Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 11 - 17, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 25 Michael J Demeo


Obama the Christmas Thief

Local Tea Party Candidate Pens Mind-Blowing Kids' Book

Getting Served

Aaron Campbell's Family Sues the City over Shooting

Hall Monitor

Gun Law Criticism, Reloaded

Trial by Teens

State Eyes Expanding Program Where Teens Try Peers

TriMet's Plan B

The $125 Million Levy Failed. So Now What?

In Other News

Gimme Shelter

Council Votes on Creating $285,000 Sex Trafficking Shelter


Rhythm Nation

The Visionary Sounds of Natasha Kmeto

Much More Than That

The Epic Sharon Van Etten

Satanic Transcendence

Watain's Enlightenment in Darkness

Chasing the Song

David Dondero's Portland Summer

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Stop Not Stopping

Unstoppable: A Runaway Train Never Comin' Back

The Chucklefucked Faces of Terrorism

Four Lions: When Terrorism Meets the Three Stooges!

Morning People

The Morning Glory of Early Risers

Octo-Crabs and Mannequins

Monsters: A Monster Movie without Monsters

Asalamalakum, Brah

The Trouble with Taqwacore

A Hallmark Spank Fantasy

Welcome to the Rileys' Halfhearted Grittiness

Geek Out

[Insert Frustrated Sigh Here]

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Eating with Juan

A Weekly Yucatán Adventure Package


The Best Comic Alive

The Devastatingly Funny Louis C.K.


Birth Write

Sarah Glidden Helps You Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less

A Catalog of Punk

Destroy All Movies!!!: Punks on Film

Theater & Performance

Bedtime Story

Portland Opera's Hansel and Gretel

Dognapping, Performance Art, and the NEA

Profile Theatre's One-Man Show Chesapeake

Mercury Music Hour

I Love Television

Welcome, New Tea Party Readers!

I, Anonymous

Indecent Proposal


What the Fuck Ghost Rider 2 is Going to Exist

Two PDX Police Officers Arrested for DUI

Gran Turismo 5 FINALLY Gets A Release Date

Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Name This Band: $50 Retro Haircut Edition

Different Strokes, I Guess

Snuggie Spreading Holiday Cheer

This Week's Mercury Film Section.

What UP, Google Trends?

Patrick Coleman Watch: Check Out Thrillist!

Good Morning, News!

The Daily Show to John McCain: It Gets Worse—Eventually—For You, Asshole

Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture Aims to (Further) Geekify Portland

Blazers Get Rose Quarter Development Rights for Another Six Months

In Defense of Heroin

These are the Product Placements of Our Lives

Today in Holy Shit Fuck

Amazon Pulls Second Round of Pedophilic Books, Concedes to Censorship?

Capcoms Unveils Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Release Date, Other Info

Tony Millionaire/Elvis Costello Album Art Contest

Here's Your Cowboys & Aliens Trailer, Nerds!

SL Letter of the Day: Why Don't You Do It In the Road...

PETA To Vegans: Fuck Meat Eaters

BREAKING: Accused "Nazi" Cop Suspended by Police Bureau

The Best Film of NEXT Year. And EVERY Year Ever.

Proudly Presenting the Greatest News Story of All Time

HARRY POTTER COUNTDOWN: "I Can Wear Harry Potter Clothing Every Day for Three Months Without Wearing the Same Thing Twice."

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Decemberists' The King is Dead, But Were Afraid to Ask

Reggie Watts on Conan


More in Decemberists News: Tour! Conan!

And Now... An Extended Scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1


BREAKING: Woman Takes Step Toward Third Attempt to Recall Sam Adams

I'm Refudiating this Victory

New Vegas, Empathy And Lovable Characters: A Discussion (?)

Taiwanese Animators Take on the TSA!

Another Submission Too Rapey for HUMP!

What Do You Want To See In Fallout 4?

Today in 'Paloozas: Perfect Your Book Pitch at Pitchapalooza

Dino De Laurentiis


"P" Is For "President." Also "Plagiarist."

It's 50! Continued.

Here's Your Green Lantern Trailer, Nerds!

Good Morning News!

Good Morning, News!

Destroy All Movies!!! Signing Party

Three Things I Learned After Reading Randy Leonard's Blog

West Hotel Renovation May Kick Residents to the Curb

In Case You Don't Already Want to Stab Your Face Off, There's This

Inside the Minds of Portland's Bank Robbery Suspects

Free Parking is Socialist

Hot Or Not: Girls with Stegosaurus Spines

Clergy Send Letter Backing Sam Adams' Proposed Gun Laws

FACT: MTV's Teen Wolf Remake Is a Crime Against Humanity.

