Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 29 - Aug. 4, 2004

Vol. 5, No. 9
Jim Blanchard


Junk's Last Chance

Justin Sanders Discovers a Delicate Ecosystem of Addicted Shoppers and Crap at the Goodwill Bins

Dick Pops In and Out

The Elusive VP Returns to Portland Begging for Money

You Down with GOP?

Oregonians Who Give Money to Republicans

Boston Tea Partying

Live from the Democratic National Convention

Same-Sex marriage update:

It's Now up to you!

In Other News...


Skyward In Triumph

Ratatat's Joyful Disposability

Heaven and Home

Sufjan Stevens Serenades God and Michigan

DJ Listings

Beach Town Calm

A Brief History of the Album Leaf


The Hives Big Schtick Wears Thin

Sweet Beats

Mice Parade's Mellowing Vibe

CD Review

Up & Coming

Live Music Listings

Movies & TV

Remakes are Hell

A Dumbed-Down Manchurian Candidate

Shocked Yet?

The Clinton Street's Japanese Shock Week

Metallica Meltdown

Getting Old and Sucking Sucks

Mercury Video Picks


This Week on TV

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

Discovering New Life

MLK's Echo Restaurant Fills a Gap

Eat It!

Some Restaurants That Serve Nutritious and Tasty Food


Life and Limb

The Dog Fighter

Readings Listings

Theater & Performance

Hors d’Oeuvres

Stark Raving Theatre at the Coho

Theater Listings

Employee Picks

Destination Fun

I, Anonymous

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love & Sex


What a Butt Needs

I Love Television

Our Dumb Democratic System