Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 6 - 12, 2005

Vol. 6, No. 19 Autumn Whitehurst


In Other News

Why Not Banish Drug-Free Zones?

City Council Faces Another Civil Liberty Test

Nude Justice

Oregon Supreme Court Appreciates Strippers


Up & Coming

Live Music/DJ Listings

CD Reviews

Murphy’s Law

LCD Soundsystem Svengali Does it His Way

The New Cocaine

System of a Down and the Dangers of Irony

Move Over Metallica

Opeth Are The Best Metal Band in the World

Break Down My Heart

The Uber-Bare Blur of BARR

Once More With Feeling

Tim Kinsella

It's Who You Know


Movies & TV

Film Shorts

This Week on Television

I'm Staying Home

Bowling: Best. Sport. Ever.

Sort of Illuminated

It’s Liev Schreiber vs. Jonathan Safran Foer!

Laugh, Cry, Gag

In Her Shoes: One for the Gals

Anti-Shrek Device

The Charming Wallace & Gromit

A Bad Bet

The Wasted Potential of Two for the Money

Fightin’ Dirty

Race and Politics in Street Fight

Scary Monsters/Rebel Bowlers

Succinct Reviews for the Discerning Cinephile

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Extra Effort

Spacious Olea Spins its Wheels

Visual Art

All I Want Is Everything

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Art Beat-Down


The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil

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The Straight Lifestyle

An Excerpt from DAN SAVAGE’s New Book about Family, Commitment, and Same-Sex Marriage

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The Hyacinth Macaw

Underneath the Lintel

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I, Anonymous

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Savage Love

Bad with the Bone

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