H.P. Lovecraft Nightmare 1, Canadian Pop Sensation 0

What Wants to Kill Me This Week? Vol. 6

It's Happening Tonight!

Facebook Wants to Control Your Communication

Youtube Play

Today is a Day I Will Never Forget that iTunes is a Stupid A-hole

It's Happening Tonight!

Who Does This Bitch Think She IS??? (Ugly Kids Edition)



An Assertive Moment for Metal

Is It Just Me, or Is this New Winnie-the-Pooh Trailer FUCKING TERRIFYING

Tonight's Nightmare Today

Just Another Drunk Lady Crashing into a School Bus

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Smash Mouth to Play the Portland Music Awards

Publication Studio Luncheon With Justin Spring

Thanks for Humping at HUMP!

Live The Dream: Be The Next Mercury Intern!

Cleveland High School Dance Cancelled For Fear of "Grinding"

The Suburban Candidate: Q&A With Tom Hughes, Our New Metro President

A Very Special Episode of Glee

Sarah Palin's Alaska Offspring

It Gets Better: Jewish Queer Youth

Good Morning, News!

College Prof Bans Enthusiastic Yawning from the Universe!

Here is a Sincere Post About Veterans

The Unlikelihood of a Portland Mercury Music Awards

Tonight in Music

SL Letter of the Day: Best Opening Sentence Ever

Your Daily Blazer: Running in Memphis

8 Kilometers: The Gritty Story of Justin Bieber!

PREDICTION: The New Muppet Movie Will Be Great.

BREAKING: Mayor, Police Chief Officially Announce Firing of Officer Who Shot and Killed Aaron Campbell

Will City Crack Down on Unpermitted Food Cart Buildings?

Four Loko: A Look At Ourselves

Demi Lovato's Heavy Drinking And Cocaine Use Led To Downfall?

What Do We Want? Free Birth Control!

Finally! A Magazine for Pole Spinners Like Me!

This Weekend in Comedy

Sass Attack!

Can Do Better

Porpoises Confer; Decide Not to Murder Dick Van Dyke

Tonight in Music

Portland Study: 22 Percent of Cyclists Injured in a Year.

This Week is Overflowing With Activist Events

Portland Politicos Get Top State House Roles

Rockstar Games Releases First Trailer For L.A. Noire

Tonight's Urination Nightmare... TODAY!

Those Cards That Fall Out Of Magazines Are Called "Blow Ins," Aren't They?

Here's the Red-Band Your Highness Trailer, Fantasy Dweebs!

Portland Makes It Easier to NOT Pay For Leaf Removal

NikeTM Brand MAX Line, Anyone?

Backscatter Backlash

Comment of the Week: Cat Friday Edition

Good Morning News!

Kanye vs. Matt vs. Bush vs. Regret vs. THE WORLD

RIP Four Loko!

Battle: Los Angeles Looks Awesome, and Also Will Someone Please Spoil the Ending of Skyline for Me?

SL Letter of the Day: Foreign Affairs

Where Can I Read Stupid Comments on the Internet?

Tonight in Music

It's Happening Tonight!

Good Morning, News!

SL Letter of the Day: Gay Guy Prefers Web Cam To Hot Boyfriend

Win Tickets to Clinic!

PREDICTION: Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Will Be the Worst Thing Since Spingtime for Hitler.

I ALSO Hate This Little Girl

Your Daily Bummer

Williamsburg Is to Camel As Portland Is to ______

Oh Yes She Did: Heidi Klum and The Polka-Dotted Mondo Dress

Are You a Woman? Have You Spontaneously Climaxed During Exercise? Do You Like Science?

Kanye West Should Apologize For Apologizing All The Time (And Then Should Shut The Fuck Up)

Good Morning, News!

Greg Oden Breaks Into a Thousand Pieces

The TSA vs Your Junk, Sanity

The Thermals' Westin Glass on the Most Annoying Food Cart Names in Portland

A Too-Late Submission for HUMP!

Blake Nelson Serializes the Sequel to 1994's YA Classic Girl!

Mustaches in The Name of Men's Health

Sold Out

The PDX Pop-Up Shop Project

New Column!


Savage Love

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

The Week in Review