Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 3 - 9, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 37
Photo by Liz Devine Tattoo by Michael a. Freeman at Oddball Tattoo Studio


Victims and Criminals

Case Shows District Attorney Flip-Flops on Prosecution of Prostitutes

The Homeless Census

How Counting Every Homeless Person in Portland Is Impossible

Are You Ready to Die?

Scenes from the Next Big Quake

Justice for Kipp

Drunken Driver Sentenced in Kipp Crawford Case

Hall Monitor

This Town Needs an Enema!

In Other News


Marlboro Reds and Immortality

Deconstructing Motörhead's Mythical Mouthpiece

The Maker

Daniel Lanois' Black Dub

Year of the Bunny

The Mysteries of Nobunny

Newer Wave

The Punk Rock Divorce of Against Me!

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Of Sanctum, Brendan Fraser, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A Charcoal Gray Comedy

Wild Target Is Pretty Tame

Poetic Journalism

Steven Soderbergh and Spalding Gray Team up Again

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Honk if You're Lonesome Tonight

Pizza Delivery at 4 am That Won't Make You Feel Worse About Yourself



Reality Is Broken—Now Fix It

Patton Oswalt: Writer

Zombie Spaceship Wasteland

Burlesque as Social History

American Rose: The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee

Theater & Performance

Dance Off

Portland's tEEth Wins a Seattle Choreography Contest

Through the Rabbit Hole and Over the Rainbow

Third Rail's The Wonderful World of Dissocia


Bold Will Hold

Portland and the Art of Traditional American Tattooing

I, Anonymous


To Portland Movie Theater Owners: A Polite Request (UPDATED)

Are Film Subsidies Bad For Oregon?

May I Ruin Your Lunch?

Workers Picket City Shelter for Youth and Sex Trafficking Victims

Someone in Georgia Will Do Anything For You

Cars Are Now "Alternative Transportation" at PSU

Good Morning, News!

How Many Male Drummers Stand While Playing?

Okay, Christians.... You Win This One

Jane McGonigal Tonight at OMSI Science Pub

These "Pencil Chompers" Remind Me of Something...

Today in Counterproductive Advertising

Perfect Pickle

Capcom Makes It Official: Galactus Eats Planets In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

The Briny Kiss of Death

Bishops To Celebrate 10 Years by Giving You a Free Haircut

Warning: Do NOT Get a Philly Butt Implant

I Anonymous: Bike Sting Edition

UPDATED: Bad Bike-Car Crash in SW Portland

SL Letter of the Day: Soft Focus

Gleegasm: Tenderoni

SL Letter of the Day: A Sexual Reflects On Nearly Asexual Ex

Groupon's Superbowl Ad

For Your Valentine's Day Consideration

The Tattooed Cover

Trailer for Cold Weather

Blazers vs. Bulls - Hot Live Blog Action

This is Exactly How I Picture Patty Mills Getting a Haircut


The Best Theater Review You'll Ever Read

This Week's Mercury Music Section

For Some Reason 95.5 Will Be Broadcasting Dodgers Games

This Week's Mercury Film Section

I Heart Oregon Pub Quiz

WTF Is It with Comic Books and Opera?

Portland's Vanished Black Neighborhoods

Green Lantern Halloween Costumes Will Make You Long for the Sweet Release of Death

So is Ronald McDonald the New Joe Camel?


The Bridge is Dead! The Bridge is Dead! New, Cheaper CRC Design to Replace $3.6 Billion Plan

Students Rally to Re-invite Feminist Sexpert to OSU

Lonnie Bruhn Tonight

Tonight: First Thursday

Be-Bop Bamboozled

Four Days Worth of Crashes... And a Transportation Safety Summit.

Guitar Hero Division Gets The Axe

The Littlest Darth Vader

Darth Vader Kid Unmasked

Fred Meyer Stores Hosting Huge Game Sale

Bill Cosby Bukowski

Here is the 2011 Sasquatch! Lineup

This is What Happens When You Don't Dance at a Prince Concert

Portlandia Recap: Theater of the Annoying

BREAKING: Powell's Lays Off 31 Workers.

Short Review of The Daily

The Final Shows at the Artistery

Run, Jeb, Run!

Win Tickets to Sebadoh!

Secure Yer Facebook

Brian Jacques Dies at 71

Stupid Clothing Ideas of the Day

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Fuse Theater Announces Portland Mini-Fringe Festival

Brandon Roy is Coming Back Early From Surgery

Ban Poor Marriage

Justin Bieber Switches Bodies with Jon Stewart: WHO GOT THE BETTER DEAL??

Killer Robot of Tomorrow Powered by Princess the Hamster

Good Morning News!

City Transportation Safety Summit: The Good, the Bad, the WTF.

Remembering Karen

REPOST: Be the Next Mercury Arts Intern... If You DARE

Ke$ha's Portland Show Moves From the Crystal Ballroom to the Roseland Theater

Tonight: Ian Karmel, Richard Bain & More

Justin Bieber's Here... You Can Die Now, Ozzy.

"Lindsay Lohan Quizzed About Missing Necklace"

The New Strokes Song Is Okay, or Whatever

Beastly's Film Synopsis: Let Us Count the Ways It Is Amazing

Did Everyone But Me Already Know that Eric Clapton Used to Be into Dope But Now He's into Racism?

Taser Rifles, Pepper-Spray Flashlights—New Police Weapons?

Tonight in Music

SL Letter of the Day: Let Me Dilate That For You

It's Happening Tonight!

RE: The Briny Kiss of Death

Lobbying in City Hall: A River Plan Runs Through It?

"I have a tie. You don't have a tie."

SL Letter of the Day: Mr. Republican Comes Around

The President of Yellow Pages Is Not Offended if You Opt Out of Delivery.

Notes From My One-Man Super Bowl Party

Virtual TriMet

There Is No Morality Without Religion

Christina Aguilera Pisses off America/Internet

The More You Know!

At Least One Portion of My Portlandia Review Was Right Fucking On

Good Morning, News!

What Are You Up To Today, Kanye?

Let's Start Placing Bets On When the First Lady Will "Reveal Her Position" On Gay Marriage

These Super Bowl Movie Ads are Epilepsy-tastic!

Superman Classic!

Today in the Most Illegal Wrestling Move, Like, Ever

Derby Weekend

Good Morning News!

Between Two Ferns with Tila Tequila And Jennifer "Anderson"

Good Morning News!

Because Teabagger Monthly Was Already Taken

Beavis and Butthead to Return

She's Daphne Munro—Yooooooooooour Smart Shopper

Jants: From the Makers of Jorts and Jeggings!

FBI Investigating Scientology

Weezy is Right

Your Subliminal Guide to the Super Bowl Commercials

Being Catholic: There's An App For That

We're in a Meeting About this "Bruce the Dog" Situation

My Brilliant (Former) Career

CONDEMN OR ALLOW: Frozen Pizza Packaged With Frozen Cookies

Tonight's Nightmare... Today!

Good Morning, News!

There Will Be No LaMarcus All-Stardridge This Year

UK Court "Bans" Man With Low IQ From Having Sex

Sold Out

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Minimally Sexual

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Super Bowl: a Decade of Hate