Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 7 - 13, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 20 Mort Kunstler


Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Beaverton Student Teacher Booted for Mentioning Gay Marriage

Stop Your Engines

Neighbors Gripe about Portland Raceway Noise

Hall Monitor

In Cop Talks: Dollars or Sense?

Hey A-Holes! Vote!

Get Off Your Buns and Go Sign Up!

In the Shadows

No, Seriously! Thousands and Thousands of Unicorns!

In Other News


All the News that's Fit to Spit

k-os Is Hiphop's Anchorman

Coming in from the Cold

Phantogram's Movies of the Mind

Captain & Crew

Completing the Guided by Voices Journey

International Boredom

How So Cow Did it Himself

Up & Coming

This Week's Music Previews

Movies & TV

Dystopian Clone Love

Never Let Me Go's Emo Sci-Fi

Geek Out

Zombie Killin': As Addictive as Ever!

Going Underground

Buried: It's Literally a Dude in a Box

Boy, Interrupted

Going Crazy with It's Kind of a Funny Story

The Parent Trap

Playing House with Life as We Know It

The Luckiest Pony Lady Ever

Spoiler Alert: Secretariat Wins!

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Generous Helpings

Feeding Oregon by the Forkful


Girl Fucking Power

Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution

Zombies Never Die

Getting into The Walking Dead... Before The Walking Dead

Listen to This by Alex Ross

New Yorker Music Critic Finds New Things in the Familiar

Tom McCarthy's C

Expansive, Ambitious, and a Little Bit Incestuous

Theater & Performance

War Stories

Portland Center Stage's One-Man Epic


Thinking Outside the Book

It's "Wordstock," Not "Wordbook."

Fashion Week Cometh

The Highlights of the 2010 Portland Fashion Week

I Love Television

I Love Television™

My Multiple Wives

I, Anonymous


Dead Rising 2 DOES Have Free Roam (Sorta)

Obama's Coming to Portland to Stump for Kitz!

Mayor Sam Adams' Contribution to the It Gets Better Project

Wordstock: Literary Lives

Bullies: It Gets Worse!

And Now Here's Creepy Insane Lady with the Weather

Gleegasm: I Thought You Were a Robot

This Weekend: DIY Farming Manifesto Release Party

Jane Lynch Killed It On SNL

First Thursday Picks

Wordstock: YA Gets Real

Win Tickets to M.I.A.!

Dora the Explorer: Can You Say, "Litigation"?

With Much (Apparent) Love, Council Accepts Sellwood Deal

This Week's Mercury Film Section.

New Olympic Sport: Jail Cell Bunk Bed High Diving!

And Now For Something Serious: Abortion and I, Anonymous

M.O.D.O.K. Joins Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Blazers vs Jazz - Hot Live (Preseason) Blog Action

This Week's Cover

Today in HOLY SHIT! Now That's a Car Chase!

Glenn Beckwatch: Here's What's Wrong with Glenn Beck

SL Letter of the Morning: Don't Listen To Your Mother

HUMP! Deadline and "You Answer the Email!"

Used Bookselling Sure Has Gotten Depressing

Today in Wrong Numbers Dialed by 90-Year-old Racists

SL Letter of the Afternoon: You Don't Love Him

BREAKING: Sam Adams Details Sellwood Bridge Funding Deal

MAX Deportation Story Plugged at Council Meeting

DC Commits to Charging $2.99 for Comics. Your Turn, Marvel. (UPDATED)

It's Baaaaack: The Shameless Portland Music Awards Have Returned!

Today in Celebrity Twits

Five Questionable Archie Panels

Battlestar and Harry Potter Exhibits are Coming to Seattle. Who's Up for the Nerdiest Road Trip Ever?

Confidential to the White House

Suri Cruise: Who Does This Bitch Think She IS???

Bruce Willis Gets Stuck "Between Two Ferns"

Christine O'Donnell: I'm Dumb. I'm You.

Wordstock: Creature Feature

Happy Birthday, Kirk Cameron! (And Buy His Atheist Bible!)

Suri Cruise: Who Does This Bitch Think She IS??? (Part Two in a Continuing Series)

It's Historic—Even With Randy Leonard's Neon Rose

Are Fox News Reporters the New Catholic Priests?

In Honor of Tonight's Corin Tucker Band CD Release Party, A Retrospective

Late Notice: Nick Swardson's Pretend Time Tonight!

