Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 24 - Mar. 2, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 40
David Emmite


Drunk and Disorderly

State Aims to Crack Down on "Problem Bars"

Altered State of the City

Here's What the Mayor Didn't Mention

Stand Up, Fight Back

Hundreds Rally Against Proposed Planned Parenthood Cuts

Hall Monitor

Time Might Be on Our Side

In Other News


Singing Stormy Weather

Loch Lomond Bands Together and Stirs the Air

The Great Pretender

Eric Clapton's Overestimated Oeuvre

Voice of Reason

Changing the Narrative on Esperanza Spalding

Sex and the Motor City

The Inspiration of Jimmy Edgar

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

Hipster Noir

Cold Weather Coins a Genre

'Til Death Do Us Fart

Hall Pass Is Gross! And Kinda Funny


Twenty-Nine Things You Should Know About Nicolas Cage's Drive Angry

Of Klingons and Bond Girls

Highbrow and Lowbrow with Paul Giamatti

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Master Kontrol

Ground Kontrol Gets a Tron-Inspired Makeover

Food and Drink

Home-Style Thai

Chiang Mai Stands out Among a Glut of Thai Restaurants


Patrick Rothfuss: The Mercury Interview

Regarding Stories, Fantasy Literature, and the Pathetic Frailty of Modern Bookbinding Technology

Hard Fantasy

Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear, and the Mechanics of Magic

Truth and Consequences

Talking with Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá about Their Latest, Daytripper

No Man's Land

T.C. Boyle's When the Killing's Done

Theater & Performance

On the Comedic Potential of Dead Cats

Artists Rep Takes on Martin McDonagh's The Lieutenant of Inishmore


I, Cyborg

"Cyborg Anthropologist" Amber Case Attempts to Bring Our Digital Life and Reality Together at Last

I, Anonymous

The BBQ Bandit


Gerald Wallace is the Newest Portland Trail Blazer

Tonight: Comedy Is Ok

Breast Milk Ice Cream For Sale!

"Pick a Fucking Gender"

Sheen Family Circus

NBA Trade Deadline: The Final Countdown

BREAKING: Mayor Sam Adams Juggles Bureaus, Giving Dan Saltzman More Work

Twenty-Nine Things You Should Know About Nicolas Cage's Drive Angry

TriMet Puts "Pedestrian Warning System" on Buses

A Fag Hag Demands Payback

Today in Pseudo Science: Sneezing Defines Your Personality

Stumptown Cold Brew(!)

Here's Your Hangover 2 Trailer, Fratboys!

Warlocks vs. Charlie Sheen... On Whom Doth Thou Wager?!?

Behind the Scenes: Thomas James' Mercury "Process Post"

Oh... so THAT'S When a Sit-Lie Law Goes Too Far

Portland Is The New Bartertown

Qaddafi, Remixed

The Monkees Are Coming to Near Portland

Today in Kanye West's Twitter Account

It's Happening Tonight!

Plot This Weird Book Cover

Today in Shitfaced Celebrity Bigotted Rants

THE BIEBER BEAT: Happy Birthday, Beebs!

This Weekend at Helium: The Filthy Jim Norton

Blazers vs. Hawks - Hot Live Blog Action

Frank Rich Leaving NYT

2012 Candidate Round-Up

Justin Bieber to World: I'm 17, So Now I Can Do This

I'm Pretty Sure I Need a "Street Team"

Steve Wozniak on The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs

Who Said It: Sheen or Gaddafi?

This Is A Thing Now: We Dare Brings Sexy Time To Your Wii

Devil May Cry Goes Hollywood. Is This Awesome (Y/N)?

Powell's Workers Asked to Tell Customers: "Powell's Will Be OK."

SL Letter of the Day: Three-Second Rule

Charlie Sheen Continues To Make This an Awesome News Day

Special Driver's License for Undocumented Immigrants?

I, Anonymous: That Girl Is Poison

Another State Agency Sides With Cop Fired in Campbell Shooting

Don't Forget! Submissions for the Mercury Open Season Fashion Show Are Due Soon!

Soul'd Out 2011 Brings Lauryn Hill, Mos Def, Ice Cube & More to Portland

Beware The Douche

Live Action Ultra Combos: The Worst Idea To Ever Turn Out Completely Awesome

SHAME!... and Then Some Chuckles

New Lady Gaga Video- "Born This Way"

BREAKING: Another Shakeup in Mayor Sam Adams' Office

Today in God Damn Batman's Twitter Account

Should the City Close Down Dangerous Bars?

