Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 9 - 15, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 16
Jay Howell


Nickel and Dimed

Where's the Outrage over TriMet's Bus Cuts and Five-Cent Fare Hike?

Hall Monitor

The Stickiest Argument

In the Shadows

Don't Call it the Church of Elvis

Free Parking

New Center Offers Safe Storage for Homeless

Hung Far from Chinatown

A Famed Sign Returns Home, but Where's Home?

Skating By

No Charges for Rent-a-Cops in Attack

In Other News


Mad Men

The Struggle and Sophistication of the National

Making Parties Pop

Big Freedia Works Hard for the Money

Goddamn the Light

The Thermals Look Inward

Gentlemen, Pack Your Bowls

Sleep Has Returned

Passing the Torch

Sam Amidon's Volcano Folk

You Make it Move

Here Be the Gories

First Class

Up with Wiz Khalifa


Movies & TV

Don't Call it a Setback

I'm Still Here, Making a Mess

The Real Headbanging Deal

Centurion: It's Better than 300

A Century of Trash

American Grindhouse: A Bird's Eye View of Exploitation Cinema

Feeding the Trolls

Best Worst Movie: A Post-Mortem of the Non-Classic Troll 2

Sex, Drugs, and Credit Cards

Middle Men's Full of Crap

War Games

The Life and (Confusing) Death of Patrick Tillman

I'm Staying Home

Of Swords and Garbage

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Swine Before Pearlites

Irving Street Kitchen's Better Half


Weird, Wild, and Woolly

Yeti Nine's Road Map to Far-off Treasures

False Prophet

Famous Oregon Cults Deserve Better Books

Finally, Freedom

Jonathan Franzen's Dour, Masterful Freedom

Theater & Performance

Gonna Make You Sweat

Meet Sweat, Portland's Comedy Supergroup


The Green Economy

California Reveals the Dollars and Cents Impact of Increasingly Legal Pot—and Oregon's Next.

Raise the Rufus

Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter Rufus Wainwright Opens PICA's TBA Festival

I Love Television

I Love Television™

La Femme Humpita

I, Anonymous

Low Brow


Want a Free TBA Flex Pass?

Art Party at The Works

Dance... 10. Looks... 10. An Evening with Cédric Andrieux

Thoughts on the Short Films of Dayna Hanson

History, Satire, and Hipster Aesthetics in Dayna Hanson's Gloria's Cause

Do You Use Technology? Then Don't Miss Mike Daisey's The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

SoloShow: Beautiful, But....

Review: Ruby Sky Stiler

Bass, Atlas, Video

The Wooster Group and Elizabeth LeCompte

Some Moderately Bookish Thoughts on Nina Katchadourian's Sorted Books.

Thoughts on Daisey's The Agony and Ectasy of Steve Jobs, After the Fact

TBA:10 for the Penny Pincher!

Opening Tonight: Women without Men

Tuesday's Cheap/Free TBA Picks

Eating, Drinking, the Works

So Maybe I'm "Not the Best Person" to Review Blanket

Gare St. Lazare Players: Words, Words, Words, Well Acted Words

Here are some pictures. Leaving (most of) the words to the people who are paid to write them.#1: Dayna Hanson's "Gloria's Cause" Go see this!

Your Free/Cheap TBA Picks of the Day!

Japanther/Nightshade/TBA Dance party #1

Lovers! Tonight at the Works

RE: Dayna Hanson's Gloria's Cause

TBA 10 Opens With an "Okay. Whatever."

REVIEW: Yemenwed

Here Are Some Pictures #4 Ten Tiny Dances. Well...the first five at least

Japanther at The Works

When It Was Blue

REVIEW: Women Without Men

Flooding with Love for the Kid: A One-Man Rambo.

Performance Art for the Interwebs Age

A Late and Practically Irrelevant Breakdown on the 22nd Installment of Ten Tiny Dances (with Pictures!)

Here Are Some Pictures #2: Jerome Bel's "Cedric Andrieux." Words, Dance, Breath.

Wooster Group Opening: Delayed!

Here Are Some Pictures #5: Five more Tiny Dances

A TBA Blogger's Survival Kit: Unpacked

Hump Day's Cheap/Free TBA Picks!

REVIEW: Jessica Jackson Hutchins' Children of the Sunshine

Go Felt a Fish!

Hard Edge, Hard Work Puts a Foot Up My Chauvinistic Ass

Here are some pictures #3: A little After the Fact. A Hell of a Time With Extreme Animals Sit Down "Music is a question with no answer"


Schedule It: Rally over Police Oversight

Werner Herzog Rescues Joaquin Phoenix from a Wrecked Car: The Animated Short!

Japanther at the Works

Skateboarder Saves Quaran from Fiery Death; Also, HAHAHAHAAAA!!

Judge Judy Deals Fair but Sluggish Justice

Knights of the Round Table: 1, Amazing Race Contestant's Face: ZERO

Unlikely Advocate: This is Rick Steves on Drugs

Eastbound and Down Season Two Trailer! Guys!

You Got Used Electronics? THEY WANT IT!

West Linn Man on Bike Dies After Collision with SUV

Pot Bust Near Enchanted Forest

Rep. Earl Blumenauer Kicks Off Pro-Pot Conference (But Claims He Doesn't Toke)

The Chapman Swifts Are Back!

Here's What You Get With a $2 Church of Elvis Wedding

Today in (More) Book Trailers: Night of the Living Trekkies.

