Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 4 - 10, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 24 Cover Art: William Hundley


Violent Truth

Domestic Violence Killed 49 Oregonians This Year

Cheer Up, Losers!

Election Night Was Grim, But Not All Bad. Here's Why!

Putting Down the Ax

Good News in Budget Update: $9.7 Million Surplus

Hall Monitor

Will Haste Make Waste?

In Other News

In the Shadows

Tales from the Oversold Cemetery


Back in Blacc

Aloe Blacc's Soul Masterpiece

Complexity from Simplicity

The Bird's-Eye Perspective of Brainstorm

Grown-Ass Man

Tim Kasher's Mid-Midlife Crisis

Shred Therapy

Marnie Stern Battles Life (and Wins)

Unlimited Nights and Weekend

Weekend Dials the After-Hours Noise

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

All of Us

Northwest Film & Video Fest Takes the Pulse of the Region

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Due Date: Just Like a John Hughes Movie, Except without the Jokes!

When Fair is Foul

Fair Game's Necessary Reminder

The Good, Old Days

Something's Gonna Live: Hollywood Ain't What It Used to Be

Small-Town Girls

Tamara Drewe Updates the English Pastoral

Ghosts vs. Samurai

Black Cat: Retro Horror from a Japanese Master

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

I'm Going Out

The Brilliant, Brutal Critiques of Warren Etheredge

It Ain't Easy Being Blue

Redefining Superheroes in Megamind

Food and Drink

Aloha! Aloha!

Two New Hawaiian Spots Go Head-to-Head


Mink River

Brian Doyle's Debut Novel Finds Ireland on the Oregon Coast

Extraterrestrial Ennui

Superman: Earth One: That Ol' Chestnut, Newly Repackaged

Adapting Parker

Darwyn Cooke's Cool, Humorous Noir Adaptation of The Outfit

Suck It, Dr. Quinn

Star Trek's Leonard McCoy Is the Only Frontier Doctor We Need

Theater & Performance

Flying High: Zip Zap Zoom

A Kid's Superhero Comic Comes to Life

All Ages?

OTC's Alice & Wonderland Struggles to Find Its Audience

Rehabbing Don Juan

The Miracle's Annual Day of the Dead Show Scores Again


We Are the Champions

Another Portland Designer Wins Project Runway, Leaves Portland

One Fine Day in the Swamp

The Rally to Restore Sanity: Rationality’s Last Hurrah?

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Your Failure, My Success

I, Anonymous

Not Kosher


Blu-ray Review: Stargate Universe Season One.

Blu-Ray Review: Toy Story 3

A Woman Has Needs

Episode #19 of the Mercury Music Hour

It's Really, Really Over: Chris Dudley Concedes... Outside a Mexican Restaurant

Who Does This Bitch Think She IS???

Best Frakkin' Quiz Ever

FACT: Lesbians Don't Hit Their Kids!

It's Happening Tonight!

Berbati's Pan Owner Ted Papaioannou Passes Away

Good Morning, News!

If the Horse Is Dead, Blogtown Bludgeons It.

Sucks to Be Alberto Martinez

BREAKING: At Last, A Glimpse At Sam Adams' Gun Laws

Blazers vs Thunder - Hot Live Blog Action

Happy Birthday, Carl Sagan.

Your Daily Blazer: Well, That Sure Did Suck

Your Daily Blazer: Brandon Roy Knee Injury Edition

Read The Tea Party Children's Book About How Obama Stole Christmas. No, Really.

That's Your Jam: Red Shirt Nerd Auto-Tuned

More Gretchen Jones, More Warren Etheredge

The COURAGE to be the Worst Hurdler in the World

The Liberal Claus Rides On!

Conan Opens with a Bang (Actually, a Lot of Bangs)

Good Afternoon, Charlie Sheen News!

Clothed Cat Calendar!

The War on Boobs

Bush: Things Were Fine Until Kanye Got All Mean

Somehow I Missed This Story When It Broke

Canada Can Handle The Compostable Bag, But We Can't?

New Plug-ins to Handle Your Social Ineptitude

It's Happening Tonight!

Oregon Pedestrian Deaths Up 80 Percent

Good Morning News!

Required Reading: Andrew Sullivan On "The Big Lie"

HUMP The Pain Away

Bethesda Working To Squash New Vegas Bugs

City Aims to Puts $285K To Build State's First Sex Trafficking Shelter

The Week in British Chaos

Win Tickets to Mayer Hawthorne!

Today in GAHHHHH! For the Love of Christ HOLD ON, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!

Good Morning, News!

If This Picture Had A Soundtrack What Would It Be?

