Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 25 - Dec. 22, 2021

Vol. 20, No. 26

High-Brr-Nation Cannabis Guide 2021

I, Anonymous Blog

Cowards Out Again

Is the ACA gonna open back up soon?


You're A Banana Chip

Shovel It


It's not ghosting if I'm afraid


Collective Consciousness


let me stay king pls

Sometimes, I Forget

OHA Galaxy Brains

SE 50th & SE Division

Tip your dry cleaners.

How bad.

Stop Unleashing Your Little Germ Factories


Fucking Whiners McWhinesalot



Closet polly

4 hour drum practice?

What the hell are you doing down there?

Let me have this moment

Cops have to tighten belts

Missed Connection

Pick One Of Two

Throwing Snow Balls

Not everything has been awefup

Portland being Reborn will be difficult

Happy Puppy

“Smell my vagina” candle

I asked you for fries

I'm laughing at the attempted coup mob

Nature couldn't care less

My ex is sleeping with my roommate right now


Money Jar

Major Confession

Funding smaller cohorts

Sex Drive

Bringing back the dream of the 90's.

Pointy Fingers


Spare me from your medical saga woes

Fuck this

Portland is being reborn

Never Prouder

Paid sex

My Behind

Spaceballs: The Face Mask

Throwing Snow Balls part 2.

The Redditers Are Stupid

Queer Women’s Sexuality

i was young once.

tear down the fence

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

To the OWL

I Wish

Did you ever ask yourself

I Want to Scream

You don’t deserve apathy

I see what you're doing.

You Inspired Me



Smells fake...


Fucking Entitled Drivers

Campaign Promises

poop dabs

Staff meeting

Punctuation; whom Cares

you spit where i sit

Still refuse to change your habits?