Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 9 - 15, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 29
COVER: Dieter Van der Ougstraete


Your Neighbor Could Be a Homophobe

Hate Crimes Against LGBT Folks Outpace Racially Motivated Crimes

The Food Cart War? Not Quite...

...But the City Is Trying to Send a Message

Hall Monitor

Um, What the Mayor Said...

Operation Bedbug Attack

What's Being Done to Stop Portland's Tiniest Nuisance

Don't Call Them Terrorists

Oregon's Other Politically Motivated Bomb Plot

In Other News


My World

Courtney Taylor Is Drinking Life Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space

Tame Impala Take on the Horizon

He's Gained Control

Peter Hook Is Overjoyed to Bring You Unknown Pleasures

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Sexy Ballerina Sexytime!

With a Side of Fucked-Up Body Horror!

The Prickly Genius of Stephin Merritt

Fireflies, Rodeos, and Strange Powers

Slay Bells

Rare Export's Bad Santa

Budget Disney

Stomping the Magic out of Narnia

Advertising: The Highest Form of Art

The British Advertising Awards: We're One Step Closer to Demolition Man!

Film Shorts

I'm Going Out

To Hell and Back

Food and Drink

Stuck in the Middle... East

TarBoush Is Looking for its Niche

Visual Art

Compromising Authority

The Content-Driven Curation of Tori Abernathy


Sad Stories of the Death of Kings

Barry Gifford's First YA Book

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, But He Likes It

Keith Richards' Winning Autobiography

Theater & Performance

Everyone Who Looks Like You

Performance for the Discerning Holiday Theatergoer

The Santaland Diaries

Wade McCollum Returns as Everyone's Favorite Elf


The Mercury's 67th Annual Videogame Awards

Yet Another Completely Meaningless Mercury Feature

Introducing EmiTown

I Love Television

I Love Television™


I, Anonymous



Christmas Music Countdown: Day 3

Samba Puppy

You Voted, We Pretended To Listen While Rolling Our Eyes

Win Tickets to the Portland Cello Project!

Yeehaw! Film Round Up!

Watching Operation Payback

Nativity Camel Crushes Church-Goers, and... STOP LAUGHING YOU GUYS!

Dogs Only Want One Thing for Christmas...

Senate Kills "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal

Good Morning(ish), News!

Ugly Xmas Sweater? You've Just Been Out Uglied!

Half-Orphan Boogies Down on Today Show

Geeky Wonderland Holiday Party

Tablets Are the Future of Comics

My Afternoon with Bruce Springsteen

FINAL WARNING! Mercury Charity Auction Ends in ONE HOUR!

Jon Stewart Vs. The Republican'ts

Happy Birthday, Mike Nesmith!

Behold Mark Wahlberg's Phenomenal Performance in David O. Russell's The Fighter.

So I Guess Someone Stole The Satyricon Marquee?

TriMet Approved Light Rail Funding—But What Does it Mean?!


Mercury Auction Item of the Day

Mayor's Office Releases Draft of Terror Task Force Plan

SL Letter of the Day: An Email Exchange

Packed House at Meeting on Food Cart Crackdown

Death Row Inmates' Final Meals: Still Relevant!

Good Morning News!

Would You Pay $110 For This Timbers Jersey?

Tonight: Hari Kondabolu

An Abstinence Education

Good Morning News!

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 8

Win Tickets to Tricky!

This Is How You Update a Logo

Federal Judge Rules Health Care Law Unconstitutional

Listen to Taylor Momsen, Girls

Mayor on Leo Besner: "Policy Questions," But Promotion Will Proceed

Life Lessons from the Survival Guide to DigiPen

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 4

Germans Have Issues

What's Next for North Williams?

