Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 6 - 12, 2006

Vol. 6, No. 45 Burk Jackson


In Other News

Even Deeper Doo-Doo?

VOE Fraud Probe Goes to the State

Introducing Ginny Burdick

"No One Would Call Me a Conservative"

Emmett Has Two Mommies

The Next Gay Rights Battle Heads to Court

The Fur's Flying!

Protesters and Schumachers Bring the Drama

Police Chief Derrick Foxworth Accused of Sexual Misconduct!

Former Mayor and Willamette Week Implicated in Cover-Up

Put That in Your Crack Pipe

SE Portland Neighborhood Fights Crack Pipes


Up & Coming

Wet Confetti = "Alternative"

Inviting One to Dance Recklessly

Live Music and DJ Listings

CD Reviews

It's Who You Know

Not Necessarily the Local Music News

Once More with Feeling

Best of the Internet, Part 3

Welcome, Welcome

New Portlander Alela Diane and Her Pirate's Gospel

Here Comes the Sun

Kelley Stoltz Rocks the Solar Power

Movies & TV

TV Listings

Slevin, Unspoiled

Plot Twists that Blow Your Hands Off Like Ted Kaczynski

Teenybopper Gangsters

Succinct Reviews for the Discerning Cinephile

How to Disappear Completely

Fact and Fiction in Unknown White Male

Film Shorts

I'm Staying Home

The Noble Sir Ben Kingsley

Food and Drink

Walk the Line

Bay Leaf Balances Vegetarian Cuisine

Food Events

The 24-Hour Itch

In the Midnight Hour, You Want More, More, More

Visual Art


Theater & Performance


Hit Me in the Stomach

The Mark


Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, 5340 N Interstate, 774-0997, 8 pm April 7-9, 2 pm April 9, $10-12


It's "Personal"

The Portland Mercury's Spring Fashion Guide

Emily Ryan

Todd Templeman

Jayme Hansen

Blake Carrillo

Shopping Portland

A Guide to Some of the Best

Savage Love

Let's Talk Trannies

One Day at a Time


I, Anonymous

Employee Picks

I Love Television

I &hearts TV

My Three Wives