Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 28 - Nov. 3, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 23


Beaverton Gets Schooled

How a Gay Student Teacher Won Back His Job—and District Reform

Oh, the Places Sam Goes

A Quick Look at Our Mayor's Travels—and Who Pays the Tab

Tough on Crime Victims

A Surprising Coalition is Fighting "Tough on Crime" Measure 73

Crossings to Bear

Adams Still Covets Bridges

Hall Monitor

Beseeching For Mercy


Unsolved Mysteries

Tu Fawning's Spooky Parlor Songs

You Had Me at Allo

Allo Darlin' Is as Cute as a Button

Let Go and Get Free

Here We Go Magic Finds Solace

A Farewell to Satyricon

We’ll Miss You, Satyricon.

Balancing Act

Wow & Flutter Get Serious

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Neverending Story

Getting Stoned with Enter the Void

Fistful of Dollars

Inside Job: How America Got Fucked Over

Geek Out

Breaking News: Jedis Hate Leashes!

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Repeating the Old Saw

Saw VII: Just like Mousetrap, but with More Blood!

Food and Drink

Order Up!

In Praise of Burgers

Bar Boom

Introducing Cruzroom, Spirit of '77, and Hall of Records


Pig-Faced Midgets? Check!

X'ed Out: Act One of Charles Burns' Creepy New Trilogy

Travels in Siberia

Ian Frazier's Siberian Road Trip

The History of a Desk

Nicole Krauss' Standoffish Great House

The Best and Worst of Times

Best Music Writing 2010: Shapeless and Occasionally Good

Theater & Performance

The Hillsboro Story

Desegregating History


Genuine Theatrical Frights at NWCTC


The Mercury's Annual Halloween Dress-Up Issue

Can You Guess Our Costume?


Who Doth God Hate Most?


The Bible's Sexiest Snippets


Hell's Kitchen Korner!


Do You Have Secrets? Then Let's Hollow Out a Bible to Keep 'em In!


A Christian Guide to Other Inferior Religions that Will Obviously Burn in Hell

I Love Television

I Love Television™

The Poop Inside My Pants

Destination Fun

I, Anonymous

Second Act


DIY Bus Stop Improvements

Calling the Local Measures: Library Tax Passes, PDX Measures Too Close

New Seasons Launches the Home Grown Music Program

Halloween Ideas...For NEXT Year

Work Beginning on Pearl District's Portland Loo

On the Road with Floating World: Tim & Eric Awesome Tour Edition!

Bad Blood Reading Series

Good Riddance to Blue Rubbish

Bill Moyers Wants YOU to Vote Yes on Measure 26-108

Keyboard Cat Sells Out... for Pistachios??

Wonder Ballroom Ticket Promotion

Sometimes It Gets $50,000,000 Better

Hot Or Not: Air Jordan High Heels

Willow Smith on Ellen!

Martell Webster, Damaged Goods?

Good Morning, News!

New Food Cart Pod on NE 20th?

Your Daily Blazer: Nobody Leaves This Place Without Singing the Blues

EARLY RETURNS: Kitzhaber Jumps to Big Lead in Multnomah County

Good Election News: Aliens Now Free to Roam Our Skies

Episode Seventeen of the Mercury Music Hour

Today in PDX

Republican Sex and Marriage Advice

Comedy is OK - Tonight @ Clinton St.

It's Happening Tonight!

Transgender Driver Accuses Portland Cop of Groping

Angry, Angry Voters: Who Do You Blame?

Happy Bieber-ween, Everybody!

Your Daily Blazer: R.I.P. City for Maurice Lucas

All Tonight's Election Parties

Watch New Webisodes From The Office!

John Kitzhaber Says, "GO TO BED ALREADY!"

'Tis the Spooky-Scary Season...

Hey Fox News Viewers! Did You Hear About that Weird Rally or Whatever?

More National Results: GOP Gains Ground

"There's Some People Smoking Weed"

Black Friday is Now a City Holiday! HOWEVER...

Celtics Fan Goes Nuts to Bon Jovi

Your Daily Blazer: Portland Tops the Clippers, 98-88

Loretta Smith Wins Big

The Human Race Wrote Me a Letter.

It's Not Just Oregon: Other Tossup Races to Watch Tomorrow

In the Trenches: How Last-Minute Portlanders Are Voting

Driver Passes Out on NE Alberta

Besides the Governor's Race, What's Still Up in the Air?

Good Morning, News!

Amazon Hosts 'Buy 2, Get 1 Free' Game Sale

From Behind The Iron Curtain: The Republican Party

Tron Night: Like Christmas for Tron Nerds!

Daily Dose of Cute

Fond Memories of Maurice Lucas

Kitz or Dudley: PLACE YER BETS!

