Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 16 - 22, 2006

Vol. 6, No. 38
Brett Superstar



Republican Senator Ben Westlund Drops the GOP—and Eyes the Governor's Mansion

Repeal, We Hardly Knew Ye

Attack on Public Campaigns Goes Belly Up

In Other News

A Progressive Civil War

Will Campaign Reform Split the Left?

Hard Boyles

Candidate Emilie Boyles Takes Aim at Erik Sten

It's Official: VOE Is DOA

Reports of Repeal's Demise Not Exaggerated


Up & Coming

Adam Forkner's White Rainbow

Leads Holocene's Church of Psychedelia

Once More With Feeling

Live Music and DJ Listings

It's Who You Know

One Step Further Than One Step Beyond

Bending the Spoon of Music

Jada Pinkett Smith Rocks Out, Does Kung Fu

Out of the Swamps

The Tiny Worlds of Gregg Kowalsky

Missing Lucinda

Rock-Fried Country vs. Deep-Fried Fish

Movies & TV

Fawning Hyperbole

And Why Burials Makes it Necessary

What's a Wholphin?

Film Shorts

TV Listings


A Film About a Film About a Novel

The Thrill Is Gone

Free Us from Films Like Freedomland

Food and Drink

Flour Power

Blow Your Dough on This Dough

Food Events

Visual Art

John Divola

Visual Arts

Joseph Fisher


The Bruce Benderson Interview

The Outrageous and Acclaimed Author on His Newest Book, Why He Loves Portland, and His Fishnet Underwear

The Best People in the World


Theater & Performance

Men on the Verge 2


Destination Fun

Mini Bike WinterPicks and Promises of PIFF

I, Anonymous

Sold Out

This Week in Shopping

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love & Sex


You Motherfucker

I Love Television


Hail to Some Chiefs!