Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 10 - 16, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 38
Ecila the Movie Image courtesy of Chinatown Newspaper


The Check Is in the Mail

Fired Cop in Campbell Shooting Receives Unemployment

Hall Monitor

The Record Needle Scratches

Bridge Fail

After Years of Planning, Columbia River Crossing Needs Redesign

In the Shadows

Gateway to the Gayway

In Other News


It's the End of the World as We Know It

The Builders and the Butchers Welcome the Reckoning

Don't Look Back

AgesandAges Restlessly Move Forward

A Day in the Life

Quiet Life Is an American Band

Uncovering the Glowstream

Change with Cotton Jones

Up & Coming

A Week's Worth of Noteworthy Shows, February 10-16

Movies & TV

When Japanese Schoolgirls Attack

The Portland International Film Fest—Now with Mutants!

Follow That Bird

The Eagle Should've Been Better

Permanent Vacation

Just Go with It: Adam Sandler and His Rich Pals Go to Hawaii

White-Collar Panic

The Company Men: Like Good TV, But More Middling!

Maybe Say Maybe?

Justin Bieber Expands Your Mind (and Network)

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Film Shorts

Food and Drink

The Luddite's New Brunch Option

Ned Ludd's Jason French Becomes a Morning Person

Visual Art

Object Focus: The Book

Considering Print at the Museum of Contemporary Craft

Theater & Performance

Books Are Dead. (Long Live Books.)

The Technophobic Hysteria of Portland Center Stage's futura

Life, Theater, or Ill-Conceived Performance Art?

The Jewish Theatre Collaborative's Problematic Charlotte Salomon's Life? Or Theatre?

Ice Princess

Puccini's Unfinished Turandot



Lovesick Mercury Readers Send Notes of Romance (and Lust!) to the Ones They Adore!

I, Anonymous

The Cable Guy


Tig Notaro: The Mercury Interview

Should Public Agencies Be Bankrolling CRC Supporters?

Get Ready for the Next Big JTTF Throwdown: ACLU vs. the Feds, at Portland City Hall!

Our Esperanza Spalding Interview from 2002

I, Anonymous: The Day After Valentine's

Here is the Motley Crew Running for Metro

The Atlantic Loves Justin Bieber More than I Do... a LOT More

What About a mini-DREAM Act for Oregon?

Old Town Neighbors Want To Revive Drug Free Zone

Savage Responds to "Lindy-Hello-I-Am-Fat"gate


Non-Profit Publicans

Like the Book of Revelation, with More Breasts

Scientology: It's About More Than Alleged Physical Assault and Alleged Child Labor™

Grammy Meltdowns: The Bieber Edition

Castle Grayskull... on Ice!

IFC to Renew Portlandia

Today in National Tragedy: Another Model Falls

SL Letter of the Day: The Sit & Spinster

Help Write Sam Adams' State of the City Speech!

Now Accepting Submissions for the Mercury's Annual Spring Fashion Show

The Saddest Valentine?

Today in Internet Self Diagnosis: "Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome"

Ban Fat Marriage

Tonight in Music

Attention Publicists:

Introducing the First Videogame Comedian

AgesandAges - "Navy Parade" Video

Ummm... I Totally Want This Button.

It's Happening Tonight!

Kicking off the Campaign for Fair TriMet Transfers


At Today's JTTF Throwdown at City Hall

Leaving Daniel Baldwin in Stripperland

Why I Can't Blog About Glee Anymore

Run, Donald, Run!

Thundercats! No Hoooo! for You

Mental Health Pros Can Take Your Kids

What is Your Reaction After Watching This PSA?

Heroes Vs. Villains: Free Downloadable Game Music Catnip

Your Nerd Fix: Philip K. Dick Cover Archive

Nerds Raise $50,000 for RoboCop Statue, World Hunger Continues

Here's Your X-Men: First Class Trailer, Nerds!

SL Letter of the Day: Annoyances

Seen Today in PDX: PANIC!!!

Oregon Film Responds: Without Incentives, Say Goodbye to Film Production in Oregon

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

Good Morning News!