Second City Picks on Stoners Who Don't Read Carefully

It's 50!

TriMet Feel Good Story of the Day

Tonight: Zombie-Killin' Action in The Walking Dead.

Gutwrenching Update in Pedestrian Crash

Two Hundred Game Characters With Classic Mega Man Aesthetics

After Controversy, Parent Pulls Son Out of Gay Beaverton Teacher's Class

Snuggie: The Next Geration

It's Happening Tonight!

That's My Home State: Alabama Opens First Ever Sex Shop Drive-Thru

Good Morning, News!

City Audit: $14.2 Million Software System Actually Cost Us $47.4 Million

SL Letter of the Day: Dan Blows Chaste Married Men

What are YOU Happy For?

Gold Star: The Mercury Comment of the Week!

Kneejerk Poll: Who Slashed Dept of Corrections Car Tires?

Your Daily Blazer: The Lakers Are Pretty Okay at this Basketball Thing

:( [UPDATED!!!!]

Who Should Wash This Pie Plate?!? (A Blogtown "Ethics in Modern Society" Poll)

Live Review: Violet at the IFCC. Upside Down Smiley Face.

Amazon Hosts Another 'Buy 2, Get 1 Free' Games Sale With A HUGE Selection And LOOMING Deadline

Stabby Son Attacks Mom for Kiboshing His Bieber Costume

Today In Strange Book Covers

Righteous Star Trek Nerd Outrage: I Demand a Correction to the Correction!

Tonight in Music

Magazine Steals Articles, Claims the Internet Is Public Domain

Gleegasm: Hangin' With a Crip

Guess Who's Running for President?

Sarah Palin's Alaska

Alan Partridge Is Back!

Tonight in Music

Solar Powered Christmas Lights: A Good Idea But...

Which of These Terrible Uwe Boll Films Would You Rather See?

SL Letter of the Day: Latter Gay Saint

I, Anonymous: Fighting Over Free Stuff

Dear GLAAD: Leave Susan Sarandon ALOOOOOONE!

Hey Mercury Ad Sales Team! WATCH THIS!

Portland Homeless Couple Run Japanese-Fusion Hot Dog Cart

Roseburg Paper Prints: Dudley Wins!

SL Letter of the Day: Girl Sees Marriage, Boy Sees Red

And Now, Badass Photos of John Kitzhaber.

The PDX Pop-Up Shop Project 2010 Debuts Tomorrow

Keith Olbermann Suspended for Making Political Beliefs Clear

Council Unanimously Approves $285,000 for Sex Trafficking Shelter

Don Draper Says "What?"

Win Tickets to Crippled Avengers!

Blazers vs. Raptors - Hot Live Blog Action

Public Isolation Project

Humanity: Doing Stuff for the Hell of It, Since Forever

The Most Awesome Football Play Ever (Middle-School Edition)

The Metro President Math Isn't Looking Good for Bob Stacey.

Blazers vs. Pistons - Hot Live Blog Action

iPhone/iPad Review: Worms 2: Armageddon

A Dispatch from the Tea Party Election Night Gala

In Bookstores Tomorrow: George W. Bush's Book, a Protest Against George W. Bush's Book

This Week's Mercury Film Section.

Cooks Source "Apologizes" for Saying the Internet is "Public Domain"

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Good Morning News!

A Duck That Looks Like Marilyn Monroe

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Now Kobe Approved!

Kitzhaber Accepts Governor's Seat from the Heartland of Oregon: The Pearl District

Justin Timberlake: The New Don Johnson

Good Morning, News!

Tonight: First Thursday

You Should Watch This: Sherlock

Episode #18 of the Mercury Music Hour

Review: Medal Of Honor

"It Gets Sweater"

Good Morning, News!

Wow, We Agree With FOX (and The Oregonian) on Something

Dear Luke Grimes, Will You Marry Me?

Dick's House is the New Disney World

It's Happening Tonight!

Mother Love

Seeing a Miscarried Fetus Floating In a Jar...

BREAKING: Discipline Decision in Aaron Campbell Shooting Two Weeks Away

Justin Bieber Dropped by the Office Today... No Big Deal

Today in SAD: Vet Soap Actress Struggles with Product Placement

It's Happening Tonight!

Cat vs. Dog: WHO YA GOT?!? (Oh, And They're Both in Muscle Cars)

So Many PDX High-Schoolers Doing Shakespeare! So Little Time!

The Most Uncomfortable Shoes in The World

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis: Nude Enough for Ya?

Sold Out

Aequanimitas and Savant

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

All in the Family

Mercury Music Hour