Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 7 - 13, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 46
Josh Keyes


The Wrong Tools for the Job?

No Easy Fixes in Report on Mental Health Treatment

The Logic of Sex Laws

Consensual Sex vs. Underage Sex

Deportation Dragnet

"Criminal Aliens" Crackdown Nets Non-Criminals

Hall Monitor

Which Way Is Randy Leaning?

What's Wrong with the Rose Quarter?

Freeways! Bicycles! Freight! Oh My.

In Other News


Reflection of Her Grace

The Near-Ineffable Ms. Lauryn Hill

Into the Sun

Lord Huron's Globe-Spanning Sound

Racist Jokes

Das Racist and the Real World

Beneath the Roof We Raised

LAKE's Songs Lift Heavy Spirits

Up & Coming

Movies & TV

There and Back Again (and Again)

Dungeons, Dragons, and Natalie Portman's Thong

On the Rocks

Arthur: Here's That Alcoholic Role Model You Ordered!

Kids Do the Assassiniest Things

Hanna: a Thriller with No "Montana"

The Art of Politics

Miral's Frustrating Window into the Middle East

Heckuva Job

The Big Uneasy: God Didn't Wreck New Orleans. People Did.

Jaws vs. Jesus

Soul Surfer: Hanging 10 with the Power of Christ

Yawn Corleone

Kill the Irishman Makes Gangster Movies Boring

Just Noodlin'

Pretension and Scenery in Certified Copy

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

I'm Staying Home

A World of Shit

Food and Drink

French (Bistro) New Wave

St. Jack Comes out Swinging


Axis of Evil

Maz Jobrani Investigates Humor and Free Speech in the Middle East


Giant vs. Giant

New Novels from Blake Butler and Justin Taylor

Fighting Fire with Fire

Philip Connors' Fire Season

I, Stumptown

First Thursday, Stumptown Comics Fest Style

Theater & Performance

On the Wings of Revolution

Boomcracklefly's Big Ideas Take Flight


"I Wish I Knew How to Quit You"

Advice on Opting Out of Phonebooks, Credit Card Offers, Oregonian's FOODday... and More—FOREVER.

I Love Television

I Love Television™

Mad Money

I, Anonymous

Cheer Up


VHS Nightmares: Revenge of the Living Dead Girls

Portland's Bike Plan at One Year: Are We On Track?

SL Letter of the Day: Conservative Gay Jock Pleads for Tolerance

Something You Are Probably Unaware Of

Seth Aaron Henderson Added to the Open Season Lineup!

Win a Huge Rise Against Prize Package, Including 10 Tickets

Blazers vs. Lakers - Hot Live Blog Action

Portland Trail Blazers: Playoff Bound

That's Almost TOO MUCH Streets Of Rage

US About to Deport Gay Man to Uganda—Where He Is Likely To Be Killed

How to Get a Guy to Notice You...

Changes to Our Comics Page!

How Much Does Blogtown Drink?


This is Exactly How I Wake Up Every Morning

Good Morning, News!

Record Store Day Events in Portland

Which Combo of Kids is Best?

Let's Judge the Level of Your Immorality!

Why are Republicans Playing Dumb on Planned Parenthood?

New Kindle - Now with Ads!

Good Morning, News!

The Best Hatemail I've Ever Received

Earl Blumenauer: Republican Budget Plans Mean "Advancing an Extreme Agenda"

Betty Draper's Makeover

Please stop. Stop. STOP.

TriMet Actually Adding Back Service! (But It Also Wants Another Nickel...)

This Week's Questionland Pizza Winners!

"Right to Life" Conference Headed for Portland

SL Letter of the Day: Degrade Inflation

Mercury Yard Sale Update: Things Are Getting Weird

SL Letter of the Day: Postmarital Sex

Good Morning, News!

Questionland: Gain Knowledge, Win Pizza

The First Rule Of Book Club

Puppies vs. Timbers And Other Adventures In Scoring Tickets To The Opener

Women Get Drunker Than Men, and Why That Ain't Fair!

A Straight Boy Who Gets It... Just Not In the Ass

Frank Cassano's "Blogtown in Review"

Tonight in Music

Rumored Mayoral Candidate Also Weighs Council Race

Good Morning News!

Spiders Invade Pakistan

Happy Comics Month! (Or, Layoffs at Dark Horse)

What We Were Doing While Our Internet Was Temporarily Down

Mercury Yard Sale: Your Final Warning!

