Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 18 - 24, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 26 Studio Valistika


Fire Frashour? Done.

The Cop Who Shot Aaron Campbell Is Canned; Three Others Are Suspended

Concrete Dreams

A DIY Skatepark Pops up in Southeast

Strange Bedfellows?

Business Group Weighs in on $1 Million Homeless Grant

In the Shadows

The Organic Homeless

Hall Monitor

On Demand: Dickish Behavior

Not Holding Their Fire

Neighbors Speak Up Over Gun Proposals

Broken While Biking

OHSU Study: 22 Percent of Bikers Injured Annually

In Other News


Unexpected Pop

We Love Robyn (and You Should Too)

The Twilight Kid

Two Hours with Greg Dulli

Bird on a Wire

Hurtbird's Mic Checks and Balances

Up & Coming

Older, Wiser, Louder

Rapids' Long-Awaited Second Single

Movies & TV

No More Boy Wizard

Harry Potter Finally Grows Up

Rock, Blood, and Bone

Danny Boyle Discusses 127 Hours

High-Speed Prius Getaway!

The Next Three Days: A Sneaky Genre Picture

Freedom Overkill

Too Much Carlos

Aaaaaahhh!!! There Are Hornets Everywhere!!!!!!!

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest: Aaaaaahhh!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Gaping at Gina Lollobrigida

I Think The Law Has a Plot, Too, or Something

Geek Out

Getting the Band Back Together

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

A Place for All Seasons

June Rises to the Top

Visual Art

Faking Real

Shane McAdams' Micro Chasm



The Twisted Charisma of Daniel Tosh


The Crafts of Comedy

Amy Sedaris' Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People Is Equally Inspirational and Unhelpful

The Thinking Man's Poster Artist

Golden Oldies

In (and Out) with the New Old: United States of Americana


Inside the Cocaine Kingdom

One Man's Deadly Adventures in the Cocaine Manufacturing Camps

Mercury Music Hour

I Love Television

I Love Television™

The Ice Concussions Cometh

I, Anonymous



Prepare to Smuggle Four Loko to Washington

Comic Book Sales! Everywhere! Now!

The Decemberists Join Team Coco

It's Happening Tonight!

TSA Wants to Touch Your Junk, Its Employees Don't

7-Year-old Colton Burpo Proves There's a Heaven, Guys!

Have Yourself An Ugly Little Christmas

Was Morrissey in Portland Last Night?

Books, Under the Knife

The Pope: Condoms Acceptable In Certain Circumstances...

Today in Old Ladies Saying Awful Things

This Week's Mercury Music Section

What a Downtown Target Might Look Like

Good Morning News!

When Underwear Ads Go Wrong

Blazers vs. Jazz - Hot Live Blog Action

Jonathan Franzen's Freedom Tops "Bad Sex in Fiction" List

First Fallout: New Vegas DLC Announced

In Lake Oswego, a Blogger is not a "Journalist"

Winter Death Blast 2010 is Almost Here!! PANIC!!! PANIC!!! PANIC!!!

Good Morning, News!

Quick, Before the Sleigh Bells Take Over!

TSA Forced Breast Cancer Survivor to Reveal Prosthetic Breast

Man Found Dead After Shootout With Police, House Fire

Tons of Fuckin' Sequins: The REEEEE-MIX!

Dispatch from Harry Potter's Midnight Showing

And Now, Nine-Year-Old David Foster Wallace's Story About a Sad Tea Kettle.

Friday's Forecast: 90% Chance of Joel Przybilla

Justifying the Existence of the Internet: Supergrandma

And Now... the Winner of the "Best Acting Ever Acted by an Actor" Award... NICOLAS CAGE!!

Delayed Gleegasm: You Smell Homeless, Brent

The Invisible Christmas Dinner

Good Morning News!

Window Closing on Latest Sam Adams Recall Attempt

New Details on Fire and Police Shootout: Man May Have Been Shot Prior to Police Involvement

What Happened After Glenn Beck and I Decided To Go Get Pregnant

Ryan Reynolds May Be Hot But These Guys Are Not

Know Your Rights: What the ACLU Taught Me About Police Rights

If the Romans Had Celebrated Thanksgiving...

