Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 19 - 25, 2004

Vol. 5, No. 12 Luke Chueh


I Was a Nude Model

Another True Life Story in Our How Hard Can It Be? Series

Backstage Pass

DiCaprio, Bon Jovi, and Kerry--Behind the Scenes

Oh Yeah, Bush Was in Town

If We Ignore Him, Will He Just Go Away?

In Other News...


Primal Scream

Neo-Hippie Animals Say "Let Me Out"

Cex Who?

Rjyan Kidwell's Personality Crisis

DJ Listings

Get Torched Up

The Hunches At Their Best


A Contrarian's Stance on the Rapture

A Deeper Well

Rogue Wave Draws On

Bio: DJ

Live Music Listings

CD Review

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Now That's Some Scary Shit!

Ju-on Thrills and Chills, Japanese Style

I Hate Lee

And She Hate Me Will Make You Hate Him, Too

Unfair, Unbalanced

Outfoxed vs. Rupert Murdoch

Sly as a Fox!

Chowderhead Craziness!

Getting Stuck Without a Paddle

Film Shorts

Touch of Stink

Touch of Pink is as Dumb as Its Name

The Future Will Be... Boring!

The Lackluster Sci-Fi Drama of Code 46

Crappy Summer Flicks?

House of Wax, Heathers, and Hedwig to the Rescue!

I'm Staying Home

Duvall Delight

This Week on TV

Food and Drink

Say Hi to the Big Guy

Sal's Satisfies North Portland

Bloody Sunday

Hair of the Dog Heals What Ails You

Fair is Fair

It's Simple: Buy Fair Trade Coffee, Save People From Dying of Cancer


Visual Art

Ken Aptekar

My, What a Busy Week!

Thanks, Just Looking

Sky Mall In-Flight Catalog on an airplane near you

Visual Arts Listings


Theater & Performance

Employee Picks

Destination Fun

I, Anonymous

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love & Sex


Bread Basket Case

I Love Television

Go for the Gold!