Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 16 - 22, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 17
Brent Wick


The Coldest Shoulder

Portland Rousts a Homeless Camp that Tried to be Something More

Don't Call it a Donation

Winners and Losers in the Made in Oregon Sign Deal

Eulogy for a Burger King

Memories of a Building Portland Wants to Forget

Hall Monitor

This Beer Frame Doesn't Fit

In Other News


Boys to Men

Rock Stardom Is Dead. Long Live Hanson?

Bell Epic

Pantha du Prince: The Gateway Drug to Melodic Techno

Your Favorite Monster

The Shape-Shifting Y La Bamba

Alone Again (Naturally)

So Long, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Tunnel Vision

The Remarkable, Intense Lebanon

Shipping up to Boston

The Town: Ben Affleck Isn't Taking Any More of Your Shit

For a Good Time

An Easy A in High School

Black Comedy on the Dunes

Zhang Yimou Meets the Coen Brothers

Geek Out

Booze + Videogames

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Two for the Row

Deco and Stone Barn Build Good Booze


More than a Rich Set of Pipes

James Adomian Is an Impressionist with Something to Say


Half a Life

Darin Strauss Killed a Girl, then Wrote a Memoir about It

I'll Get There. It Better Be Worth the Trip

The First-Ever Gay Teen Novel, Re-Released

Girls! Danger! Explosions!

Danger Girl: Back to the '90s!


Tick, Tock

Time's Running out on TBA

I Had No Friends

Don't Mix Hot Russians and Booze

I Regret Not Regretting Not Going to College

Two Boyfriends, One Dorm

The 10 Things I Regret About College

Why "Stripping" Trumps "Education"

MILF 101

How to Do Drugs (A Back-to-School Primer)

Oh, the Regrets

Your No Regrets Back-to-School Clip 'n' Save Guide to Everything Portland!

Mercury Music Hour

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Wanted: More Thumbs

I, Anonymous

To Have and to Hold



Blockbuster As You Know It Is About to Go Away

Hello From Pendleton! (Also: I'm Going to Hell)

Man Sues Over A Bear Hug!

Sarah Palin Drinks Obama's Milkshake

Sometimes I Fear That I Have Lost My Ability to be Shocked by Anything

Red Fang Meets Red China

I Oprahfied Myself!

Gran Turismo 5 Creator Wastes More Money, Sony Maintains Brave Smile

If It Happened to a Democrat...

Driver Hits Two Cyclists Today in Lloyd, One Sent to Hospital

Your Bike Law Questions: Answered!

TriMet Fires Kindle-Reading Driver

Project Runway Wrap Up

Blazers Announce 2010-11 Broadcast Schedule

"All Faggots Must Die"

Good Morning News!!

Good Morning News!

Beware the Attack Tribune!

Streetlights Powered By Dog Poop.

Review: Halo: Reach

Give 'Em Hope

Win Tickets to Arcade Fire!!! (Again)

True Blood Paper Dolls

Good Morning News!!

Put Kid Rock on Your Wall

Good Morning, News Addendum: Man Gets Spare Rib Stuck in Anus

Snap Judgment: Little Big Burger

God 1, Fat Daniel Baldwin ZEROOOOO!

Poors, You Get Another Dime! Oregon Minimum Wage Jumps 10 Cents

Big Shakeups at DC Comics

Insensitive Broadcasting Quip of the Day

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Confusingly Attractive

Booze Ban Rules OK'd: Next stop, OLCC!

America, Meet Your New American Idol Judges, America!

Tonight in Music

New OK Go Video is a Real Dog! (No, That's Good!)

It's on TV Tonight!

I'm Still Here: Aaaaaaand... It's Fake

Today in TBA!

Jersey Shore Wrap Up: "All In the Family"

Gleegasm: Sending Sunshine to the Crackhouse

What Bands Have Not Gotten Worse After a Member Dies?

The Complete Interviews from the Paris Review

Camp Drunken Lincoln

Catholic Charity Pulls Funding from Rose City Resource for Listing Planned Parenthood

TriMet Bus Driver Engrossed In Good Book (While He Drives)!

