Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 14 - 20, 2005

Vol. 5, No. 46
"Lonely Cow" Brad Grace


Back in the Zone

Public Defenders Accuse Cops of Racial Profiling

Bye-Bye, Big Box!

Beam Construction Wins PDC's Blessing

Money Laundering

Council Cleans Up Campaign Finances

In Other News...


Top of the Scotpops

PETA-Approved Glaswegians

The Moon Won't Stop Talking

The Ethereal Simplicity of Nedelle

Margin Walker

The Q And Not U Conundrum

Still on Drugs

The Deerhoof State of the Union

Kiss Me, Kill Me

Of Death, Joy, and Crooked Fingers

Once More With Feeling


Up & Coming

It's Who You Know

The Aesthetic of Commerce

CD Review

Live Music Listings

DJ Listings

Movies & TV

Mustache Rides, Ten Cents!

Sam Elliott's โ€™Stache Saves Off the Map

America's Next Top Phony

Or... How I Pretended to Care About Becoming America's Next Top Model and Meeting Tyra Banks

Amityville Snorer

New Version an Improvement, But Barely

Another Damn Film Fest

But This One Sounds... Good?

Meet Peter Jackson

The Pre-Lord of the Rings One, That Is

Naughty Genius

The Best of Pedro Almodóvar

Geek Out

The Lines

This Week on TV

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

Up All Night

Original Hotcake House is Your Best Friend

Food Events


Confessions of a Teen Sleuth

Word Up!

Wordstock Festival Ignites Portland's Literary Scene

Like A Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the Crossroads

Readings Listings

Theater & Performance

The Vespiary

Theater Listings

Employee Picks

I, Anonymous

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

R.I.P. J.P. II

I Love Television

Best Show EVER!