Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 7 - 15, 2020

Vol. 20, No. 25

I, Anonymous Blog

Dumbest Mask


Loud Vehicles


It's Just Talk

Have Yourself A Very Just Christmas

Sage Advice

This I Do Not Forgive

See No Mouth, Hear No Words

Big Man I Wish

An Inconvenient Truth


Help. Just help.

Super Spreaders

Don't tread on my thrifting!

Thank you

The Arts

Trumpism, QAnon should merge and form a religion

Fuck your Christmas music

The Stimulus is?

Let The Book Banning Begin!

Bulls and China Shops

7 years later

I swear to uphold and defend the Constitution

A simple ask

Thank you

Maskless Church Covidiots at Bite on Belmont

Florida Girl's First Portland Date

Nothing Will

No mask, no service

Be Nice to the Vet!

To the person at Lauretta Jean’s

To all you assholes who have ruined my Xmas

Fat Shaming

OMG WHY (part 2)

I Waive My Courtesy

Hey, Dumbass


I think i am in love with my boss

Some of the Rioters

5 AM Going To Work

What Do You Do?

Funny How That Works

Look At Me Look At me

A Very Covid Christmas

All Yours

Dotard Mitch Ninja Turtle

You floppy fuck

Hotel Coffee

An Open Letter to the Mayor of Sandy Oregon

Just Wondering

Just Perplexed


Coke or Pepsi

Stuck There Behind You

Asshole Street Parker

You're in the wrong line of work


So glad it’s over

We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone


Origins of Humor

Crunch Wrap Supreme


We Own Our Selves

Bus And Max Woes

Think Restroom

Happy "This Time Of Year"!

Dear Teddy

Cats' Rights

People Get Weird About Work

My Kind of Christmas

Illegal Dumping

Your holiday is not my holiday.



Ed.D = Dr.


Make No Mistake

Christmas ain't nothing.

Road Rage

The Wheat from the Chaff


I became a Karen last night

I'm Wondering, Too

Hold My Hand Wherever We Go

I'm Ugly

Not as cool a smell as you think

Cover Me

The Capitol Riot - So Educational

Borderline Personality disorder

Trickle Down

Study History, Fool

The Threesome Nobody Asked For



Breaking News!

Phone Home

covid construction insanity

Super Spreader Pizza

Repeat Bathroom

Peace for 2021

The Mayer

Good Work!

For Fuck sake!!!

Resurrect the Press