Something You Won't See On The Mercury's Event Calendar

And Now a Rap About Internet Safety

Organ Trail: 80s Nostalgia, Zombies And Portland Elitism

SL Letter of the Day: You Must Meet His Wife

At Bob Stacey's Party: Bikes, Beer, Mild Depression

Domestic Violence Killed 49 Oregonians This Year

Today in Oxymorons: Intelligent Christians

It's Election Betting Time! Our Election Day Predictions.

Your Tuesday Afternoon Health Advisory

What Is A Really Scary Book?

Who Handed the House to the GOP?

This Week's Mercury Film Section.

The Decemberists' New Album Will Be Called The King Is Dead

Bristol Palin Didn't Even Vote.

This Just In: Alcohol More Dangerous than a Crack Addict Holding a Knife to Your Throat!

The Daily Show Lets Andrew Shirvell Hang Himself

Counterpoint: Hall of Records is the Best Bar on Belmont.

Broken Bells: Now with 100% More Hall and Oates

Metro's Tale of the Twice Sold Graves


Christine O'Donnell's Concession Spell... I Mean SPEECH! SPEECH!

And the Winner of Project Runway Is...

Good Morning, News!

Best Halloween Costume Ever: Rontoms Becomes WTF Rontoms

What Beaverton is "Learning" from Screwing Up With Gay Student Teacher

Dudley Calls Race In Own Favor!

NOM Supporter: We Used to Need Gay People... But We Don't Need Gay People Anymore

Zach Galifianakis Smokin' a Doobie on Real Time with Bill Maher

NBC Calls House for Republicans; Senate for the Dems

BREAKING: Council Vote on Mayor's Gun Laws Pushed Back

BREAKING: Aaron Campbell's Family Files Suit Against City

Nice Things to Distract You From Rage on Election Day

It's Happening Tonight!

Ben Quayle Wins in Arizona; Stupidity Wins As Well

Schedule for Tomorrow's "Sanity Rally"

That Woman Is Not Making Comics in Order to Be Sexually Attractive

Early National Results: Tea Party Coming on Strong!

Pay-What-You-Can Panera in NE Portland?

"New" Venue Alert: Introducing the New Branx

BREAKING: Some Trick or Treaters are Dicks.

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Oh Great... the New Speaker of the House is a Goddamn Crybaby

TOMORROW: Watch the Stewart/Colbert Rally with the Mercury!

It's Not Too Soon to Start Thinking About Pie

Portland Schools Sign 2-Year Contract With Military Program STARBASE

"Mondo Will Do Fabulously Anyway, And Gretchen Needs The Money"

Charles Burns at Powell's—Tonight!

Free Realms Now Available For OS X

Blu-ray Review: Alien Anthology.

It Gets Better: Priscilla Queen of the Desert

How the State Ballot Measures are Faring

Jersey Shore's Angelina to Rap on Her Single "I'm Hot"


Cousin Eddie vs. the Star Whackers.

What Wants to Kill Me This Week? Vol. 5

Theater Season is Upon Us!

Who Saved the Senate for the Dems?

Happy Halloween from La Sera

Good Morning News!

Arkansas School Board Bigot Clint McCance Resigns

The Death of the Tea Party

Underwear? Dirty Mattresses? Teeth Whiteners? Abdominal Workout Video?

Bikers for Bieber

I (Almost) Had Sex with Christine O'Donnell and All I Got Was This Lousy (Actually Pretty Good) Story

Your Daily Blazer: Do Not Fear the Deer

Busy Day: Budget Retreat and Cop Union Talks

Who Does This Bitch Think She IS??? (Halloween Edition Continued)

No Collymore For Portland

The Tea Party Was Born in the Confederacy

Modern Board Games Make Me Angry

Best Portland Graffiti Ever

A Post-Midnight Roundup of State and Local Ballot Measures

Project Runway FINALE Wrap Up!

Printing Error Buries M73 Opposition in Clackamas County Voters Pamphlet

The Big Map of Electoral Anger

Good Morning News!

What Killed Portland Voter Owned Elections?

Relive the Re-erection! Video Chronicles Fall and Rise of Iconic Sign

Paxton Gate

So It Looks Like TriMet is Going Down?

What NOT to Dress as for Halloween!

A "Yes on 74" Ad That Actually Kind of Says "No"

Give Me a Good Tea Party Pickup Line

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment [Thread] of the Week!

Numbers Game: Republican Turnout Higher than Democrats'

Xbox Live Dashboard Update Now Available

It's Happening Tonight!

Good Morning, News!

Tea Party and GOP Get What They Want: No African-Americans in Senate

Our City Economy: We Are Muddling Along.

What Would Happen If Portland Got Nuked?

A New, Tea Party-Approved, American Anthem

Tonight: Last Thursday

You Supply the "Funny"!

Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Sold Out

The Form Function Fashion Show

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Oral Creampie

Mercury Music Hour