Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 2 - 8, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 28
Cover Art: Tim Gunther


The Suburban Terrorist

Local Somalis Say Their Kids Are in Crisis—It's Time We Listen

No One Was Going to Die

Defense Emerges in Bomb Plot: Entrapment

Hall Monitor

The Politics of Public Safety

In Other News

In the Shadows

Dishing up Tacos with Day Laborers


Everybody Knows

The Gospel of Leonard Cohen

Punk Is Not Dead

Les Savy Fav Play Like it's the First Time

Order of the Arrow

The Brotherly Rock of Archers

Broad Horizons

The Sublime Sounds of Bedouin Soundclash

Rose City Queens

Rose Bent's United Front

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Small Victories

Bite-Sized Films in The Sundance Shorts Program

Cowboys and Ninjas

The Warrior's Way: The Old West, via Hong Kong

Demons and Molotovs

Heartless: The Devil's in the Details

Wanna Get Weird?

The Boxer's Omen Is Like Drugs. Bad, Strong, Strange Drugs

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

I'm Staying Home

French New Wave 101


Lonely Highway

Damon Galgut's In a Strange Room

A Dog's Life

Andrew O'Hagan's New Novel Provides a Dog's Eye View of Marilyn Monroe

History Lesson

FreeDarko Saves Basketball. Again.


The Percy Jackson Author Kicks Off a New Series with The Lost Hero

Theater & Performance

Bunny Suits & BB Guns

A Christmas Story Takes the Stage

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Hasseling the Hoff

I, Anonymous

Daddy Issues


Want to Be an Extra for Brain Trust, a New Pilot Shooting in Portland?

The Walking Dead: I'm on "Team Henriksen" Now

A Legal Notice to Cease and Desist from Wm. Steven Humphrey

Good Morning, News!

Promotion for Cop Who Shot Raymond Gwerder Prompts Anger

It's Happening Tonight!

Porn Makes a JLA Movie First

The Only Reason Anyone Should Ever Listen to "Let it Be"

Charity Auction Item of the Day: Yeti Suit!

Another Reason Justin Bieber is Better than You...

Good Morning, News!

Don't Believe The Hype: NEOGEO Station

Mercury Charity Auction Item(s) of the Day: Langhorne Slim or Portugal. The Man Play Your Party

Mayor, Chief Respond to Concerns About Promotion of Officer Who Shot Raymond Gwerder

Amazon Under Fire for Dropping WikiLeaks

And Now, Mel Gibson's Beaver

Mercury Charity Auction Item(s) of the Day: Surprise Roller Derby Packages!

Tonight in Music

Your Daily Blazer: Rock Bottom

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 6

The Lil'est Racist (Who Also Happens to be a Film Critic)!

Stupid, Stupid Baby

Tonight in Music

Robots are Taking Jobs Away from Hard-Working American Meth Heads

Colbert Offers Relationship Advice to the President

SL Letter of the Day: Do We Invite The Daughter's Ex For Christmas?


Burgerville In A Day

Megashark vs. Crocosaurus vs. Urkel... ON WHOM DO YOU WAGER?!?

Tasers Across the United States: Watch Your Asses in the Windy City

"Anti-Portland Police" is Now a Music Genre

Am I the Only One Who Thought The Walking Dead Was Kinda Crappy?

Get Paid to Obey the Law!

Behold: Fake Criterions! (Or: Dammit, Criterion Really Should Put Out a Point Break Blu-ray.)

Today in "Another Bieber Mystery Solved!"

Christmas Tree Kitty Cat? Yew are Sooo Ba-yad!

Randy Leonard Strikes Blow in Terror Task Force Debate

Flame Wars Are Good?

Hide Your Kids From the TSA

NW Doesn't Need More Parking

Win Tickets to The Boxer's Omen and Shogun Assassin!

Newt Gingrich's 12-Step Plan

Sarah Palin = Michael Vick?

Dear Democrats...

Tonight: Comediennes

Who Wants to See TRON: Legacy?

My First Pull Quote!

Hitchens on the TSA

Reason #476 I Love Tin House

Spotted in Portland...

