Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 17 - 23, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 43


The OLCC Hit List

Which Portland Bars Have "Serious and Persistent" Problems?

Snuffed Out

The Latest Battle for a Local Smokes Tax

Bad Education

Lewis & Clark Roughly Kicks out Homeless Alum

Hall Monitor

Cop Oversight: "Favors PPA"

In Other News

In the Shadows

It's Good Business. Period.


Dance on Air

The Beatific Sounds of the Miracles Club

Cross Colours

Purple and Green's Outré R&B

10 Gauge

Robots, Plastic Bags, Masturbation, and One Real Song!: Lindy West on Last Week's Billboard Top 10

Elegantly Destroyed

Destroyer's Backrooms of the World

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

On the Road

The Little Gray Alien Brought Some Weed! Thanks, Paul!

Campus Cringe

Sex Ain't Enough in Gregg Araki's Kaboom

Movie Most Foul

I Saw the Devil: Stock up on Pepto!

Geek Out


Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

Food and Drink

Community-Supported Agriculture

Too Lazy to Garden? Area Farmers Have Your Back.

The Pizza Matrix

A Handy List of Portland Prices by the Slice

Visual Art

Object Stories

Expanding PAM's Outreach Efforts


The Fighter

Andre Dubus III's Townie Is a Study in Violence

Demon Blood & Onomatopoeia

Laughing (and Skull Kicking) with Skullkickers

Theater & Performance

A Knight at the Ballet

Patrick Delcroix Creates His First US Work for the Northwest Dance Project

Radio Days

CoHo's Inventive but Underwhelming Kid Simple


The Bartender Chronicles

Portland Barkeeps Tell Their Craziest (and True!) Stories

I, Anonymous



Will the Future Kill the Comedy of Today?

"We Aim to Kill the Magical Cocksucker."

Good Morning News!

It's Happening Tonight!

It's Happening Tonight!

Filthy, Filthy Baby: "Fuck it"

Come to the Give a Shit Club

Karaoke-A-Thon Day 5: Voicebox

Blazers vs. Cavaliers - Hot Live Blog Action

Karaoke-a-Thon KJ Profile: Dawn Panttaja at Karaoke From Hell

Give Me Mad Men Or...No I Just Want Mad Men

Jodie Foster Defends Mel Gibson: "God, I love that man."

I Don't Know How Some of These Homemade Sex Machines Are Supposed to Work

Ben Horne's Twin Peaks Prints on Sale

Motorcycle Weekend!

Blazers vs. Sixers - Hot Live Blog Action

Warp Factor 80: It's Bill Shatner's Birthday!

Fatal Pedestrian Crash on Sandy

I, Anonymous: An Open Letter to Stuck-Up American Bitches

Tomorrow Night: Become a Power Broker!

Get To Know A Farmer: Winter Green Farm

Hurry Up and Come Out, Portal 2!

Good Match-day, News! Timbers Kick Off MLS Era Today

Rooster Sauce Cookies

Pee-wee's Back: Condemn or Allow?!?

A Two-Minute Tour of Elizabeth Taylor's AIDS-Fighting Bad-Assery

Today in Hilarious Office Thievery

The Hamster Ball Derby is Coming!!

Little Collector and the Future of Arts Education

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!


Day One - SXSW 2010

It's Happening Tonight!

Congressman Delivers Tirade of Sarcasm

Get To Know A Farmer: La Finquita del Buho

Today's Dinosaur News

Where Revenue from Oregon's Cigarette Tax Goes

From Oregon, with Love: Japan Benefit Announced

"Try-storming?" Debate on Parking Meters During Timbers Games Turns Weird

Another Portlander Reports from Japan

I Love a Good "Footprints" Gag

Questions for a Monday Morning

Hack Back: Right-Wing Group Subpoenas Queer Activists' Info from Google

It Happening Tonight!

It's "Friday" Y'all!: Unplugged!

