Print Edition for the week of
May. 17 - 23, 2007

Vol. 7, No. 51 Glenn Watson


Hall Monitor

The Big Letdown

"No Bar in My Backyard!"

Neighbors Fight Neighborhood Bar

Chartering Disaster

Stunning Defeat, Low Turnout Cap Election

In Other News

Refer Madness

Gay Rights on the Ballot?

Improbable Cause

Homeowners Furious over Cops' Dawn Raid


Once More with Feeling

Ben Gibbard

World Peace Please

Lavender Diamond: More Love, Less War

Our Town Could be Your Life

Local Music Roundup

For Dilla

The Past and Future of Slum Village

Up & Coming

Spring Blooms

The Nature of Laura Gibson

Where You Been?

The Welcome Reunion of Dinosaur Jr.

Movies & TV

Film Shorts

Yay! Sparklies!

Sigourney Weaver Is Retarded in Snow Cake

I'm Staying Home


We Eat Our Own

American Cannibal vs. Reality

This Week on TV

Jeff Goldblum is Charming

And Hal Hartley Returns with Fay Grim


Shrek's Back. And He Brought Justin Timberlake!

Food and Drink

Much Ado About Ramen

Biwa's Little Slice of Japan

Food events

Visual Art

Will Rogan and Bob Linder

Hear the Wind Sing


Colin Meloy Meets Lemony Snicket

Colin Freaks Out, Lemony Gives Grammar Lessons

Miranda July

No One Belongs Here More Than You

Theater & Performance

in apparati

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

Rachel Mara & Moulé

One Day at a Time


Savage Love

I Love Television


Busy! Can't Talk!