Raising a Stink About the City's New No-Stink Policy

“That’s Randy Leonard’s Crack House Right There”

McSweeney's Cookbooks

Criterion on Hulu! Well, Sort Of

Spotted: A Harlem Globetrotter Outside the Mercury Offices

It's Happening Tonight!

Okay, NOW I Understand Charlie Sheen

The Nines Hotel Isn't a Low-Income Development, and Yet...

Pickathon 2011 Lineup

Measure 11 is Expensive and Ineffective.

Who Do You Tip: Tupac or Biggie?

Just Sayin'

Loyal Dittohead From the Hoosier State? Or Just a Paid Actor?

The Last Full-Time Art Critic at a Daily Newspaper in the Northwest

That's Why Toddlers Shouldn't Drink!

"Get Your Action Packed Movie, Movie, MOVIE!!"

A Bloggy Battle Royale!

Tracking $117 Million Spent on the CRC

Good Morning, News!

Win a Pair of Brandon Roy Skullcandy Headphones!

Take to the Ship - Tonight!

Our Newest Intern's Valentine's Day "Findz"

Good Morning, News!

PDX Pop Now! Announces 2011 Dates and New Venue

Nice Work, Esperanza! You Ruined this Kid's "Teenager."

The Best Of LittleBigPlanet 2: "Cause And Effect 5"

Ground Kontrol Re-Opening Party: Tomorrow, 5PM

You've Got Mail. Juggalo Mail.

Happy Birthday, Oregon! Here Are Some Cakes.

Why Are We Afraid of Zombies?


Your Friday Afternoon Moment of Zen

Report: Chasse Cop "Out of Policy" in Road-Rage Incident

New Portlandia Clip: All-Star Edition!

Behold the Mercury's Coverage of the Portland International Film Festival!

Happy Valentine's, Blogtown Readers!

Local Boy Scouts Hit With New Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Shannon Wheeler Reviews Portlandia for The New Yorker

Top CRC Official Richard Brandman is Out.

What Happens When Tickets Sell Out Before the Box Office Opens?

Bieber is Like, Against Abortion, or You Know, Like, I Don't Know

Redux: Ummm?!?

Portlandia Recap: A Three-Laffer!

The Paris Review Serializes Bolaño

Fashion & Style Advice from Portland Experts on Questionland!

In Other Disturbing Bieber-Related News

Beaverton Schools Pay Kicked-Out Gay Teacher $75,000

Come to Our Brewhaha Wednesday Night!

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Good Morning, News!

2011 Stumptown Comics Fest Poster Released

Tonight's Smalldoggies Reading

Doing the Right Thing

The Best Return on All Those Billions in U.S. Military Aid to Egypt: This Moment

Grammy Meltdowns

Free Trivia, Free Comedy, Tonight!

Good Morning, News!

Port St. Willow on Shaking Through

Yes, Yes, Ya'll! It's the Cutie-Patootie Rap!

There's Got to Be Something Better Than Popcorn

Today in "I Hate You Alison Hallett!"

Spider-Man 4: The Unasked-For Reboot Now Titled The Amazing Spider-Man

Oh. So This is What Portland's Like

Palin Wipes the Floor With Santorum

Iowa Grandma Speaks Out for Gay Marriage

(Delayed) Review Notes: Gran Turismo 5

Federal Moneybags for Portland Transpo Projects

Good Morning News!

New Directive for City Employees: Please Don't Smell Bad

Today's GOP: Just Not That Likable

Mubarak Will Not Leave Egyptian Soil Unless He's "Buried Under It"

The Best of Sam Adams' Voicemail!

"Hello, I Am Fat"gate: The Final Salvo?

This Week's Mercury Music Section

How Not to Hit on Your Crush from the Bus

SL Letter of the Day: Pull Up a Chair...

Bob Stacey Out of Metro Race

Kids Do the Vomitest Things

It's Not Sit-Lie, True. But Is It Still Just "Move Along"?


Sold Out

Open Season: Call for Submissions

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Over and Over Again

I Love Television

I Love Television™

A Lesson in Love