Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 30 - Jan. 5, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 32
Totem #9 © Alain Delorme, courtesy Magda Danysz Gallery Alain Delorme


Set it and Forget It!

Here's What You Already Forgot from the Miserable Year That Just Passed

Set It and Forget It!

Here's What You Already Forgot from the Miserable Year That Just Passed


Finish the Year Right

There's a Lot to Do on New Year's Eve. Calm Down. We Can Help.

Farewell, Berbati's Pan

Our Fondest Memories of Berbati's Pan

Straight Dope

Luke Wyland and Sporting's Improv Mainline

The Godfather of Ethiopian Music

All Hail Mahmoud Ahmed

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows.

Movies & TV

The (Kinda Crappy) Year in Film

Portland's Film Experts Pick Their Favorites of 2010

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Tinkering with the Formula

Venture Capitalists: Get Your Morning Fix at Coava

Visual Art

R.I.P, Crappy Art Trends

Matt Stangel Eulogizes Art Trends Whose Time Has Come


The Year in Laughs

The Mercury's 2010 Comedy Awards. (What? It's a Real Thing!)


Franzen-Free Zone

A Year in Reading, PDX Style

Theater & Performance

So. 2010.

The Year in Performance


Five Rough Drafts

A Few Articles I Tried to Write in 2010 That Didn't Pan Out

I Love Television

I Love Television™

The Dumbest Things I Wrote All Year

Destination Fun

Destination: New Year's Eve!

I, Anonymous



Happy Birthday, Davy Jones!

Penguins These Days!

Good Morning News!

Win Tickets to the New Year's Day Grindhouse Movie Marathon!

The First Nationally Televised Face Plant of 2011!

30 Years Ago in Police Training Videos

State's Ex-Safety Chief Makes Dishonor Roll of 2010's Worst Bosses

John Boehner, Size Queen

Newsflash: God Is a Teabagger

Blazers vs. Jazz - Hot Live Blog Action

SL Letter of the Day: A Quick Answer

Updated: New Year's Shooting Blocks off Large Section of Downtown

New Years Eve Victim Name Released

Good Morning, News!

Celebrity Deaths Come in Threes

Team Up: David Lynch and Michael Jackson

Re: Patton Oswalt-Inspired Nerd Rage

Everything You Need to Know About the New STRFKR Album in One Handy Post

Lil Wayne's Teddy Bear Shoes: Adorable Or Annoying?

Man in a Blizzard

First Pics of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy's Hair Issues

If You're Not Yet Excited About This Year's Northwest World Reggae Festival...

SL Letter of the Day: Soldiering On

Anti-Police Protest Tags Bank With Anarchy A

Watch a Trailer for the Satyricon Documentary

Blazers vs. Rockets - Hot Live Blog Action

Did You Want to See the New Kanye West Video For "Monster"?

Good Morning, News!

R.I.P. Pete Postlethwaite

Good News From Crafty Wonderland

With Laughter and Tears, Portland City Council Kicks Off the New Year

Mayor's Office Responds to "Accidental Discharge" Dispute

Brandon Roy Out Indefinitely

Naomi Pomeroy And A Semi-Affordable Meal

The Many Animated Emotions of James Van Der Beek

Good Morning, News!

The Fuckiest Things of 2010: "Gahh! Fucky Crab!"

The Quotable Bieber

Beebs and Gomez Sittin' in a Tree...

It's Time for a Think Out Loud Drinking Game!

UPDATED Pedestrian Killed in Hit and Run on Division

Another Reason for You to Dislike Me: I Didn't Think Toy Story 3 Was All that Great

Officers Identified in 2010's Sixth Police Shooting

Cheap Classical Music for Low-Income Families

Scamming Via a Fake News Site

How Would Gays & Lesbians from the 1950s Celebrate New Years? LIKE THIS!

Tonight: Hack/Slash Creator Tim Seeley

Film Review: Do it Again

Accidental Shooting? Police Bureau Disputes Reports—Meaning It's Up to the Mayor to Set the Record Straight

This Week's Mercury Music Section

How Not to Kick Someone's Ass

Dig A Pony, Or Maybe Not

Parenting Tip of the Day!

Guess Who Might Be Running for President

Finally, a Version of Tron: Legacy That's Worth Seeing!*

Grand Jury Clears Police Officers in Southeast Portland Shooting

Dead Blackbirds! Dead Sardines! Dead Doves! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD!!

Who Does This Bitch Think She IS??? (Nutcracker Edition)

It Is Not Almost Two Thousand and Eleven

Oh, Hypocrisy.

Who Thinks White-Washing Mark Twain Is a Good Idea?

Weird News Round-Up from the Weekend

"The Urkel Initiative"

It Gets Better: Rebecca Drysdale

Review: Tiny Furniture

Awesome Cover Art: Alain Delorme's "Totem"

New Starbucks Logo: CONDEMN OR ALLOW??

"A Large Fox Tends to Have Great Confidence."

Tomorrow: Stormtroopers vs. Klingons Blood Drive.

Justin Bieber in Vanity Fair!

The Year In Cats

Portland Performers Support Belarus Free Theater

Stop the CRC Now Has a Poster Child. It is a Giant Snake.

Kitchen Cybernetics

This Lady Has More Mouth than My Ex-Wife

Sizzle Pie.... Finally Open!

Robert Liberty Resigning from Metro Council

Is the Streetcar Bad for Bikes?

First Thursday: Every Mercury Cover EVER!

Update in NYE Police Shooting: Officer Intentionally Shot at Suspect

What are YOU Doing for New Year's?

More Popular Than "God"

Good Morning, News!

BREAKING: Another Officer-Involved Shooting!

SL Letter of the Day: Love Means Never Getting To Say...

SL Letter of the Day: A Couple Things...

This Weekend Had the Most Insane Series of Crimes

The End Is Nigh for Brandon Roy?

Happy Birthday, Hayao Miyazaki.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Bieber Fan Scorned

Dog Fighting Equals Execution...

Condemn or Approve: Vogue Paris' Little Girl Models

Good Morning News!

Police: Middle Schooler Fondled!

Marvel Gets a New Editor-in-Chief: Axel Alonso.

One Day at a Time

The Best of One Day at a Time—2010!

The Year in Review

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

One Ain't Enough