Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 30 - Apr. 5, 2006

Vol. 6, No. 44 Mike Wooldridge


In Other News

Four on the Floor

Sten and Company Go Clubbing

End of the Beginning

Door Closes on Council Wannnabes

Critical Review

Resignation Spells Trouble for Police Review Board



The Dirtbombs Rock What They Got

Up & Coming

The Billy Nayer Show

More than Just Colorful Monkeys Eating Shit

Whole Meal Deal

Silver Sunshine Treks through Weird Woods

Slay the Hypemonster

Talkdemonic Hits SXSW like a Cop-Killer Bullet

Live Music and DJ Listings

Once More with Feeling


It's Who You Know

Spring, Festival, YYYs Boner, Etc.

Movies & TV

Cold Kickin' it Live

Surprise! The Beastie Boys Bring It!

Geek Out!

Living in Oblivion

This Week on Television

Film Shorts

More Bark than Bite

Thank You for Smoking's Scattershot Satire

Lazy Sunday

Pizza, Ducks, Other Non-Sequiturs

Food and Drink

Transforming Joe's

An Old Standard Turns into a New One

Happy Hours

Costumes, Cocktails... CHAOS!

Guerrilla Masquerade Party is Coming to a Bar Near You

Visual Art

Theater & Performance

The War Project

Nixon in China


I, Anonymous

Sold Out

This Week in Shopping

One Day at a Time


Savage Love & Sex

Savage Love

Letters from the Used

I Love Television

I &hearts TV

Faster, TV... Kill! Kill!