Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 20 - 26, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 35 David Emmite


Bikes, Brews, Banks, Oh My!

Sampling the Batch of New Laws Pitched in Salem

America's Next Homeless Star!

Laugh Now, But One Day it Might Be You

Under the Looking Glass

State Lawmaker Has His Eye on Police Accountability

Hall Monitor

The Loudest Voices on JTTF? Not Yours.

Slumlord's Revenge

When it Rains Inside, Is it Okay to Stop Paying Rent?

In Other News


Mr. Soul

On the Stairs' Brassy Follow-Up

Piece of the Rock

Freeway and Jake One Serve it Up

Do You Still Know Who You Are?

Atlantic/Pacific and the Aftermath of Emo

Huddled in the Gloam

The Friendly Ghosts of the Handsome Family

Up & Coming

Noteworthy Shows for the Week of January 20-26

Movies & TV

Pulling Strings

Fuck You Too, No Strings Attached

Anything for a Drink

Down and Out and On the Bowery

Questions for the Khmer Rouge

Enemies of the People Returns to the Killing Fields

Geek Out

No Respect

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It


No Holds Barred

An Interview with Comedian Jim Jefferies


Of Disney and Prostitution

Janice Shapiro's Bummer Doesn't Quite Live Up to its Name

Theater & Performance

Art Springs Eternal

The Fertile Ground Festival Broadens its Horizons

Good for the Gander

Theatre Vertigo's 99 Ways to Fuck a Swan: Smart, Ambitious, and Worth Seeing


82nd vs. Lombard

Two of Portland's Booziest Thoroughfares Square Off

82nd vs. Lombard

Two of Portland's Booziest Thoroughfares Square Off

The Paradox of Portlandia

Wow. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen Seem Kinda Annoyed.

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Let's Go Nowhere

I, Anonymous



Remembering Irvin Kershner in The Making of The Empire Strikes Back.

Good Morning News!

Hey Blogtownies, Commenter "wookieloving" Puts All of You to Shame. (NOW UPDATED!) ((SWEET MOTHERFUCKING JESUS, UPDATED AGAIN!!!))

Oregon Book Award Finalists Announced

OSU in Hot Water After Canceling Sex Writer's Talk

Design a Superhero Costume for Mayor Adams

PIFF Just Got 1,000 Times More Interesting

NuMex Jalmundo!!!

Last Three Days of Music Poster Goodness

Arkansas Grocery Store Deploys "Family Shield"...

What He Said: Michael Kinsley on the Tucson Shooter

Salon Reviews Portlandia

Hate: Theory & Practice

It's Happening Tonight!

Gay Honky Hulk Will SMASH!!

Ride The Lightning @ Mudai

The Uncomfortable Shame of Rectal Itch

Hopworks Part II

Good Morning News!

Should I Post a Blog Post about Olivia Munn? Another Blogtown Poll.

Blazers vs. Clippers - Hot Live Blog Action

Good Morning, News!

The New Thermals Video Is Fun to Watch

Good Morning News!

Triple Word Floor!

Postal Service Desperately Trying to Close Thousands of Branches

Ummm... Actually, Olivia Munn is Not All that Attractive.

A Mandatory Blog Post About Roger Ebert's Prosthetic Chin.

Win Tickets to Ra Ra Riot!

Tonight on OPB: Serling, Roddenberry, and TV Sci-Fi.

A List of the 100 Programs Republicans Want to Abolish or Cut

Today's Mercury Safety Training Video

Is it Porn if it Was Sketched in Life Drawing Class?

Today in "Actual Emails Sent By My Boss"

Good Morning, News!

Hey Hollywood? Start Hiring Olly Moss.

The Best McDonalds Idea Ever...

Savage Love on MTV!

An Open Letter to Twilight's Kristen Stewart

The 2011 Portland International Film Festival

Good Morning, News!

One Year Ago, Aaron Campbell Was Shot.

Mexican Restaurant Power Triangle is Now Power Square

OSU Students Petition to Get Sex Writer Back to Campus

Mayor Adams' Office To Oregonian: "Stop Helping Pimps."

She's No Sarah Palin

Sing-Along Horrors

Check out the Wacky Trailer for The Wonderful World of Dissocia

Best New Sandwiches

SL Letter of the Day: The Rules of Cheating, Cont.

On View: ForeverScape at The Globe

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Um, Okay, but Then You Republicans Are Going to Get Started on Creating Jobs, Right?

Geek Aprons (That Will Probably Make You Horny)

Luke Pasqualino, You Are No Edward James Olmos.

Duende de Lorca review

Fertile Ground: 3 Quick Reviews

Nutritional Information Coming to Booze?

Good Afternoon, Television!

Dear Mercury Employees: If You Have Time to Mope, You Have Time to Mop

Blazers vs. Kings - Hot Live Blog Action

Lady Gaga Smells Like Blood and Semen

My Portlandia Review: How Much Full of Shit Am I?

Vinny Vidi Vici - Jersey Shore to Film in Italy!

Hit the Fertile Ground Running!

The Price of Discrimination

My Underpants: A Public Service Announcement

Mark Bittman Announces the End of The Minimalist

Your Nightmares Just Got a Little More Horrifying

An Experiment: Review Notes

Happy Wookiee Life Day from Luke, Leia, Han, and... uh... Bea Arthur, I Guess.

SL Letter of the Day: She Who Will Not Be Ignored

So Who's Up for a Few More Matrices?

Win Tickets to the Thermals!

Can New Ideas Revive a Dying Bookstore?

Blazers vs. Pacers - Hot Live Blog Action

An Album with Mercury "I Saw U" Ads for Lyrics

Five Quick Hits of Transportation News

The Crystal Meth Hallucination Championships

Happy Monday! Every State is Terrible.

SL Letter of the Day: Good Working Order

You're Going To Get Around to Creating Jobs Any Time Now, Right, Guys?

The Story Of Little Red Riding Hood Just Got Worse

SL Letter of the Day: Real Or No Real?

From the Seedy History Files: The Glory-(Hole)-ous Past of McMenamin's New Hotel

Morning Teleportation Readies Debut Album and National Tour

Good Morning, News!

SL Letter of the Day: One More Time... It's a Relationship, Not a Deposition.

Three Easy Steps to Getting Your Local Film Reviewed and/or Listed in the Portland Mercury.

2011 Oscar Nominations! Predictions! Rants! YEAH! Whimper! AARRRGH!


Gonna Have to Start Watching Football

Bold Predicition: The State of the Union Will Be Incredibly Boring.

Snooki Bumps Caldecott & Newbery Winners from Today Show

New Bills Roundup: Bag Ban is Back!

The Nine Most Beautiful Signs in Portland.

Today in Albanian Picnics

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!


You Asked for it, America! Now You've Got it!

It's Happening Tonight!

Microcosm Wants Your Kindle! (UPDATED)

Today in Crazy Ideas for Things to Do With Immigrants

F/M/K Just Got A Whole Lot More Intellectual

What Should Obama Say on Tuesday? Dan Savage Has Some Ideas

Good Afternoon, Justin Bieber!

Will Star Wars Fans Buy Anything If You Slap Star Wars Onto It?

TV News Discovers Trolling

How the Nation's Biggest Traffic Survey is Bunk.

Want to See Chris Matthews Rip the Co-Founder of the Tea Party a New Asshole?

Internet Superstar May Sue Those Who Made Her a Star

Today in Awesome Mini-Golf Shots

Sold Out

The PDX Collective Sale

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love

Crush Course

New Column!