Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 8 - 14, 2005

Vol. 6, No. 28, "Titus the Grizzly Bear" designer toy by Brian McCarty


The Mercury's Online Charity Gift Auction!

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In Other News

Loaded Zones

Citizens Speak Out Against Drug-Free Zones

All the Proceeds of the Mercury Online Charity Auction Will Go To... Homeless Advocates—JOIN

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Blackmailer Blues

City Council Continues Fight Against Measure 37


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Skeptical Hating on the Crystal Skulls

It's Who You Know

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The Bravery is Terrible and Great

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Costumes are Funny!

Pleaseeasaur: Psychotropic Prop-Comedy

Once More With Feeling

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Kanye West is the Soul Digest

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The Chronicles of Nerdia

Lord of the Rings—Sunday School-Style!

I'm Going Out

Disney's Dual Narnias

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Everyone Wants Sarah Silverman to be a Star

Oily Uncertainties

The Ambitious and Somber Syriana

Gunz Yo

Dear Wendy's Firearms, Dandies, and Shootouts

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Small Wonder

L'Astra Thrives Where it Shouldn't

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