Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 36
Charity Auction Winner


Fight, Not Flight

ACLU Takes on the Federal "No Fly" List in Portland


Oregon State Uninvites Feminist Sex Writer from Speaking

In Court

Gay Bashing on Trial


The Songs of Sailors

Anyone for Tennis?

The Adults Are All Right

The Get Up Kids Grow Up, Grow Old

Never Forget

Blake Schwarzenbach's War on Sentimentality

Hive Mind

The Massive Structure from Hives Inquiry Squad

Down the Rabbit Hole

Haunted by the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Down in the Dumps

Javier Bardem Is Biutiful (and Sad!)

Dear Evangelion...

A Heartfelt Letter About Life, Love, and Anime

The Final Countdown

Sylvain Chomet's Sad, Sweet The Illusionist

Women of a Certain Age

Another Year, Another Meltdown

"Assassin" Defined

The Mechanic Is a Movie for Stupid People

A Hurricane of Pain

Ass Kicking and Propaganda in Ip Man 2

Avant-Garde Oregon

Empty Quarter's Rural Travelogue

Geek Out

First Place

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Film Shorts

Roman Holiday

The Rite: Eat, Pray, Ugh

Food and Drink

Frank's Wild Years

The Last Good Reason to Live in Beaverton Moved to NE Broadway


What the Fuck?

An Interview with Marc Maron


A Sci-Fi Girl in a Fantasy World

Jo Walton's Outstandingly Original Among Others

Night Soul and Other Stories

The Influential Fiction of Joseph McElroy

Theater & Performance

High Fart

Portland Center Stage's The Imaginary Invalid

Fertile Ground

High Points, Middle Points, and Low Points from Fertile Ground


Junk Stories

Bret Hodgert of Old Portland Hardware & Architectural Salvages History—and the Stories Behind Them

The Dark Side of Solar

Experienced Contractor Says City's "Solarize Portland" Program Hurts Business

I Love Television

I Love Television™

TLC: Best/Worst Network Ever!

I, Anonymous



The Artistery is Shutting Down in March

Dear Justin Bieber: You Can't Make Me Hate You!

The Book Of Freaks Preview From Future Tense

Glee Creator's Feud with Kings of Leon Continues! (Yay!)

Win Tickets to the Slabtown Bender!

Good Morning, News!

Win Tickets to Pickathon's Flickathon Benefit Screenings!

Bridesmaids: CONDEMN OR ALLOW?

Details on the Red and Black Cafe's Plan to Create Affordable Housing

Good Morning News!

Jesus Roves the Rittle Childlen

Florida Judge Calls Health Care Reform Unconstitutional

Remember that Lost-and-Found Food Cart? Fundraiser Planned for Next Weekend

Take That, Gertrude Stein!

James Chasse Jr. Documentary Fundraising $12,500

Tonight: Comedy Is Ok


How to Easily Opt Out of Phone Books: Hooray Hooray!

Good Afternoon, Television!

Free Pornography on Amtrak Cascades!

Then They Came for the Food Day.

Private Sex Tape Lands Indonesian Pop Star In Prison

Red and Black Cafe Aims for Takeover!

Bitch Magazine, YA Fiction, and an Irate Scott Westerfeld

For the Cat Who Demands Privacy and High Quality Furnishings...

Sarah Palin: She's Good For Something

Anderson Cooper Attacked

Don't Do the Crime, If You Can't Do the Time (Being Humiliated on YouTube)

Half a Cinnabun is Better Than One


...And Down Goes Buffett

Publisher's Lunch Part 2 - Philip Iosca

(En)Counter Culture, Flashing Up This Weekend

Geri Jewell Continues to Rule

There's "This" and Then There's "That"

Portlandia!... One More Chance for Sam Adams to Sell, Sell, Sell!

My Boss Really, Really Wants Me to Tell You About Vanilla Ice's Kangaroo

Apple and News Corp's iPad Newspaper Launches

Here's the Map for the New Eastside Bike Route

ATTENTION: Poors And Cheaps...

Police Union Agrees to Random Drug Testing

The Existence of Bill O'Reilly Proves There is No God

This Week's Mercury Music Section

I, Anonymous: "To The Assholes at the Thermals Show"

Fertile Ground: Closing Weekend

Nerd Porn Thursday: "Star Trek Girl."

Bruce vs. Frankenstein Still a Go

Publican Don Younger In Unstable Condition (UPDATED)

Derby Weekend

SL Letter of the Day: Cut Him Off Already

Chore Wars & "Alternate Reality Gaming"

Tonight's Nightmare... Today!

Grails - "Daughters of Bilitis" Video

Marc Maron Interviews Gallagher

Seen Today in PDX: Bedbugs!

Somebody Let Me on Stage Again!

Fuck You, Bruce the Dog

Ted Haggard: Yep, I'm Bi

Today in "Best Sexual Harrassment Stock Photography"

Get Drunk—the Justin Bieber Way!

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Could've Told You That

The Gays are Counterfeiters!

Chocolate Birth Control. (And Other Inspiration from Planned Parenthood)

Blazers vs. Spurs - Hot Live Blog Action

To Portland Movie Theater Owners: A Polite Request

Catholic Bishops to Straight Marrieds: No More Oral, No More Handjobs, No More Anal

PANIC! Mercury Valentine Submissions End on Friday!

tEEth Win 10k in Seattle's A.W.A.R.D. Show!

Gallagher's Manager Weighs in on GallagherStormsOffPodcastAndIsTheTwitterThing RealOrFakeGate!

Cute Band Alert: School of Rock's the Smiths vs. the Cure

India's Terminator Makes Our Terminator Look Like Poopinator

Today in Horrible News

Examining the Grand Jury Transcripts in the Police Shooting of Tom Higginbotham

That Should Settle It

Photos of Women in Egypt

"The Pegged Boyfriend"

Best of Oregon City... Child Porn!

Egyptians for Mubarak? Not Exactly

Girl Scouts Fire Some Cookies

Melville's Beard Fetish

Holy Crap, That's a Lotta Great Local Comics Content

Men of Blogtown: Please Explain The Appeal of a "Snuggle Pocket" for Your Penis Underwear

Good Morning News!

Publisher's Lunch

This Week's Mercury Film Section. (Oh! And! A Chance to Win Ip Man on DVD!)

It's Happening Tonight!


Good Morning, News!

Quick! Send Your Smoocher a Free Mercury Valentine!

You Provide the Context!

How Did Egypt Shut Down the Internet?

Rowdy? You're a PERV.

Like, Justin Bieber Really Likes "Like"

Black Swan Costume Fight!

Republicans Will Let You Know When You've Been Raped

The Best Way To Waste Time This Afternoon

Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Murdered

Big Changes at Portland's Hollywood Theatre: Richard Beer Out, Dan Halsted In? (UPDATED.)

Drunk Driver in Kipp Crawford Case Gets 60 Days in Jail

This Could Eat Up the Rest of Your Day

Just Words? As You Watch the Events in Egypt, Remember Obama's Cairo Speech

Why Does this Ass Smell Like Ass?

Interview with Aaron Shepherd of The Artistery

Good Morning, News!

Chegg WTF?

SL Letter of the Day: A Piece of Cake

Dogs Playing Poker!

Good Morning News!

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Truth Be Known