Sam Adams Gets "Mortified"—He Also Says "It Gets Better"

Good Morning, News!

Cracking Down on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

More Mort Künstler, Please!

Christine O'Donnell Allegedly Has Loud Sex, Doesn't Really Go to Church

Jeff Pendergraph Out for the Season

Age Inappropriate: Alice in Wonderland and Frankenocchio

Mad Men Theme Live... with Brian Williams Daughter? Okay.

Tonight in Music

Wordstock: Writing in Communities

It's Cat Crack Tuesday, Ya'll!

HEY! Only 9 Days Left to Submit Your Film to HUMP!

It's Happening Tonight!

Is This the Cover of Tina Fey's New Essay Collection?

Panel's Two Words for Cop Behind Nazi Memorial: "Discredit and Disgrace"

I Lied. There's More To Be Said. And It's About The X-Men.

iPad + Segway = Horrible Idea

Win Tickets to Frightened Rabbit!

Haha Worf You Suck :(

Christine O'Donnell: She's Not "You" After All

Dark Horse Announces Digital Plans. (And Free Comics!) (UPDATED)

In Which a Topless 61-Year-Old Woman Slashes at Cops With Meat Cleaver

New Gap Logo to World: Stop Making Fun of Me!

Tonight in Music

You're a Cougar! She's a Cougar! Cougar! Cougar! COUGAR!!

Good Morning, News!

It Gets Better: Gay Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns

Win Tickets to Liz Phair!

Good Morning, News!

Federal Judge Blocks Enforcement of DADT

What Wants to Kill Me This Week? Vol. 3

Mackintosh Braun - "Could It Be" Video

More Info on the Banksy Simpsons Intro!

BREAKING: Details on Trade Unions' Deal With City

How Did You Meet Daddy, Daddy?

Good Morning News!

Mad Men Monday: Blowing Smoke

Confidential to Christians Who Are Always Telling Me That You're "Not All Like That" And That "Not All Christians" Are Homophobic Bigots...


Rally to Restore Sanity Viewing Party & Portland Rally

Comedy This Weekend

My Life as a Critic: Parting Shots

Supersonic Review: Sonic The Hedgehog 4

Project Runway Wrap Up

Wordstock: Cracking Up Is Hard to Do


Today in Really Fucking Unsafe Things To Do on a Bicycle!

Meet Christine O'Donnell's Alleged Pudding Cup Lover!

Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Hosts Howl Tonight (With James Franco on Skype!)

Michelle as Marilyn

Halloween Costume Ideas

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week, PAC Edition

Wordstock: Why Write Short?

This Is the Last Post About Hipsterism I'm Ever Going to Do.

First Thursday: Chromium Dumb Bell

Chilean Miners as Reality Television

Jersey Shore Wrap Up: "Girls Like That"

A Blog Post About Another Blog Post

Holocene's Free Friday Happy Hour

Good Morning, News!

Good Morning News!

SL Letter of the Day: Finding Dad's Porn

Dismissed Gay Teacher Will Meet With Beaverton School District Officials

It's Happening Tonight!

Good Morning, Justin Bieber News!

SL Letter of the Day: Leave It Alone

Tonight in Musical Niceties

Is The Social Network Sexist? Aaron Sorkin Doesn't Think So...

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Tonight in Music

Missing (Apparently): One GOP Candidate for Governor

Seth Stambaugh on Think Out Loud This Morning

Rat Ladies Are The New Cat Ladies

How to Check to See if You're Registered to Vote

Get Yer New Police Tazer-Themed Album!

Buzz Off, Nerd!

Fashion F*** Ups and Child Reenactments of Project Runway

Glenn Beckwatch: Something Happened

Dead Rising 2 Review Addendum: Multiplayer

Best Misuses of Modern Technology Awards

Now's Your Chance: Become Facebook Friends With a Toilet

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

On the Road with Floating World:

Today Is the Big Day for Windows Phone 7

National Petition For Gay Beaverton Student Teacher Seth Stambaugh Takes Off

Good Morning, News!

Cover Your Eyes, Blazer Fans

Banksy Simpsons Intro

British Rugby Hunk Ben Cohen Joins the "It Gets Better" Project!

A Handy Wordstock Primer

"Naked is a Metaphor for Honest"

Monica Drake + Andy Mingo + Wordstock = Portland Synergy

Sold Out

Adam Arnold Fall/Winter 2010

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Closing the Door

Mercury Music Hour