Print Edition for the week of
May. 10 - 16, 2007

Vol. 7, No. 50
Photo by Ann Ploeger; Danny Seim of Menomena


Buzz Kill

Parks Department Shuts Down Pot Fest

Hall Monitor

Two-wheeled Vengeance

Standing Up to the Man

Homeless Unite Against Mayor's Sit-Lie Law

In Other News

Lock & Load

Mayor Potter Drops the Ball

How You Should Vote

Thinking for Yourself Is Overrated. Let the Mercury Editorial Board Make Difficult Decisions for You!


Up & Coming

Here Comes My Baby

BRMC Births a Brawler

Here Today, Huge Tomorrow

PB&J: Bells, Whistles, and Bongos

Once More with Feeling

My Chemical Romance

Reelin' in the Years

Sea and Cake and Steely and Dan

Our Town Could be Your Life

Cleveland High Music Benefit

Return to Form

Blue Scholars Bring it All Back Home

Movies & TV

This Week on TV

Exporting Idiocy

Delta Farce: Not Screened for Critics!

Helicopter vs. Zombies! (Again?)

More Like 28 WEAKS Later ! Ha!

Lonely Women Like Pie

Waitress and Some Too-Sweet Pie

Man on Horse

Rather... Horse on Man in Zoo

Geek Out


Lindsay Lohan's a Crazy Bitch

Oh, and She Plays One in Movies, Too

Visual Art

Arnold J. Kemp

Presents Suspiria and Prince of Darkness

Dinh Q. Lê


Will Shortz


Sherman Alexie

Theater & Performance



Rock & Jock: The Portland Mercury Music Issue

Talk About the Passion

A Like of Sports and Music

Diamond Dave & Baggy Shorts

The Influence of Music on Sports

Athletics in Music

When Athletes Sing, We All Lose

A God Among Men

The Holiness of Rock 'n' Roll Coach Jerry Glanville

Guess The Player!

Arena Rock

Confessions of a Professional Basketball Music Programmer

Musicians In Sports

When Musicians Play Sports, We Still All Lose

The Minnesota Twins & the Hold Steady

Go Together like Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Football Confidential

Say it Loud: I'm a Jock and I'm Proud

What the Blazers are Listening To

The Music of the Red and Black

The Sporty & the Queer

Sports Music: So, So, Gay

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

Triple Threat Fashion

One Day at a Time


Savage Love

Panty Raid

I Love Television


Stop Nagging, Mom!