MTV Hates You

A Perfect Metaphor for the Mercury

It's Hate Turkey Time

What Should Beaverton's New Slogan Be?

Tonight: First Thursday

Blazers vs. Clippers - Hot Live Blog Action

Good Morning News!

Good News For Artisan Cheese Lovers

Good Morning, News!

Who Does This Bitch Think She IS???

Gay Teens More Likely to be Punished

What Has Two Thumbs and is Catching the Next Flight to Europe?

Good Morning, News!

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 12

Your Daily Blazer: A Hopeful Loss

Vote for Beaverton's New Slogan!

Tonight in Music

This Is Why They're Not Hired to Talk

Assange Speaks Out

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Do I Have Tokophobia?

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 1

SL Letter of the Day: How Do I Get Mom To Come Out?

"What is Islam?" Class Pulled at Lane Community College

Queer Coat Drive!

What Does the Billboard Hot 100 Indicate Anymore?

Here Is Paul Verhoeven Kissing Arnold Schwarzenegger. That Is All.

BREAKING: Hate Crime Reported in SE—Man Perceived as Gay Beaten While Walking Home

Gleegasm: The Difference Between an Elf and a Slave

How Many Hate Crimes Are Reported in Portland?

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Blazers vs. Suns - Hot Live Blog Action

Bristol Palin Urticates Olbermann

It's Happening Tonight!

What Guys "Wear to Get Laid"

Five Years into the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness, Homelessness is Still Increasing

Steal of the Day: Arrested Development DVD Box Set!

Justin Bieber's Hot New Pedo-stache!

A Few of My Favorite Anti-Santas

Happy Hour At Wildwood

Good Morning News!

Shopping Event of the Day: Kings Treasure (Free Pizza!)

Make Straight Marriage Compulsory

City Audit: We're Making Less Garbage, but It's More Expensive.

Woodburn Bombers Guilty on All Counts

Portland Rescue Mission Responds to "Gay Coat-Gate"

George Lucas Is On the Way to Becoming the Evilest Person in Cinematic History

Trade Your Blood For Ice Cream

Dan Saltzman: On Second Thought, What the Mayor Said...

Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn

Rudolph the Skull-Punctured Reindeer

Portland Rescue Mission Doesn't Want Gay Coats?

Conflict Kitchen

Mercury Charity Auction Item(s) of the Day: Backyard Chicken Farming, Starring Mayor Sam Adams

Win Tickets to Polaris Dance's Repo

Today In "Things on the Internet that Make You Say 'Oh God, Why??'": The Worriers

Win Tickets to Everyone Who Looks Like You

Local Arts Collective Interviews Former-Blazer Channing Frye

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 13

Britt Howard's Soft Knots

On The First Day Of Cataclysm ...

Yes, Yes, Y'all, It's My Last Day

PDC's Executive Director Will Step Down in April

Lieberman Suggests Prosecution of New York Times, Too

The Cast of A Christmas Story: Creepy or Adorable?

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 2

Kentucky's Batshit "Creation Museum" Is Subsidized By Taxpayers

SL Letter of the Day: Just Walk Away

It's Happening Tonight!

The Return of Manos!

Here is John Waters Giving Justin Bieber a "Reach Around." That is All.

They Haven't Found the Gay Gene Yet


Courts Cracking Down on Fradulent Investment Schemes in Oregon

Good Morning, News!

You Hate Obama's Compromises? Here's What He Thinks of Your Complaints.

What Models Make

An X-Mas Present for Mr. Whiskers!

Remember These Guys?

Tonight in Music

Mercury Charity Auction Item(s) of the Day

Comedy This Weekend

Reason #7,416 Why Thin Lizzy Is Awesome

All TV Should Be Like This All the Time.

Guy Loves Chuck Way Too Much

Marvin Zindler, We Hardly Knew Ye

I Can't Stop Watching This Video.

Today in "Guys! I'm Not Gay, Okay?!? And Yet..."

Win Tickets to Lucero!

So What Do You Think of The New Timbers Billboards?

Zombies Bum Me Out

Sold Out

The Busiest Time of the Year

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

O Come, All Ye

Mercury Music Hour