Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 23 - Mar. 1, 2006

Vol. 6, No. 39 Rick Altergott


In Other News

VOE Repeal Gets Recount!

Tech Error May Be To Blame For VOE Repeal’s Death

Lands End

High Court Upholds Measure 37

VOE Repeal: Yup, Still Dead

Recount Results Come Back Positive For Failure

Sten Again

Commissioner Sten Kicks Off Campaign

Sabotage! Maybe... Or Maybe Not.

Public Campaign Foes Cry Foul, Offer No Proof



Orthrelm Hurts So Good

So Into You

Shudder to Think's Craig Wedren

Up & Coming

Live Music and DJ Listings

It's Who You Know

New Beautiful Mutant Art Nexuses

These are Importland Things

Holocene Launches Record Label—All is Good

Once More with Feeling

The Best of iPod Cases

Early Man!!!

Walking the Non-Ironic Heavy Metal Walk

Movies & TV

I'm Staying Home

I'm Five Years Old

TV Listings

Heart of Old

Snoozing through Neil Young's Heart of Gold

Film Shorts

Alert the Oscars!

The Best Film of 2006 Has Already Arrived!

Hippies Ruin Everything

It's a Fact, and Coachella's No Exception

Food and Drink

Comfort Food

Eugenio's Bumps Up to "Bistro"

Hamburger Helper

Beef 'n' Buns = Tons of Fun

Visual Art

Visual Arts

Peter Burr and Ross Christy

Michael Sakamoto



Choose Your Own Adventure


Yeti: ‘Zine Heart, Book Mind

Batman: Year 100

Lock and Load!


How a Gun Nut at the Portland Expo Holds the Most Startling Secret Mankind Has Ever Known!

Theater & Performance

Savage Love

Livin' Large

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

I, Anonymous

Employee Picks

I Love Television


Stay Golden, Ponyboy!