Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 16 - 22, 2010

Vol. 11, No. 30 Timothy Karpinski


Paperless People

Local Illegal Immigrants Go Public to Rally for Reform

Promoting an Outcry

Cops Familiar with Controversy Move on Up

Hall Monitor

Morning, Ralph. Morning, Sam.

Could We Be the "Green Detroit"?

50 Portland Leaders Tour the Rust Belt City

In Other News


You Can Win

Dolorean Remains Unfazed

Into the Painted Grey

Agalloch Redefines Black

The Queen of Pain

John Grant's New Language

Milk Music

Brittle Bones' Indie Rock Rejuvenation

Mining the Environment

Frivolous' Found Sounds

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

The Imbecile Test

Do You Like Tron: Legacy? Then You're a Fucking Imbecile.

Split Decision

Wahlberg vs. Supporting Cast: Who Ya Got?

Ring, Ring

The Sound of Julie Taymor Phoning in The Tempest

Love Stinks

Phillip Morris Doesn't Play Fair

Coffee Time

Picking at the Scabs of Colonialism in White Material

Pic-a-nic Casket

Yogi Bear: A Rough Handjob of a Film

Geek Out

Smashing World of Warcraft

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Take Comfort

Kalé Makes Great Japanese Comfort Food. And Nothing Else.

The Breweries of 2010


Kid Logic

Get Choppin' with the Most Fun Comic Ever, Axe Cop

The United States of Twain

Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume One Is Just For You

Theater & Performance

Puppet Play

Beady Little Eyes Bring Puppets to the Grownups


Advice for Future Sam

Local Leaders Tell the Story of Sam Adams' Tumultuous First Two Years−and Offer a Road Map for the Next Two (If He Cares to Listen)

I, Anonymous

Marqueed for Life


Christmas Music Countdown: Day 10

Photos Inside North Korea

How's That Hatey-Crazy Thing Working Out Fer Ya?

CMT Pulls 'Racy' Video

Today in "Bullshit!": Books for Christmas?!?

RIP, Blake Edwards

Man Shot By Police Wielded Fake Gun

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: Scooty Girl

Fatal Officer-Involved-Shooting in East Portland (Updated)

Your Chance of Having Sex is Now up to 33 Percent

Good Morning News!

Five Dolls No One Wants for Xmas. No One.

Wm. Steven Humphrey's Unfuckwithable Rules for Secret Santa

Former Portland Policeman Jailed, Accused of Sex Crimes With Minors

SL Letter of the Day: Cautionary Tale

YikeBike vs. Mini-Farthing: You Make the Call!

After 15 Minutes of Bling in Your Fling How Couldn't You Tajazzle?

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: The "Make Things Happen!" Guy

Good Morning, News!

Andy Wood's Trivia & Comedy

Will Katie Couric Call It "Kinsexting?"

Do Not Kiss the Monkey

The Origins of the Three Goggles

New SE Bike Shop: Cránk

Good Morning, News!

Who's Gotten Richer and Poorer in Portland?

Finally! Affordable Housing For Veterans Set to Break Ground in South Waterfront

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Blogtown!

Portlandia Commenters: WHO IS MOST RIGHTEST?

A Very Beverly Hills, 90210 Christmas

Tonight in Music

New Yogi Bear Trailer, Guys! (Now with Actual Bear Maulings!)

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: ICP's "Miracles"

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 16

Smallest Periodic Table... Ever!

Dead Memories Portland

Snap Judgement: Grain & Gristle

Killer Shark Killed by Drunk Serbian (With Assist from his Butt)

RIP, Stargate Universe.

Good Morning, News!

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 11

The Room... in 3D?!?

SL Letter of the Day: Masturbatory Aides

David O. Russell Confronted by Creepy Uncharted Fan

Here Is What You Missed During Last Night's Eclipse

Two Serious Car Crashes Last Night—One Pedestrian Injured, One Dead.

Cute 21st Avenue Bicycles Video

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Pants on the Ground"

Renewable Energy, Then And Now

Come in Harry Potter's Funhouse!

Blood Red Moon Tonight, Maybe!

FCC Caves to Industry, The End of Net Neutrality

SL Letter of the Day: Bring the Pain

DADT Is History

Publication Fair — This Sunday!

SL Letter of the Day: Invite Ex?

Ricky Gervais: Why I'm an Atheist

Blazers vs. Bucks - Hot Live Blog Action

If I Ever Catch on Fire, I Hope Diddy's Friend Kevin Hart is Not There to "Help"

Good Morning, News!

Today in "I Want That App"

Portland Copwatch to Sam Adams: More Questions to Consider on the JTTF

Today in "Ew. That Woman is Totally Eating Toilet Paper."

Watch a Clip From Portlandia

Good Morning, News!

Tonight in Music

Roger Ebert Returns to TV, Sort of

Transcripts in Police Shooting: Vodka, the Bible, Flames, a Dead Dog, and Questions

Questions & Answers with St Jack

The NBA: Where Fail Happens

Tonight in Music

Scary Reports of Man Violently Kidnapping Two Women

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "The Surra De Bunda"

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 17

Where Laughter Goes to Die: The Worst Movie Trailers of 2010.

Yuletide Dining (And/Or Video Poker)

Christmas Presents for Survivalists

Kids Assassinate the Darndest Things!

Dear Anti-Gay Bigots

DADT: One Important Step Closer to History

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 14

The Story of One Portland Teen Prostitute

Sexy Teens: Christians Really Hate Them! (And by "Hate" I Mean "Get Horny About")

Fortune Magazine Blows Up Xboxes

City Agrees: For Now, Police Union Talks Will Not Be Public

Please Interpret.

BREAKING: Police Union Wants to Send Contract Talks Behind Closed Doors

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Making Love to a Unicorn"

SL Letter of the Day: The Electric Company You Keep

Good Morning News!

Tron: Legacy: Crappy Movie, Cool Halfpipe

A Very Tron Christmas

And This Is Why I Don't Want to Freelance

I'm Still Trying To Work This Out

Hurdler to Hurdles: "Fuck YOU."

Not Invited Back: Drink Minumums

Your Daily Blazer: The Humble Villain

Ladies! Don't Have Sex with Leo! (You Know... Dude that Works at Chipotle?)

Zack from Saved by the Bell Eating a Gingerbread Penis

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Wanna Hear a New Red Fang Song? That Was a Stupid Question. Of Course You Do.

Stephen Colbert Agrees: Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat

First Concept Art from Battlestar Babies.

"Just Because He Could Walk Away Doesn't Mean It Wasn't Entrapment"

Introducing Benefest!

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Two-Face—the Two-Faced Kitten"

Page Turn

Comment of the Muthafuckin' YEAR!

What She Said

Fire Frashour Campaign Speaks On Ferguson Shooting, Cop Talks

Tonight in Music

Nerd Trap!

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Cop Kicked from Coffee Shop"

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 18

Creepiest Workout Ever

Vigil Planned for Woman Killed in SW Barbur Crash

Photos from Sunday's Muslim and Interfaith Peace Rally

Tonight in Music

Wyden to Undergo Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Blazers vs Warriors - Hot Live Blog Action

"Desperate" Guy With Weapon Holed Up in Reed Parking Lot

Christmas Music Countdown: Day 15

It's Another Sam Adams Recall...

Don't Miss the Axe Cop Signing!

Hey Locavores! New Oregon-Made Bread For You.

A Special Message (And Awkward Dance) from Spike

Merry Christmas, Portland, from Peacock Lane!

Blazers vs. Timberwolves - Hot Live Blog Action

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Wet and Messy

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Humpy's Millions