Your Daily Blazer: No Oden, No Roy, No Problems

Re: Robyn's Show at the Wonder

Whip Yo Hair, Possessed Gurl!

Just Kids Wins National Book Award

Best Damn Yamasa Soy Sauce Commercial EVER!!!

It Gets Better: Love, Pixar

Rucker's Little Bird Bistro to Open Dec 8

No Thanksgiving is Complete Without One

TSA Strip Searches Kid

How Daniel Baldwin Stole Christmas: An Anti-Atheist Message Movie

Tonight in Music

Bad Blood Brings Brandon Downing To Portland

Man Enters Own Country With Dignity

Good Morning, News!

Who Knew Teeth Were So Depressing?

Good Morning, News!

Today in Foreign Music Videos about Facebook

Win Tickets to Ariel Pink & Os Mutantes!

Gay Teacher Gets Marriage Proposal On School Sign, Gay Teacher's Gay Boyfriend Proposes On School Grounds, Gay Teacher Shows Off Gay Engagement Ring to Third Grade Students

Dig the Westside Guide!

The 2010 HUMP! Awards

Joss-less Buffy the Vampire Slayer Revamp

Greg Oden Done for the Season! Greg Oden Done Forever?

Remembering Kipp Crawford

Want to Host Tig Notaro in Your Basement?

22-Year-Old Froze to Death in Waterfront Park

At the City Council Hearing on Sam Adams' Gun Laws

Happy Doctor Who Day, Time Lords.

SL Letter of the Day: Milking It

What Wants to Kill Me This Week? Vol. 7

It Gets Better: The Prime Minister

Alicia J. Rose Out at Mississippi Studios

Oregon Ranks First in Nation for Prescription Drug Abuse by Young Adults

This is the Person Who Ruined Poetry Forever

I Am Going to an "Adult Puppet Slam" Tomorrow Night.

What's So Dangerous About Walking Around Portland?

Gleegasm: That's Why We Feed Them Glitter

Robyn Covers "When Doves Cry"

The One Stop TRON Shop

Would You Eat That?

Today In Embarrassed Clapping

When They Say "Pink Horse" They Mean A Pink-Ass Mothereffing Horse

SL Letter of the Day: Your Cheating Part

What's Going DOWN, Google Trends?

Blazers vs. Nuggets - Hot Live Blog Action

Today's Greatest Photograph of the Century

Former High-Ranking Catholic Theologian: Church Overrun With Homosexual Homophobes

The Three Worst Ideas of the Day

Hey Guys! I Just Turned My Iron Man Slurpee Cup into a Tissue Dispenser!

Meet the Possible New Head of the Energy and Commerce Committee

Please Don't Store Your Concrete in the Bike Lane (You Will Hurt My Dad)

Why Do Republicans Hate America?

Pentecostal Rock Band Saves Souls Via Virtual World Tour

Greg Oden: The Aftermath

This Week's Mercury Film Section.

A Final 'Thank You' To Bethesda, Before The Bombs Drop

Sarah Palin's Zombie Problem

Ron Wyden Puts Hold on Aggressive Copyright-Protecting Powers

Here it is, Folks: Your Damn Portland Sign.

Are Bristol Palin and Murphy Brown Our Only Choices?

SL Letter of the Day: Nuts and Chews

Thousands Wait in Freezing Rain for Free Dental Care at Convention Center

Tonight! New Comedy Showcase from Timmy Williams of The Whitest Kids U' Know

They Live in Eight Minutes and 23 Seconds.

UPDATE: The United States of Americana CANCELLED

What Some People Will Do to Get "Rock Star" Parking

Correcting the Record for Porno Pete

"You're Punished! You're Poor!" My Interview with Amy Sedaris

The New World Apothecary

According to Country Song, Soldiers Comparable to Jesus

Weekend Book Signings

Today's Catch Phrase: "Then I See His Penis Out!"


Friday's Joel Przybilla Forecast: No Longer 90%

Finally, a Towel for Teabaggers!

OLCC Bans All Crunk Caffeinated Drinks

This Is My Favorite Song About Snow.

Digging Deeper Into Portland's New Audit on Taser Use

Tonight in Music

Sold Out

H&M in Portland

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love

Gray Rights

New Column!