Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 18 - 24, 2003

Vol. 4, No. 29


Jesus is a Punk Rocker

Looking for God in all the wrong places? M. William Helfrich finds the Word at one of the most popular rock clubs in town.

Hail to the Cabby!

After Contentious Debates, Cabbies Agree To City's Regulations

This Will Not Be Televised

Dennis Kucinich Scolds ABC For Pulling Reporters

In Other News...


This is Portland Hiphop

POH-Hop 8 Glues It Back Together

Expect the Unexpected

The Spits Make Punk Fun Again


Baring Fangs

The Distillers Turn Thorns into Gold

Up & Coming

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The End of All Things

Lord of The Rings' Multiple Climax

Great Sex... But That's It

The Cooler: Macy and Bello Get it On

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Secret Language

Mona Lisa Smile is Cannily Aware

Mod Cons

Brits Make Ads Right

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Nubian Twist Impresses, Disappoints, and Impresses

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Some Restaurants That Serve Nutritious and Tasty Food

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