Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 1 - 30, 2021

Vol. 20, No. 28

I, Anonymous Blog

We'd all love to see the plan


Cannabis Legal In Oregon But Not At...

There is none righteous, no, not ☝️

To every unvaccinated mouth breather:

Take em off!

No Vaccine? No Problem.

I'll See You in Court

Anti-vaxers SMH


The Disney princess perpetuated in movies.

Portland, Nous t’aimons

Does this scan?

Looking for Chandler Hiking in Wallowas on July 3.

By any other name

Working on mysteries without any clues

Cops holding Portland hostage..

Thanks PPB!

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Take it off!

Can we talk about communism

Not a Glory Hole in sight.

Only you can lead a horse to water

Ted Wheeler

Dear Chief

More cop indictments coming??

Dear Governor


To the striking Nabisco workers

You Surprised me Portland

New Normals

Thanks State Legislature

Men on the left are sexist and I'm over it.

Enjoy Being Young



Portland is like Woodstock

The Gay Wingman

So Douchebag...

Yummy Proud Boys Returning to Portland!

I’m done

To all the Red State bubble people.

You don't want us exposing ourselves

Wednesday, 9:30am

Look at you

You're Dead To Me

"If you cover it up, it will go away."

Are you righteous?

20 is Plenty!

Could we repave some roads please?!?!


Fuck You Local Restaurateur


One more reason to oust mister Wheeler

Toyota RAV4 Community?

Leave the Tents, Take out the Trash

Well it must've been an archaic tongue

Can anyone answer this?

Rules for Gutless Portland Journalism

I Never Knew

"I'm from Vancouver!"


Different but same


Excerpts from a Failed Relationship

My Mask is Staying On

Dear Anti-Vax Vaxers

Zoom Chomping

Money for getting vaccinated?

How are more of you not wearing sunglasses?


Let Ted Know!

Decolonize medicine

Hey Grandpa Asshole

This is success?!?

Haters Gonna Hate

It's Good To Have A Hobby

Hey Patriot Front dudes.

Thank you, JoAnn

It’s the interference, stupid

So sorry for your milky car

What's the diff?

Do what you are fucking told

Autistic people are some of your servers.

Martin de Porres Stole My Girlfriend

Police Overkill

Want to see corporate anti-labor greed in action?

Shouldn't be no reason why you're actin' strange

Don't believe in medical science?

You've been sold a bill of goods

A couple a half million here, half million there.

City of Urine

Ted Wheeler Does PR For The Cops

You Did Not Make This

Of Time

Reactor Advancement Good

Mind your own business

Sorry to the Tualatin Whole Foods Guy

Hey guys!

Big Purple Flower


Gravity can't begin

Don't sue, be nice!

Traveling full time. Or mobile homelessness

I Love You But I Hate You

The Cops Are Wise Guys Now

Dear Speed Racers


Missed Connection <\3

Sapphire and faded jeans

Give Ted Wheeler A Breakdown

Y'all drinking dumb Funk Juice.

A witch is uninvited to the christians' party

Friendly With Four Legs

Portland Police and Proud Boys

has it been That long?

I'm lonely.

lets cancel tom brady

Help Wanted Writing Help Wanteds: Food Service


Hey, hey, ho, ho, qualified immunity has to go!

Same Thing To Me

Serenity Now

Miracle Workers

Stop shitting on my city.

Good movies are inkblots

Fight! Fight! Fight!

God put that rock there for a purpose

Roses really smell like poo poo poo

Should auld acquaintance be forgot


Pandemic Babes Expiration

Safeway Marketing Scheme?

Dreamwork between work

Chic Handmade Etsy Mask

Well, the thing's gotta have a tailpipe.

I Love You, Man!!!!!

A face that toils so close to stones

Just That Kind of Luck

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure..

You are a lover and you are a friend

Thank you for your service | You are relieved

Hey Clark County Sheriff (Proud) Boys


Deck chairs rearranged aboard PPB Titanic.

Passive aggressive busdrivers?!?!

It makes me want to buy school supplies.

What do I do? Tow them or be pandemic patient?

Call me a basic b

Your staff needs more support

been said before

Police hand off

Thieves in the night.

No cause anger

Nice job

Ain't No Use To Sit And Wonder Why

when I'm feeling stuck and need a buck...


Brown lawn

Viva Las Vegas!

I Didn't Know How Much I Hated You

Vax mandates now

Portland, wir lieben dich

This is pitiful.

Rapier Wit Fails to Slay Murder-Cat

Red Rover, Red Rover


I'm up on the eleventh floor

"911. What is your emergency?"

sorry scared not sorry but still mostly scared

It Makes You Think

Crushing it.

I Demand Earlier Breakfast Burrito Availability

Hello from the other side

Thank you Isabella Garcia

I'd like to shop at you. Stop being closed.

It's going to be too hot for clothes

Wait, What?

Thanks to the skateboarders..

Dear all (ALL) Republicans

Dear City Commissioner MM.

Analyst 1182-E reporting a code triple zero

No Excuse

Cause and Effect

And now this.

Hi, Neighbor!

Can we stop bitching about Ted Wheeler please?

Dear Maskholes

Quit complaining about greedy business owners

Not everyone likes bad 1970s dance music!

Fuck You, You Capitalist Traitor Scum

Trains to Bridgeport

Unfinished Tats

Dear Mayor / Police Commissioner Wheeler

Baa... baaaa.... BAAAAAAAAAA......

Certain Cowboy Dances

Seriously? Someone will always clean up after You?

Dear Jerry Mander

Why are you celebrating?

There’s silence in a union


Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble

Pulling On the Thread of Systemic Racism

The PPA: Cockadoodie liars

Ted Wheeler Alone Can Save Us

No Weed for Me

I appreciate You

Same as it ever was.

Free Alexei Navalny

No Shirt, No Service? Nice try, Obama!

perpetual trending machine

Mashed potatoes can be your friends

Hey Popo

Viola in the moonlight

Keep watch on the Sinister

Please stop using Facebook

Olivia Pace on Police Unions

Kind Humans Exist

I Come Here For The Hypocrisy

No, thank YOU.

Scared to Live Here

We all need this

PPA: "You're not taking our need seriously."

Dear PPA

Thank you Portland Mercury

Best Break Up Music

The Kook's Canary

I'm angry and could have done better

Fucking Tourists!

Hey Bret Weinstein

Thank you.

Chicken Or The Egg

I'm So Sorry

How am I not myself?

You're Dead, For Sure

It's only money.

A serious and no longer isolated mistake.

Keep your eyes on the Portland Police "Union"

Dear PPD

Come on in. We're open!