Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 21 - 27, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 22
Shepard Fairey


Where Police Officers (Don't) Live

Is it Community Policing if Cops Live Somewhere Else?

Hall Monitor

A Knight in Shining Armor?


Digger, Please

Sampling Maestro DJ Shadow's Greatest Snips

They Go Boom!

Presenting Boom! a Key to the City

Sentimental Heart

Zooey Deschanel Talks She and Him

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Close Call

Hereafter Requires a Leap of Faith

Haunted McMansion

Paranormal Activity 2: Worst. Ghost Babysitter. Ever.

The Fight for Right

The True Story of Conviction

Grotesque Pageantry

A Film Unfinished Reconsiders Nazi Propaganda

I'm Staying Home: Mercury Video Picks

Of Prison Rape, Crack Whores, and David Hasselhoff

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Mixed Signals

Searching for Consistency at NoPo's Pitxi

Lush Life

Portland's First Cidery

Visual Art

Surreal Life

Rob Pellicer's Expanding Vocabulary


Advancing Toward the Pulitzer

Paul Harding's Unlikely Journey from Small Press Author to Pulitzer Prize Winner

Dear Diary

Vanessa Davis' Make Me a Woman

Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality

(Because "Savage Love" Was Taken)

Theater & Performance


Portland Playhouse's Funny, Unsentimental Look at Cerebral Palsy

Heart Beats Cute

CoHo's Pun-Tastic Heart Beatings.


Shootout at the Buzzer

Yes, There's a Cowboy. Yes, There's a Basketball Player. But Wait! There's More!

Mercury Music Hour

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Zombies: Oh, Die Already!

I, Anonymous

Hands Off


Turning Point: Portland Comics Retailers Weigh In on Digital Comics, Buying Local, and Why You're Insanely Lucky

Tonight's Nightmare Today!

Five Interesting Findings in TriMet's Final Safety Report

Things That You Will Never Un-See: Get Your Tickets to HUMP!

Your Daily Blazer

Gay Marriage Is Legal In New Hampshire

It's Happening Tonight!

Good Morning News!

Who Are You Calling Mild Mannered? A Surprisingly Violent I, Anonymous From A Belle & Sebastian Fan

No One Could Have Predicted

Tony Perkins, Vile Piece of Shit, Opens His Foul Mouth

Good Morning, News!

Are We All 'Fracked'? A Q&A With the Director of Gasland

Well Now That's a Suspicious Vehicle.

Nobody Is Poisoning Halloween Candy

Good Morning, News! (In the Afternoon!)

Five Minutes of Awesome People Doing Awesome Things

Obamagasm! The Obamagasm! Part 2

Why We Say Vote No on Measure 74 (And Why the Campaign Says Vote Yes)

Patty Mills Gets a Job

City Council Approves Anti-Human-Trafficking Fund

Against All Odds, the Red & Black Cafe Survives 10 Years

Blazers Sign Fabricio Oberto

Annnnd Hell Froze Over.

Obamagasm! Merkley > Wyden?

SL Letter of the Day: When It Rains...

Christian Christian Pastor to Non-Hater Christians: Speak The Fuck Up, People

The Nerdiest Question Ever Asked by Nerd at NerdCon Nerdfest Nerd Nerd Nerd... Like EVER!

Suzanne Collins Signing Stamping at Powell's

Remove it, Paste it

Obamagasm: The Playlist.

Rock and Morgan and Simon (and no Garfunkel)

Who's Paying For Leaf Removal This Year? Maybe You

Honk if You Support the TriMet Union

Name This Band: Bad Shirts, Worse Hair Edition

This Week's Mercury Film Section.

Obamagasm! A Longwinded Reminiscence About the Time I Touched Barack's Hand

"Enjoy Your Delicious Moments" - Pizza Box Art Crit

Antoine Dodson Pitches the Sex Offender App

Good Morning, News!

Our Farce Advocate

Students, Parents, Teachers Thank Beaverton for Reinstating Seth Stambaugh

Win Tickets to Kate Nash!

