Print Edition for the week of
Sep. 16 - 22, 2004

Vol. 5, No. 16 Anthony Georgis


Prosecutorz in the Hood

DA Tries To Link Rap Lyrics to Murderous Tendencies

Zombie Like Me

Does Portland Discriminate Against the Undead? To Find Out, I Walked a Mile in a Zombie's Shoes.

Is God Homophobic?

Local Pastors Get Out the Anti-Gay Vote

How to Kill a Zombie

Green and Mean

Candidates Talk Parks at Mercury's Townhall

Ask a Zombologist

Undead Advice from Zombie Expert

Things To Do in Portland When You're Undead

Get Political!



Punk Voter Presents "Rock Against Bush"

Death Rattle

Gothic Out to Here

DJ Listings

Tell Us Another One

Story Time with John Vanderslice

Happy Dance Time!

IQU's Soft Pink Universe

Bio: DJ

Up & Coming

CD Review

Live Music Listings

Movies & TV

The Best of Tomorrow... Today!

Sky Captain Resurrects the Joy of Possibility

Tepid Water

Mean Creek Fails to Rock the Boat

Kirsten Dunst's Magic Vagina

Wimbledon is Game, Set, Crap

Party Monsters

The Overly Moralistic Bright Young Things

Vote Film in 2004!

The Manhattan Short Film Fest Hits PDX

Beer Is For Drinking

Not For Boring

Mercury Video Picks

This Week on TV

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

Take Me Away!

Peer Into Costello's Windows to the World

Pie in the Sky

Like the Eagle, America's Dessert Soars On

Food Events

Visual Art

The Locals

My, What a Busy Week!

Thanks, Just Looking

The Mark Flood / Catherine Anspon Interview

Visual Arts Listings

Theater & Performance

A Murder of Crows

Theater Listings

Employee Picks

Destination Fun

I, Anonymous

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Slippery Slopes

I Love Television