Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 18 - 24, 2005

Vol. 6, No. 12 Shawn Wolfe


In Other News...

Racing with The Devil

The 2005 Portland Adult Soapbox Derby Burns Rubber!


Does Wal-Mart Have Any Friends?

The Gang's All Here

Mayor Declares Downtown Gang Violence as Really Not Okay

My Heterosexual Weekend

Or, Pretending to Be Straight Isn’t As Easy as It Looks!


Me vs. Cass

The Elusive Shroud of Cass McCombs

Secret Lovers

Carolyn Berk Plays Saddest Music in the World

Live/DJ Listings

Back From Extinction

Dinosaur Jr. and the Annals of Indierock

CD Review

The Pain and the Sweetness

400 Blows Calls Forth Heaven and Hell

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

This Week on Television

Lights! Camera! Ass Shot!

Gettin’ Paid for Gettin’ Laid in Torremolinos 73

Film Shorts

Hail Herzog

Thoughful Grizzly Man Stirs the Soul

I'm Staying Home

Virgins No More!

Down with PG-13!

And Up With The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Psycho Killers

Succinct Reviews for the Discerning Cinephile

Food and Drink

Duck Into the Pub

The Gladstone Street Pub Makes Friends

Drinking the Cure

SIN Nights Do You Right

Food Events

Visual Art


Visual Arts Listings

John Breen


Willful Creatures

The Dying Earth

Readings Listings

Theater & Performance


A Play About A Handkerchief

Theater Listings

Employee Picks

Destination Fun

I, Anonymous

I Anonymous

Protect and Swerve

One Day at a Time

Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Suffer Bitch Etiquette

I Love Television

I ♥ Television

The Tongue of Rock