We Don't Eat Too Much Candy.

It's Happening Tonight!

Good Morning, News!

SL Letter of the Day: Fucking Loyalty

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Awards Season

Tonight: Natalie Jeremijenko Speaks at PSU

Blazers Trade Jerryd Bayless and Cut Jeff Pendegraph

Should Liberals And/Or Democrats Appear on Fox News?

Obamagasm! The Final Obamagasm!

Project Runway Wrap Up: So Much "Granola," So Many Tears

Tonight at Powell's: Mark Bittman

Gleegasm: Doin' the Time Warp Again

Behold! Norm MacDonald on Conan!

Hey Ladies: What's Your Favorite Console?

PREDICTION: Tron: Legacy Will Be the Coolest, Longest Music Video Ever.

Obamagasm! And Kitz Sidles Up to the Lectern

Meet Polly: Today's Daymare

It's Time to Play: "GUESS! WHERE! THIS! GUY! IS!"

"They Sinned And Killed Thereselves"

Check Out the Mercury's Eat and Drink Guide!

Republican Woman

Obamagasm! Jefferson Smith Starts the Show

Good Morning News!

Lawrence Lessig is Pretty Big Deal. And He'll Be Here Thursday!

It's Happening Tonight!

Glee Star Apologizes For Being So Sexy

RailVolution in Portland: The Video!

Obamagasm: The Anti-Capitalist Bike Mobile is Here! And Also Sarah Palin.

Student Teacher Seth Stambaugh Reinstated At Beaverton Elementary School!

That Bieber Smell

Reform Advocates Send Sharp Letter on Cop Union Talks

SL Letter of the Day: More Advice—Better Advice—For SUB

Books as Dealbreakers

Dear Brazil Teen Magazines...

I, Anonymous, Will Not Be Coming In Costume

Finally, a Comic I Would Read (Or, Finally, a Comic Erik Wouldn't Read)

Re: "The Silence of the Lambs"

Blazers vs Suns - Hot Live (Season Opener) Blog Action

The Perfect Luke Perry Gif

Supernatural Ninja Assassin As Mea Culpa

John Canzano Gets Hysterical About the Blazers

What Wants to Kill Me This Week? Vol. 4

Good Morning, News!

Leave Michael Jackson's Corpse Alone!

Notes From The Ropeline: The Comedown

My Reaction to the President's IGBP Video

Attention, Ramen Addicts!

THIS SATURDAY: Watch the Stewart/Colbert Rally with the Mercury!

Review: Fallout: New Vegas

Today in "Charlie Sheen Coke-Fueled Rampages"

Obamagasm! The Obamagasm!

Win Tickets to Of Montreal (Plus a Copy of False Priest)!

Win Tickets to the Grindhouse Film Fest's Lucio Fulci Double Feature!

WTF Should You Be for Halloween?

BREAKING: Tom Potter Will Star in Pot Measure Ad

Justin Bieber's Never Say Never 3D Trailer!

Obamagasm! Laundry List of Chris Dudley Digs

The Upside of Comics Piracy.

It Gets Better: AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

Coming Soon to Theaters: Avatars, Kiwi Extras, and the World's Most Expensive Erection Joke.

A Word from Portland's Streets

Extreme Cat Friday

SL Letter of the Day: Mom, Dad—There's Something I Don't Need to Tell You...

Obamagasm! Shouting and Shirts from Ghana

Blazers vs Nuggets - Hot Live (Preseason) Blog Action

Let's Talk About Sex: Q&A on the Racial Split in Abortion and Sexual Health

More Proof that the Tea Party is NICE

Jon Stewart on the Rally to Restore Sanity

Jersey Shore Wrap Up: "Back Into the Fold"

Sold Out

Subject to Season: Dark Wave

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Self-Destruct Button


Everything Will Be Fine

A Calm and Soothing Guide to the 2010-11 Portland Trail Blazers