Mad Men Sober Monday

Seattle Will Try Out (Doomed to Fail) Bike Sharing Program


More Details on the 'Made in Oregon' Deal

New Record Shop Alert: Clinton Street Record & Stereo

A Pedestrian Friendly Foster Road?

Breaking News About the New Film from Nicolas Winding Refn CHRISTINA HENDRICKS.

Good Morning News!!

Pay. Sit. Barf.

This Week's Mercury Music Section

A Great New Reason to Hate Kindles (and Certain Pool Girls)

Dan Aykroyd is Coming to Jantzen Beach

I'm a Lucky Girl... and Here's Why

Some People Have All the Luck

Music Video Made Entirely Out of Animated GIFs?? YESSSSSSS!

Five Best "I'm With Asshole" Photos

A Final Word in the Adams-Canzano-Baseball Debacle

Bike Law Questions, Anyone?

Acid-Attack Victim Cancels on Oprah!

Blood Bone-Nation: Evil Is Going On

Oregon Now Has Twilight Themed Road Signs

SL Letters of the Day: My Tits Are Perfect—What's Wrong With My Game?

Tonight in Music

Hey, Uncle Sam, It's Portland's Transportation Wish List!

What He Said

"You married her in sickness and health, masturbate or something! Don't you dare take a prostitute!"

Don't Forget: Alternatives to the CRC Talk Tomorrow!

Review: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Bosses: Better than Boyfriends

BREAKING: Portland Cop Arrested for DUI

O They Will Know We Are Christians...

Sly Insert in Chief's Statement on Campbell Shooting

"Dying polar bear travels thousands of miles to thank man for buying an electric Nissan."

Happy Birthday, Fiona Apple!

Thoughts on Daisey's The Agony and Ectasy of Steve Jobs, After the Fact

US Traffic Deaths Hit 60-Year Low... Drivers Hit Pedestrian on NE Sandy

Project Runway Wrap Up

Bullied Gay Teenager Commits Suicide—Will His Tormentors Face Charges?

Home of Lesbian Couple in Knoxville, Tennessee, Burned To The Ground

RE: Mad Men Rewatch

Portland Pays Tribute to Led Zeppelin

This Week's Mercury Film Section.

Good Morning News!

Tonight in Music

It's Wedding Season...

PICA Releases More Tickets to Sold-Out Mike Daisey Show

Budget Airlines Consider Cool / Terrifying Proposal

This Week's Mercury Food Section: Damn Your Clientele!

It's Happening Tonight!

Jersey Shore Non-Wrap Up: "Sleeping With The Enemy"

Memories of a Derelict Burger King

BREAKING: Mayor and Chief Fire Officer Ron Frashour

BREAKING: Deal In Place for 'Made in Oregon' Sign

Boozing the Works: Tonight!

Sam Adams' Gun Laws to Hit Council By End of Month

It's Hump Day! Have You Started Your HUMP! Film Yet?

Happy Birthday MAX Green Line!

Joan Holloway in an Everclear Video

Today in Anus-Clenching Employment

When Lars Attacks: Independence Day is Racist

Sengoku Basara is Japanese for "Is That Guy Carrying An Anchor?"

Today in Creepy Alien News: New Trailer for Monsters; Hustler's Avatar Porn.

Pop Culture Sensations Neurologically Assaulting Fans

Kindergarten: A Hint of Auschwitz

I, Anonymous: MFNW Edition

Good Morning, News!

Which MusicFest NW Performer/Band Will be Playing a Strip Bar Tonight?


Blazers Roster for NBA Jam Announced

'Made in Oregon' Deal Won't Have to Wait

The Bob Dylan Torture Test

Justin Bieber Acts the Shit Out of This!!

Water-Powered Jet Packs: Condemn or Allow?

Blogger Asks: Is the Acid-Attack Victim Conning Us?

Today's TBA Bloggage

Plaid Pantry CEO: Tweak the Proposed Booze Ban

Good Morning News!

Good Morning, News!

SL Letter of the Day: Come Again

Conservative Women Turn On Barren Fag Hag

Mercury Employees: Learn this Dance by 4 pm.

Old People? You're ADORABLE!

TBA:10 On The Cheap!

Good Morning, News!

Just Because Michael Jackson Did It, Doesn't Mean You Should

This Week's Mecury Arts Section!

Late Summer Reading

Dogville Babylon

Breaking: Mayor Won't Confirm Punishment in Campbell Shooting

Tonight in Music

"Hooray for Television!"

Good Morning, News!

Five Portland Streets That Will Be Revamped for Bikes Soon(ish)

Bieber Shows the 5-0 Who's Really Boss

Jersey Shore Non-Wrap Up #2

Today in Book Trailers: The Vegan Revolution...With Zombies!

Someone Elect This Man, Or There's Going To Be Trouble

Mortal Kombat 9 Gore Compilation

BREAKING: Police Union Negotiations Start Friday—And They'll Be (Partly) Public!

Don't Forget: Pot's Still Not Legal, Y'all.

Today in Duck Butter and Cottage Cheese Geysers

Tonight in Music

Businesses That Didn't Make City's Approved List

Why Are You In The Picture?

Portland's Typhoon Restaurant Charged With Unfair Labor Conditions

Q & A with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein

Sold Out

Fashion's Night Out (with Reif)

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love

Knock Knock

Mercury Music Hour