Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 28 - Dec. 1, 2020

Vol. 20, No. 23

I, Anonymous Blog

The Thing

What's with you d****bags are you blind or somethi

outraged by insanity

Whats the Point of what you people do?

Fuck Kroger. This isn't Fred Meyer anymore

Covid cases rising?

Don't move in with her

Numbers And Logistics

Roosevelt and Lincoln.


Pathetic Cheapasses

Big Dumb Truck Princess

Self Interest

To Become You

Get a muffler, d*****bag!

You do nothing

We heard you!

This is what you do with Life

Your beard is not a face mask

Macrame and house plants and off white paint

Focus Danielsan


Poop bag tosser

MAX Transit Police Assholes

A note to the Proud Boys:



Danish Mutant Zombie Minks

Season 4, Episode 6 "He's The Shit"

Times They Are A Changin'


Timing Truly Is Everything


This Is Why

Idiocracy and this presidency

The difference between the south and the PNW

Mug shots

PPA has already filed a grievance against the city

The Honorable Handmaid

Fuck You!

Do We Need to Start a Class War?


No, You Don't Get It

all is lost


Monuments to Ignorance

In fear

Wow vroom vroom Mr. Loud Cars neighbor

I Wouldn't Put it Past Him...

Borgen Project Advocate

Isn't It Ironic

Almost Perfect

War of the Words

Condemning White Supremacy

Shitbag Falls

Lying by Omission



I’m not who you think I am

Watch Your Step

Some Bipolar Thought

Back off Santa.

Fuck Hufflepuff

Pissy fingers

Bottom to the top

Go Home

Keep It Public

Depression setting in

Sitting Shiva

Next Year Baby

It's Inevitable

Goth Forever!

Corrupt government

conspicuous absence

OHP and Oral health

Makes Me Happy

Your Ass

Hey, Foxy


This is The Purge

Rude People

Learning to drive at 30

This Automated World

Rules I make but don't follow

green zebra isnt even green.

Not all cops are bad

Do We Really Have to Wonder Why?

Neighborly Lights


Is Santa Coming to Town?

Redirecting focus

How to be Popular

Arts tax? Why there is no art.

Dodge Charger Cockblock

Man to Man (New Seasons Meathead)

Civil Liberties My Ass

More Carts Loaded

You Don't Get It

I’m your bus driver

Thieves Are Assholes

Bottle deposit is corporate welfare

Fair game

Why are you here?

Just say you dropped out

What's Up With Those Towers

most friends suck

All Things Considered

I Still Think You're Beautiful


Baby, You're A Fine Artist

Roast beef part 2

Getting Old

You Don't Have to be Old to be a Mom

College during covid 19

Big Man