweet Pain of the Melancholic Bourgeoisie

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Asia Argento Explains It All

A Good Wallow

The Sweet Pain of the Melancholic Bourgeoisie

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Food and Drink

A Smoke-Flavored Patty

Murder King Throws Meatless Bone to the Veg

Moonshine Of Mine

Local Man Defies Law to Brew Up His Own

Eat It!

Some Restaurants That Serve Nutritious and Tasty Food

Oh, My Aching Skull!

Do-It-Yourself Hangover Cures--from the Experts!

Class Up Your Liquor Cabinet!

A Guide to Oregon's Hoity-Toity Distillers


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Book Review

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