It's on TV Tonight!

Christine O'Donnell's Greatest Hits!

More Steel Battalion??? Fer Realsies?!

Good Morning, News about Justin Bieber!

Here's That Kid You Wanted!

Trailer for David O. Russell's The Fighter.

Best Buy CEO Says iPad Sales Have Cut Laptop Sales by Half

SL Letter of the Day: Share And Share Alike

Good Morning, News!

Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars

Did Captain Marvel Just Call Me a Homo?

Drafting Superman

Dispatch #2 from the Pendleton Round: Photos!

Sellwood Bridge Mess: Is Portland Getting Gouged or Greedy?

Good Morning, News!

Vancouver Acid Victim Confesses; It was a Hoax

To Do Tomorrow: Amazon Hosts PlayStation 3 Gold Box Sale

This Is What the Clash Must Taste Like

SL Letter of the Day: In a Word...


Portland Rated Safest Traffic City in America! Woot!

Five Halloween Costumes Designed to Scare the Shit Into Your Pants

DREAM Act Drama: We Shouldn't Deport People Like Hector Lopez

BREAKING: Suit Brought By Mayor's Ex-Flack Dismissed

Judge Dismisses Former Spokesperson Wade Nkrumah's Suit that Claimed He Had No Choice But to Quit

James Adomian @ Curious Comedy

Farewell Satyricon

The Bad Kind of National Headline: PDX as Sex-Trafficking Hub

The Rallies You've Been Waiting For


Lutz Tavern to Close

Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner

Driving Billy Lucas to Suicide Wasn't Enough

Police Oversight, Police Contract Talks: What's Next?

Today in Sweet Wingsuit Videos

Worst First Date Ever!

Will the Blazers Win More Games Than Every Team (Except Miami) in the NBA?

Sarah Palin's Top 10 Mamma Grizzlies

Celebs Respond to Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Single White Female College Roommate Gossip Girl!

Vancouver City Councilor Goes Apeshit Over CRC

Juice Boxes Make You Gay. OH! So Do Chips.

Good Morning News!

What She Said

Who Will Play Mary Austin and Jim Hutton?

Streetcar Ridership Mysteriously Rising...

Activists Take Others' Judgment Into Own Hands

Today in Pedantry: Missed Aches

This Weekend: Christian Finnegan

Future Fashion: Spray-On Clothing

Where's the iWatch?

Tonight in Music

Target's Anti-Gay Politicking vs. Portland's Gay Mayor


It's Happening Tonight!

Bitter(Sweet) Farewells

Dispatch #3 from Pendleton: Join this Punk Band.

Don't Go Into the Forest with the Parenthetical Girls

Maybe Apple Will Get Newspaper Subscriptions Right, This Time

SL Letter of the Day: Getting Past That Burning Sensation...

The Five Worst Beatles

Five Ways I Can Judo Your Ass

How to Maintain A Successful Fashion Line in Portland, OR

A Treasure Trove of Astonishing Album Artwork

Rumor of the Week: Call of Duty Gets A Subscription Fee?

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Just to Clarify: Boot Camp Clik & Pharoahe Monch Are Not Coming to Portland Next Week

Good Morning from Moses, the Sinkhole Camel

Win Tickets to the Dill Pickle Club Ghost Town Tour

Screaming Oprah—Now Auto-Tuned for Your Pleasure

Dear 8-year-old Me, Get Excited For the New Goosebumps Movie!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer Tantalizes Tokyo!

Acid Attack Story Gets Sadder: Storro Says Hoax Was Suicide Attempt

Good Morning, News!

Happy Birthday Joan Jett, Debbie Boone AND Toni Basil!!

Tornado in Brooklyn, Anyone? Anyone?

Mad Men Monday - The Beautiful Girls

BOOOO! Senate Stops "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Repeal

Five of my Favorite Men's Magazine Covers

Tonight in Music

Sold Out

Get R.A.W.

New Column!

Savage Love

Strings Attached


The Mercury Back-to-School Issue Presents...


One Day at a Time

The Week in Review