Gender Atypical

Law That Would Have Led to Oversight of Anti-Abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers is Dead

A Peek Inside the Lives, Studios of Portland's Creatives

It's Happening Tonight!

The Trumpening Continues Apace

Tickets for The Mercury's Open Season Fashion Show Are On Sale Now!

All of Satan's E-mails Begin with "Hi There"

Grumptown Comedy Roundup

SL Letter of the Day: Cougar or Unicorn?

Yes, the New McMenamins Has a Modest Mouse-Themed Bedroom

Big Banks are Bad for You.

Timbers Login To Media And Sign On Some Midfield Help

Bud Bundy Discovers Local Hiphop Talent!

Mitt's In

GUYS! I've Found Alison Hallett's Theme Song, Guys!

Portland Pinbrawl 2011 Announced

Good Morning, News!

Good Morning, Lost Hat News!

America, Meet Your New Yellow Dinosaur Pedophile Hunter

Some Literary Criticism from Yahoo! Answers

A Glimpse into Alison Hallett's Future

JTTF Discussions Resume: Are We Back In?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS Remake Arrives June 19

Beastie Boys Trailer - Count the Celebrities!

These Babies are So Cute, I Could Just Eat Them Up... AND I WILL.

Today's Best Sports Announcer Ever

That's My Lunch: The Green Castle Cart Pod

Justin Bieber with Steve Buscemi's Eyes

Fixing the Rose Quarter Meeting Tonight

Blazers vs. Grizzlies - Hot Live Blog Action

Sneak Peek at the Hobo Bellagio: Tour of the Almost-Open Resource Access Center

Anti-Gay Marriage Leader Switches Sides... and Takes NOM's Facebook With Him

A Few Quick Thoughts Re: Lego Clone Wars

Manchester Orchestra - "Simple Math" Video

Why Do Gays Hold All the Power??

Trailer for Local Film One Foot in the Gutter

Catwatch: Feral Cats in Jeld-Wen Field

Gross Food Winners

PDC Did Not Employ As Many Minority and Women-Owned Businesses as it Should Have

Good Morning News!

Stumptown Spotlight: Sarah Glidden & Carla Speed McNeil

"Nearly a Dozen" Arrests in Downtown Anti-Police Protest. UPDATE: Including Two for "Offensive Littering"

Who Broke the Mercury Window? Another Blogtown Mystery.

Stupid, Stupid Grownups: Bibs for Adults

Timbers + Art + Beer. Need I say more?

Yes, Mayor Sam Adams Is Really Playing Host On a Right-Wing Radio Station

Timbers Army Gets Francis-Scott-Keyed-Up For Opener

Mayor Demands "More Robust" Rollout of Cops' Less-Lethal Weapons

The Olsen Twins with Steve Buscemi Eyes

Pickathon Reveals the Pumphouse Sessions

Gold Star: The Mercury's Web Comment of the Week!

Blu-Ray Review: Treme: The Complete First Season

FBI Failed to Record Crucial Mohamed Mohamud Conversation

Think Out Loud On the New Drug-Free Zones*

You Have to Pick One

Good Morning, News!

So Polybags Are a Thing Now, Again, I Guess

Ask Questions, Answer Questions—Get Free Pizza!

JTTF Deadline? FBI's Special Agent for Portland Retiring at the End of the Month

Police Accountability Advocates: Hold Up on Taser Shotguns; Also, What Happened to Oversight?

Well Now This is Just Crazy

Who Are the Blazers Going to Play in the Playoffs?

Tonight: First Thursday

It's Happening Tonight!

Wow, This Product Still Exists?

Watch the Rose City Rollers at the Bagdad

Are You Guys Lying? Or Am I Lying To Myself?

The Internet is Boring Right Now, Sooooo....

Street Fighter X Tekken: Needs More Alex

Gun Exclusion Zones: Only "Fresh Convictions," Mayor Says

Depositions in Campbell Shooting: Frashour "Only Witness" Who Saw Campbell Reaching for Gun

Michele Bachmann Calls Planned Parenthood the "LensCrafters of big abortion"

The Best Three Comics I Read This Week

Obama's Budget Speech

Worshipping! Worshipping! YEAH!


"Please Do Not Photoshop Justin Bieber's Face on My Personal Photos"

Tonight in Music

Onstage this Weekend

One Day at a Time

The Week in Review

Savage Love


New Column!