Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 25 - Dec. 22, 2021

Vol. 20, No. 26

High-Brr-Nation Cannabis Guide 2021

I, Anonymous Blog

Cowards Out Again

PPA behavior weakens Unions

Is the ACA gonna open back up soon?



the WHOLE thing

Dear Portland Business Owners

You're A Banana Chip

Police Reform

Shovel It


I'm Not Doing It

Ass Zit


Rinse. Lather. Marketing Ploy.

It's not ghosting if I'm afraid

Do you want a bag with that?

Where the fuck is that fucking fuck Frank Cassano


Know One in Particular

Collective Consciousness

les incompétents

Let Downtown Die

How Do You Know You're In Portland?

Starry Starry Night

What Women Want


AITA for not renewing the lease?

Walking back hybrid

let me stay king pls

Like a Rolling Stone Roses

Sometimes, I Forget


OHA Galaxy Brains

Forgive me Fxxx Sxxxx Corps


SE 50th & SE Division

Tip your dry cleaners.

Annie, are you Oakley?

Phoneys ring twice

Mountains need names

How bad.

I Don't Care , Do You

Stop Unleashing Your Little Germ Factories

full fathom five.


I am Pan

Stimulus helps the few

Fucking Whiners McWhinesalot

Hey Moron

TriMet PSA

a smile that won't wash away


Think Different


new strategy?

Closet polly

Gutter Drops

Hold off on the crazy

4 hour drum practice?

Edicate For Adults

What the hell are you doing down there?



Let me have this moment

Free the Pineapple

Cops have to tighten belts

Release the Tapes

Missed Connection

Thanks for the Laughs, it Helps.

deer Disingenuous Provocateurs

Pick One Of Two

So and so Liked your comment

Throwing Snow Balls

Out on my bicycle today

Just in time

Baby hair with a woman’s eyes

Not everything has been awefup

Are you here to be mean?

Portland being Reborn will be difficult

where to get a beard trim?

On Yer Marx

Happy Puppy

Where I work, where I recreate.

“Smell my vagina” candle

Not The Same Bus Ranter

How is it possible to be this tired?

Oh, You Think THAT"S A Problem?

No Nose

I asked you for fries

how many poops?

Just Use Your Fucking Turn Signals

I'm laughing at the attempted coup mob

Trans day of visibility

Nature couldn't care less

BottleDrop bags. Good idea, but poorly executed

My ex is sleeping with my roommate right now

Gravel Town

I loved getting taxed on the stimulus payments.


Money Jar

not like the other

This Fucking Town

Major Confession

Well, here I am...

Funding smaller cohorts

Stop the ecocide. Stop borrowing from tomorrow.

Sex Drive

Led Balloon

Foot Pain

Bringing back the dream of the 90's.

Arrest PPB Violators

of gossip and church dissension


Here, have some schadenfreude

Pointy Fingers

How Do You Even Cross the Street


Get a Clue

Spare me from your medical saga woes

Another Day

Help Me Understand, or Don't, I could care less

Fuck this

No such thing as half-woke

Portland is being reborn

Take that

Never Prouder

Why Are Men Assholes?

Paid sex

Human Rights keep me up at Night

My Behind

If You Take a Picture

I Have Proof!

Spaceballs: The Face Mask

Stark Raving

Throwing Snow Balls part 2.

Occupy Wall Street 2.0


I'm Mad On Sunday Morning

The Redditers Are Stupid

What I've learned over the past year

Queer Women’s Sexuality

cross contaminates

Your special dog

i was young once.

As you witch

tear down the fence

The Same Bus Ranter, Part Two

Acting, My Boy!

Class Creation At Its Finest

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Well, I just did that Arts Tax thing

To the OWL


Wear a damn mask

I Wish

Can't You See?

Did you ever ask yourself

Police Accountability

A neighborly haiku

Whatever happen to predictability

Sloth Love Chunk

I Want to Scream

honest question regarding the protests

ok ok fine I get it.

You don’t deserve apathy

You feckless tool

I see what you're doing.

Stop in the proper place

You Inspired Me




wow hi

your uprising

The Key Observation

A Very Reasonable Neighbor


just leave

Smells fake...

Soccer Rises above Health


A Big Fuck You

All Talk

Fucking Entitled Drivers

Gossip Dyes

Campaign Promises

You Deserve Better

After Mother's Day

poop dabs

Hey dudes

Staff meeting

Thank you Starbucks employees

Punctuation; whom Cares

The Cheese

Fully Fund Police Disarmament

you spit where i sit

pass the TEA

Still refuse to change your habits?

Stop using the police as a weapon