Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 24 - Mar. 2, 2005

Vol. 5, No. 39
L to R: Andrew Ox, Scott Owens and Angela Campbell House of Cunt; photo by Kaetlin Kennedy


Be Very Afraid!

Oregonian and Saltzman Use Fear to Keep You in Line

In Other News...


Laugh Tracks

Sage Francis’ Stand-up Agitation

Come, All Ye Faithful

Nice New Outfit

The Odds On the Evens

Haunting Hibernation

Grizzly Bear’s Homespun Cave-Core

A Snob’s Reprieve

Thank You, Jens Lekman

Mt So-Called Band

Aqueduct Scores One for the Lovelorn

Once More With Feeling

Bethany Pratt of Nocturnal

It's Who You Know

Searching for Ashlee Simpson

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A Pound of Flesh

Merchant: It's Jew-licious!

Austen Goes Bollywood

Bride & Prejudice: Disney for Grownups

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Sky Blue is Pretty. That’s It.

I'm Staying Home

Growing Up

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V Is For Victory

Veganopolis Will Win You Over

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The Earth Moved

Kafka on the Shore

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I, Anonymous

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