Ray LaHood Stumps for Safer Streets in Portland

Win Tickets to My Morning Jacket! (Day Two)

Creepy Roommate Creates Lo Mein Sex Doll

Karaoke-A-Thon Day 4: The Boiler Room

Dolemite Tonight

Workers at Dosha Fighting for Their Union Cards

Roller Derby Weekend

Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Coming to Town

Good Morning(-ish), News!

Win Tickets to My Morning Jacket!

Probably Have To Report This:

Q&A with Dan Bejar of Destroyer

Soccer For Less Than 9¢/Minute And A Rousing Game Of "Gloss That Stadium"

"I Have Sex" — Oberlin University

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

Good Morning, News!

Jesus Christ, What Did Peoples' Bones Ever Do to Steven Seagal?

The Best Mullet Guy Cover of "Friday" You'll See All Day

Cop Commutes By Bike, Almost Gets Run Over.

It's Happening Tonight!

How Funding Planned Parenthood Went from Bi-Partisan Agreement to Contentious Fight in 40 Years

Blitzen Trapper and Dwight Schrute Make a Video

The Amazing Story of a Portland Activist Who Survived Japan's Tsunami

Times Paywall: What He Said

SL Letter of the Day: Coded Conversation

You're Better Off Bringing Your Teeth to a Knife Fight

Today in Exemplary Teen-Star Rebellion

The Mercury is Having A Yard Sale!

The New YACHT Single is Not Influenced by the Bloodhound Gang

Um... Is an Executive of a TriMet Contractor Leaving Crazy, Sexist YouTube Comments?

Karaoke-A-Thon Day 3: Baby Ketten Karaoke

Good Morning, News!

My Safeway is Closing. So Sad, So Sad.

Win Tickets to see John Mulaney at Helium!

Don't Drink the Water. Or Do

Portland Schools Rap

Shots with Pee-wee and Andy Samberg (and Chairy)

It's National Coming Out Week! ... For Undocumented Kids

Good Morning News!

'If You Only Own One Type Of Pokémon ... That's Racist.'

Day Two - SXSW 2010

Good Morning, News!

Spring Films to Look Forward To/Dread

The New York Times Is Building a Paywall

America, Meet Your New Wonder Woman

The Startling Revelations of the New Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

Meet Portland's New Tax-Evading, Roll Your Own Cigarette Robot

Timbers Cut Down In Their MLS Debut, But That First Goal Still Sounded Fresh

Monica Drake Sells The Stud Book

Tonight in Drunken Music Events

Massive Rally/March Downtown to Mark Anniversary of Iraq War

Achewood on Hiatus

Whoa, MAX Train Stabbing!

Get To Know A Farmer: Wealth Underground Farm

I, Anonymous: Fear Mongering Panic Shoppers

The Best Three Comics I Read This Week

Akron/Family's Video for "Island" Sure Is Pretty

One Day Away (!): If A Press Conference Falls In The Forest, Does It Make A Sound?

Obama's Transportation Chief is Coming to Town! And He'll Be Biking Over the Hawthorne Bridge.

Good Morning News!

Get To Know A Farmer: Pumpkin Ridge Gardens

Get To Know A Farmer: Working Hands Farm

Newt Gingrich Funneled $350,000 to Anti-Gay Groups

Apple Pulls "Gay Cure" iPhone App

John Mulaney at Helium

I Love You, Amy Pond. I Love You Too, Amy Pond.

April is Panty Month!

Should We Be Able to Know Who's Carrying a Gun?

Day Three - SXSW 2010

A Clean Place, Reasonably Priced

The Path of the Plume

Tonight in Music

In Defense of Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games


Daniel Baldwin Is a Rapper Now, I Guess

Portland Business Alliance Polls for Feelings on CRC

SL Letter of the Day: Hurtful

Sold Out

Nom & Ada

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

New Column!

Savage Love

Withering Heights

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Boy! Potheads Are Sensitive!