Metrodome Roof Collapses

Chicago Bus Driver Hits Snowman, Resigns

Mercury Employee "Dance of the Day"

Real Steel Trailer, Guys! (Wherein Robots Beat the Shit Out of Each Other)

A Special Message From Film Editor Erik Henriksen Regarding the Forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Movie

Reading Tonight: Barry Gifford, Willy Vlautin, Jim Nisbet

Levi Pitters at Black Wagon

Indie Lit Roadshow Recap

Scarlett Johansson Now Free to Bone Me

Christianity Today

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders Is Filibustering—For Real—Barack Obama's Tax Capitulation

And THIS is How You Kill a Zombie

And... Pencils Down! The Mercury Online Charity Auction is OVER!

Rango: It's Like High Noon... with Lizards

Say What You Will About Those Nazis... They Loved Their Jello

Not That Anyone Asked...

Yogi Bear, R.I.P.

SL Letter of the Day: Sitting On a Secret

You Can Do Anything at Zombocom

A Wicked, Principled, Eight Hour Stand against Tax Cuts & More

The Scare-Mongering, Diseased-Anus-Mongering HIV Prevention Ad That's Pissing People Off

Oregon GOP Files For Partial Recount of Governor Votes

Christmas, Pope Come Early at Vatican

Gail O'Hara in Attendance at Tonight's Screening of Strange Powers

Rappers You Forgot About Go to Jail

Breakfast Mountain vs. The Neighbors

Stumptown Comics Fest Announces Curation Policy

A Few More Reasons to Love Australia (Besides the Fact They Don't Give a Shit)

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 9

“This Is About Control, And In The End, Starvation.” -Glenn Beck

SL Letters of the Day: Other Possible Explanations

Glee's Brittany the Next Buffy?!? WHAT?

Give $50 to Politics, Get it Back.

Young DREAM Act Supporters Stage Fake Graduation

LOTS Of Weekend Reading Events

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 5


Parents of Pedestrians Killed by Bus Sue TriMet for $30 Million

SL Letter of the Day: Love Means Never Getting To Say...

The World's First Patient Cured of HIV

More on the Portland Development Commission and the Portland Design Collective

It's True and a Fact! Sam Adams Tweets Very Much Nonstop All The Time A Lot

Well, Looks Like That New Mortal Kombat Is Fucked

Quarters in Motion

Blazers vs. Magic - Hot Live Blog Action

Good Morning, News!

"Obama's Worst Nightmare"

SL Letter of the Day: Control Issues

Get Ready for a Miley Cyrus-Inspired Salvia Boom

Transit Activist Group Snags $63,000 Grant to Help Fix TriMet Bus Stops

Albina: Portland's Ghetto of the Mind!

Good Morning, News!

Dexter Divorces Deb

Good Morning, News!

In The Confectionary Where Al Jolson Is Buried

Don't Click This Link!

I'm Pro-Choice (If You're Talking about Choosing to Punch this 12-Year-Old in the Face)

Only TWO Hours Left in the Mercury Online Auction!

Required Viewing: Count Spirochete

Coming Soon! Portland Loo No. 4, For All Your No. 1 and No. 2 Needs

Today in "BOOOOOOO!!!!"

GAH! The Mercury Charity Auction Ends in 24 Hours! GAH!

Off the Waffle

Good Morning, News!

Wait... The Worst Post EVER??

Today in "You Are Old"

What Is There Left to Say About John Lennon's Death?

Christmas Music Coundown: Day 9.5

Stupid, Stupid Baby: WAKE UP YOU STUPID BABY!!

Uncharted 3, Y'all!

Who Commits Hate Crimes in Oregon?

There Are Still Some Democrats In Washington D.C.

Art and Censorship Hosted by PICA and the Museum of Contemporary Craft

Dark, Sexual, Ridiculous Yogi Bear Ephemera

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 7

Russian Hits Another Russian with Shovel (Translated)

Conservative Christians Are Always Saying That If We Allow Gay Marriage and Let Gays and Lesbians Serve Openly In the Military Then One Day Everyone Will Be Gay and Then the Human Race Will Go Exinct

The Amazing Rape-O Presents... "Wack Your Pack!"

Japanese Cats Work Too Damn Hard

Tonight in Music

Tonight in Music

Sold Out

Portland Design Collective

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Skin And Ink

Mercury Music Hour