CRC: Highway Departments Want The Cheap but Ugly Design

Your Congressman is Mad About Styrofoam

City Launches New Public Art App

Jon Stewart Personally Injures Camel

Hey, I'm Moderating a Panel About The Guild at Emerald City Comicon!

Anarchists "Claim Responsibilty" for Broken Windows at Police Office; Cops Say, "What Broken Windows?"

Pizza Battles

Tonight's Homework: The Mythical Beast Graphic Design Tournament

Your New Oscars Drinking Game

Fuse TV on Portland Music

The Best (Read: Most INSANE) Charlie Sheen Quotes!

Good Morning News!

SNOW DAY! Open Thread!

It's Called... iPad 2

One Day Later, Republican Congressman Finally Condemns Obama Assassination Joke

Jimmy Kimmel Steals My Name!

I Love The Smell of Magic Missile In The Morning

Good Morning News!

About Last Night's "Best Foreign Language Film" Oscar...

Public Service Announcement: Hot Sauce

This Week's Mercury Music Section

Tonight at Powell's Cedar Hills: Patrick Rothfuss

Starfucker - "Quality Time" Video

Tonight's Nightmare Today

Master of Domestics

Charlie Sheen Speaks Out Against Vatican Assassin Warlocks

What Portlandia Could Have Been...

Blazers vs. Lakers - Hot Live Blog Action

Your Morning Relaxation

Louis C.K. to Donald Rumsfeld: ARE YOU OR ARE YOU NOT A LIZARD, SIR?!?

Critical Mass Worst Nightmare

Lifesavas - "And the Soul Goes On"

Tomorrow: Silvie Deutsch at Appendix Space

Have You Seen McDonald's Weird Website for Black People?

Good Morning, News!

WTF's the Deal With WikiLeaks? A Q&A Before Tonight's Think & Drink

Good Morning, News!

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

It's Happening Tonight!


Wrong Answer... But I Like the Way You Think!


Blazers vs. Nuggets - Hot Live Blog Action

Ninja Gaiden 3 Coming In 2012, Teaser Coming Right Now

Blazers vs. Rockets - Hot Live Blog Action

Periscope Studio's Janelle Monae Sketch Challenge

If We Legalize Same-Sex Marriage We Will Go Extinct!

It's Happening Tonight!

Places We Like to Spend Our Money.

Surprisingly, Trekkies Have an Opinion About Something

I Declare Today "Charlie Sheen Day"

A List of Brilliant Movie Ideas

Guys! New Ke$ha Video, and... WAIT! It's Got James Van Der Beek in it!!

Last Chance to Join The Craftiest Craft Show in Town

Beebs & Gomez Kiss; Die in a Hole

Designers: Show Your Work in the Next Mercury Open Season Fashion Show!

Questioning Librarians

Police Commanders Win Big Pay Raise in New Contract

Sullivan Jumps to the Daily Beast

Two and a Half Douches

Good Morning, News!

SL Letter of the Day: Lie-Curious

Good Morning, News!

Our Oregon Slams KGW For "Bogus" Anti-Tax Story

Corporate Sponsors Ditch Golden Voiced Homeless Man

Stupid, Stupid Baby: It's Just Ripping Paper, You Stupid Baby!!

Charlie Sheen / Charlie Brown Mashup Time!

Pizza Battle Pt. 2, National Edition (UPDATED!)

Leonard Nimoy's Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

And This Is Why You Should've Paid Attention in High School French

Blogtown Investment Opportunity: Let's Buy a Boat!

Huckabee Bears False Witness Against Gay Families

Today in "I Believe it"

Now Accepting Applications to the Land of the University of Redwood?

Will Someone Please Take Dante Cunningham's Cats?

Say Hello to Justin Bieber's Little Friend

Seen in Portland

Do You Have the Stones to Pick on Old People, the Disabled, Schoolkids, and Moms on Welfare? Yes? Because Here's Your Chance!

UPDATED: Good Morning Weird Book Cover

The Art of Demotivation

Tax Cuts VS. Cut Programs


Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Suddenly I Hate Boston. And Phoenixes. And ... Jean Grey, I Guess.

Good Morning, News!

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

I Love Television

I Love Television™

The FANCY Awards